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Nintendo sixty…

August 31, 2009
Posted by: gruso

We knew it could happen. We hoped it was happening. Today, we know it is. A new face appeared on the GP32X boards over the weekend; a coder going by the name of Ari64. If GP32X had an award for “best first post ever”, this would be leading the field.

I have rewritten the dynamic recompiler for Mupen64plus to generate ARM code. This will run on OpenPandora, TouchBook, and BeagleBoard.

That’s right folks. Nintendo 64 emulation, for real reals. Ari64 says he’s been working on this for “around 4-5 months,” wisely keeping a lid on the project to avoid an onslaught of premature hype. There is still work to be done of course:

Unfortunately OpenGL acceleration does not work. It is possible to use software rendering, but it is very slow and some of the textures display incorrectly. Since several people are working on OpenGL ES libraries, I am posting this as-is for testing purposes.

As you’d expect, some of the scene’s best known coders are now hovering around this like kids at a candy store. The next few weeks should be interesting, but before you get caught on the hype train, take a moment to tip your hat to the scene’s newest household name: Ari64.




August 10, 2009
Posted by: gruso

That’s right, to the power of three. Three new videos, multiple games within each. Press the Back button and return to normal life, or hit the read link and see how deep the Pickle jar goes.

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A host of posts on case news and emus

August 7, 2009
Posted by: gruso

It was all devs on deck today, with a little video-fuelled excitement on the boards and a bevy of questions answered. First up, a word from the Dragon.

Well, some quick news (I didn’t have time to do a blog post, as I was in Leipzig at the GCO and needed to catch up on everything).

The 105 boards are finished, though I have no idea whether the MP company did take some pictures or if we have to wait until they arrive at Michaels place.
The review of the case is complete, mould creation started.
The TV Out Cables are being built, as soon as Michael gets the first final one, there will be pictures for sure 🙂
WiFi is getting better, everything works except reading the calibration data, the rest is fine. DJWillis is still at it.
And Michael is currently putting the new firmware on all of the nubs… joy 😀


On reading that, the observant Pandorian might be asking why the case mould is starting now, when we previously reported that it started two weeks ago? Just for you, it’s been asked and answered already.

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Ask nicely, get. Mweston plays some PSX.

August 5, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Here there be Playstation! MWeston comes to the party again, with a range of PSX games on the show reel. The Youtube description says this:

Michael made this video of the Pandora running a Linux PSX emu.

The sound problem seems to be file access or timing related as it stays the same from 550mhz up to 750mhz.

Given the description “Linux PSX emu”, it’s probably fair to assume that we’re not looking at PSX4Pandora, the emulator being worked on by Zodttd and Tinnus. Which in turn, is reason not to worry about that choppy sound. Follow this one in the forums for more details. Correction: This is indeed PSX4all. Check our more recent entry for details.


Give snega2usb a better name, win one

July 8, 2009
Posted by: gruso


You’ve seen it on Engadget, Crunchgear, Hackaday, and the rest. But what those guys don’t know is that we saw it first on GP32X. Yay us. For those who came in late, the snega2usb is a USB interface for SNES and MegaDrive/Genesis carts, allowing to you run your own games in an emulator (on PC, or Pandora) direct from the cartridge! But packed with science and magic as it is, the one thing it lacks is a good, snappy name. So creator Matthias_H has put the call out for a new moniker, with the best suggestion winning a snega2usb prototype!

If you’d like to enter, visit the snega2usb blog and submit your entry via email. Please do not post your suggestions in the comments below; they will be ruled out instantly. Get2it!


DOSBox reconnaissance (BYO DOSBox)

June 12, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Itching to know which of your DOS favourites will be playable on Pandora? Got an hour to kill? Let’s get to it. Pickle says:

Anyone can get an idea if something will run. From initial tests it appears the pandora does between 2000-3000 cycles. Try your game and see how many cycles it takes. If its more than 3000, expect it to be slow.

Yes, even running DOSBox on your PC/Mac/Penguin will give you a fair indication. As Pickle puts it, “a cycle is a cycle”. To simulate the Pandora DOSBox experience, just go into your DOSBox settings and cap the cycles at say, 3000. Then fire up your lost loves, see how well they run, and don’t be shy about reporting back with your findings. If you’re DOSBox deprived, name your favourites in the comments and someone just might test them for you.

Get DOSBox | Forum discussion


Pandora PSP Emulator

March 29, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

JayFoxRox has posted some information about the PSP emulator he’s working on for the Pandora. It’s currently very early in development, but he already has a few screenshots. He’s aiming to get commercial games running at a reasonable speed and believes it to be very possible. The PSP has a very impressive line up of games, from GTA to LocoRoco, these would definetly be a very welcome addition to my Pandora games library. More screenshots and information at the source!