New pic: Nub tester

June 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A curious new photo has appeared in MWeston’s Photobucket album, discovered thanks to the vigilant obsessives over at openXile. Entitled “Analog nub tester with solderless jig setup”, it appears to have all the features you’d expect from a nub testing jig: Dashing green and red rings of death LEDs, a voluptuous black disc just begging to be pushed around, and what we assume is a PANIC button. Try not to get finger smudges on your screen.



  1. Looks like DaveC’s original gp2x joystick cap.

  2. Glad to see that our F5ing is useful to you guys!
    And yes, we try to be a serious news site. If only people would take us more seriously… anyway, nice.

    -The OpenXile Team.

  3. Thats the newer style pandora cap as far as I can tell. There looks to have been two versions a smooth dish design and this.
    This post by craig shows both caps on the same unit:
    The old version has a different sheen to it also, possibly a rubber finish.

  4. The pandora toolbar really helps for this stuff, before the blog posts on this

  5. craig twittered about it, dont know which came first though http://twitter.com/craigix

  6. Ah, didn’t see that.

    Just now I clicked on it hoping for a more detailed description. Hands up who spotted my error.

  7. interesting. it is a nub tester and reprogrammer. unless the avr programmer is there to program the board.

  8. i think it is to update nub firmware it would make no sense as testing device jig – to test 8000 nubs out of situ from real pcb?? – has to be previously mentioned firmware update

  9. It’s previously been mentioned that the firmware update has already been done on all 8000 nubs, so it would seem to be unlikely to be that. Maybe they plan on tresting numbs before putting them in the motherboard? Or maybe they plan on testing spare units before using them to repair warranty Pandoras? (planning ahead is a good idea). Maybe… well, we don’t really know anything beyond wht we see – which certainly seems to show some testing ability on that rig 🙂

  10. Are these the final nubs? They look great.

  11. The “previously been mentioned that the firware update has already been done” comment means that this device is probably how that was achieved.

  12. Place nub on device, press red button to flash firmware, wait 3 seconds while update occurs, wiggle nub to make sure it works, remove nub, repeat 8000 times…

  13. *drool*
    ….Want shiny nub-lights in my Pandora….

  14. It kind of looks like the flying saucer at the end of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I can even hear the music now…

  15. well if it is to reprogram them the red button would not do it. that is an avr programmer on the right. mine is slightly different (USBtinyISP) but works the same and must be started from the computer it is connected to.

  16. It looks to me like that nub is soldered on to the board; so my guess would be this is a *firmware* testing board, so that the firmware code can be modified and then immediately tested on real hardware.

    Reflashing the 8000 nubs would probably be done using a different rig, though I could easily be wrong.

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