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Twitterix: “Oh, I forgot to tell you…”

September 2, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Craigix: Oh, forgot to tell you all, the battery was upped to 4200mah and our tests are showing this monster is going to give something like 14 hours

A device that allows you to watch a 10 hour Eurovision marathon, then clock Mario 16 times? Finally! A nice win for frequent flyers, mountain climbers, and anyone who doesn’t carry mains voltage in their backback. Thanks to calc84maniac for spotting it first.



Battery Life Update

June 13, 2009
Posted by: Butterman


Remember this flashy hunk of lithium? MWeston has been testing it in the new prototype Pandora and has got some numbers for us! *Cue MWeston*

I have an EVM for the battery fuel gauge so I can connect that to my laptop and log the battery draining from start to finish through the USB port so it doesn’t matter if the Pandora board shuts down on its own when the battery is empty. I still haven’t done a full charge to empty cycle all at once but the fuel gauge learns the battery profile and was predicting the usual 8.5-9 hours. Since I have run the battery down over a couple of days with my testing, the prediction is accurate as the battery capacity is at or above the rating given by the manufacturer.

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