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A rolling stone gathers no mould

September 3, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Case moulds. They’re slow old things to make. When will the moulds be done? Soon. What are we waiting for? The moulds. Thanks blog people, big help. But maybe not everyone out there knows exactly what these moulds are? If that’s you, pull up a pew. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ll just tap into some existing educational resources. This technology students page offers a (deceptively) simple overview of the moulding process. They’re not making a gaming handheld, but they are making a blue hedgehog… it’s the best we could do. (You don’t have to take the test at the end). For a more serious read, there’s the slightly less fun Wikipedia page. Pandora’s moulds are currently in the machining phase.

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Twitterix: “Oh, I forgot to tell you…”

September 2, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Craigix: Oh, forgot to tell you all, the battery was upped to 4200mah and our tests are showing this monster is going to give something like 14 hours

A device that allows you to watch a 10 hour Eurovision marathon, then clock Mario 16 times? Finally! A nice win for frequent flyers, mountain climbers, and anyone who doesn’t carry mains voltage in their backback. Thanks to calc84maniac for spotting it first.



Official Blog: Did somebody say “Let it begin?”

August 12, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A new (well, day old) post on the official blog from EvilDragon. If all the desktop environment talk (Matchbox vs E17) leaves you feeling a little lost, never fear. We’ll pull together some information and give you a roundup soon.

Did somebody say “Let it begin?”

Yes, we did.

You’ve seen some requested videos during the last days, now it’s time for some more facts and information, eh?

Well, the review of the complete case and the keymat is finished. There were a few small issues that we already corrected and on Monday the company did tell us “Everything is ready, we can start when you are ready”.
And guess what – we were ready! Finally all issues of the case and keymat have been resolved and they are now working on the mould.

DJWillis has also made some progress with WiFi. Basically, he can communicate with the Module, only calibration doesn’t work yet. As soon as he gets this to work, WiFi will work completely – including WPA, etc.

Regarding software, we were discussing about using cpasjuste’s GUI as minimal launcher, since it is so much nicer than matchbox and it’s just a program you run, not a complete WindowManager.
So we’re currently thinking about using E17 as fully fledged desktop and cpasjuste’s GUI as minimal mode for the gamers who don’t want to use a complete desktop.
That way we don’t need two window manager and starting the minimal GUI is easy – just use it as autostart program.

I know there are still plenty of things to do – and the worst thing is that there won’t be many pictures while waiting for all companies to finish… but we’re still getting there, step by step.


A host of posts on case news and emus

August 7, 2009
Posted by: gruso

It was all devs on deck today, with a little video-fuelled excitement on the boards and a bevy of questions answered. First up, a word from the Dragon.

Well, some quick news (I didn’t have time to do a blog post, as I was in Leipzig at the GCO and needed to catch up on everything).

The 105 boards are finished, though I have no idea whether the MP company did take some pictures or if we have to wait until they arrive at Michaels place.
The review of the case is complete, mould creation started.
The TV Out Cables are being built, as soon as Michael gets the first final one, there will be pictures for sure 🙂
WiFi is getting better, everything works except reading the calibration data, the rest is fine. DJWillis is still at it.
And Michael is currently putting the new firmware on all of the nubs… joy 😀


On reading that, the observant Pandorian might be asking why the case mould is starting now, when we previously reported that it started two weeks ago? Just for you, it’s been asked and answered already.

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Photo: Testin’ mah nubs

August 6, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Remember the mysterious nub tester we saw a little while back? A new photo has surfaced in MWeston’s album showing the rig in action, with the following caption:

Testing the final nub firmware to be loaded into 8000 chips!

I thought it worked well before, but now it is jitter free.

Craig is also enthused about the final firmware, if this tweet is any indication:

The final nub firmware is amazing. The new code is tight. Should make for a great experience on the Pandora and whatever else…

Wait, “whatever else…”? Intriguing, that.

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Ask nicely, get. Mweston plays some PSX.

August 5, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Here there be Playstation! MWeston comes to the party again, with a range of PSX games on the show reel. The Youtube description says this:

Michael made this video of the Pandora running a Linux PSX emu.

The sound problem seems to be file access or timing related as it stays the same from 550mhz up to 750mhz.

Given the description “Linux PSX emu”, it’s probably fair to assume that we’re not looking at PSX4Pandora, the emulator being worked on by Zodttd and Tinnus. Which in turn, is reason not to worry about that choppy sound. Follow this one in the forums for more details. Correction: This is indeed PSX4all. Check our more recent entry for details.


Video: MAME! I wanna live forever.

July 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

An actual video from actual Craig. Craig’s Youtube account anyway; it’s actually MWeston behind the camera. The team has heeded our calls for some Pand-only content and thrown together ten solid minutes of MAME, nicely framed for the d-pad lovers to boot. It looks… splendid. For the newcomers, this is not a final Pandora but a transparent CNC prototype that’s been around for a while. But it’s what inside that counts. ❤