Video: MAME! I wanna live forever.

July 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

An actual video from actual Craig. Craig’s Youtube account anyway; it’s actually MWeston behind the camera. The team has heeded our calls for some Pand-only content and thrown together ten solid minutes of MAME, nicely framed for the d-pad lovers to boot. It looks… splendid. For the newcomers, this is not a final Pandora but a transparent CNC prototype that’s been around for a while. But it’s what inside that counts. ❀



  1. the guys over at 1emulation are going to love this

  2. So, this still isn’t the video we’ve been waiting (months? Or at least the one mentioned last week on Twitter) though, right? This is MWeston’s video and not the video Craig was filming.

  3. I get the feeling that the one Craig is working on is more of a promo thing. At the end of the day, there’s not much he can show us (us being pre-orderers) that we haven’t already seen, or know it can do.

  4. mame looks to be running great!!!!!!

  5. At first I was afraid we had a controls problem when I saw the poor performence in Mortal Combat but the other games looked much better so I guess it’s just poor Mortal Combat skills? πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, thanks for the vid, anything to make another day of waiting go faster…

  6. i thought the same about the mk skills…. lol

  7. But I want it now.

  8. And is that pole in the background a lamp?

  9. it’s a dancing pole of course. MWeston makes OTHER kinds of videos.

    This looks like the bottons are pushed up higher out of the case too, unlike the recent brief clips from craig where it looks like they are a bit sunken in. I can’t wait to see the production pandora. Here’s hoping for a month or two from now!

  10. Looks Great!!! ,but what version of MAME is it?

  11. Hope this thing doesnt have the same issue as the GP2X. You couldnt get to the second mission of metal slug without your thumb in pain from the button placement.

  12. Well I can’t wait.
    Well I can wait. I seem to have been doing a lot of that lately. πŸ™‚

    Very pretty. I’d like to see a few proper games through. Galaxian and Ladybug. My personal favourites.

  13. Quick question, do any of the emulators use the 3d hardware for screen rescaling?

  14. Hey guys, remember the slideshow? We’ve come a long way

  15. Anyone know if the slowdown in Metal Slug 2 was because the Pandora couldn’t handle it – or is that just how the game runs?

  16. Wish they would of showed Playstation emulation. Wonder how the psx emulator is runniong now on the Pandora? I assume the emulator is being worked on still? Great to see mame working but mame runs pretty easily on most systems but not psx stuff. Anyway great job all involved, maybe we’ll see psx stuff next time πŸ™‚

  17. MooTheKow – Any places in particular where you noticed it? It might just be how the game runs. The GP2X can handle it, so there shouldn’t be any slowdown on Pandora.

  18. Gruso – around 7:30, for example, it looked like it was running kind of slow to me – but maybe it’s just me…

  19. Metal slug 2 has a lot of slowdowns. The one at 7:30 happened also at the arcade machine (that I know very well). Looks like MAME runs really nice. The only little problem I have seen is the “blinking cursor” to the left of the screen during Out Run gameplay. Maybe that video is old and the video driver was not polished?

    Also it looks like the cross and buttons are a bit hard to press… What about diagonals?

  20. As long as it runs Puzzle Bobble I’m happy.

  21. @troll, lol this is power,lol. Nothing like the pandora tho. It’s just a mobile phone without the phone and useless to browse the web due to it’s really small screen. Won’t be much use as a gaming machine. You’re probably better getting an iphone instead of the zii. I’m just gonna hang on for my Pandora πŸ™‚

  22. Yeah Metal SLug games always have slowdown. There are workarounds though: I remember running it on an Xbox emulator and there were options to overclock the graphics component to make the framerate flawless. Should be possible for the Pandora too!

  23. yeah, metal slug has slowdowns on my big Desktop PC :p

    I love Mame πŸ™‚

  24. The main thing is, that this is metal slug running emulated by mame, not the dedicated neogeo emulator for the gp2x.
    So I was surprised it runs so well.

  25. The slowdowns were fixed in later games, if you still want to play 2 try Metal Slug X (much smoother).

  26. Why do you think they stopped the camera between games. Is there no frontend yet and they don’t want people to see command lines. How long does it take to load? Is it an easy process to load a game? That’s probably the one thing that bothers me about this video…guess the anxiety is just getting the best of me. Still can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!

  27. It probably has a really good frontend, most mame emulators do. It’s more like they wanted to squeeze more videos of the games and less of the humdrum messing around closing and reopening games. Remember they only have a limited video time of around 9 or 10 minutes, I forget how long.

  28. if you ask michael nicely he might make a psx video…

  29. Michael… would you make a PSX video? Please? Pretty please?

  30. omg, Michael, plx another video with psx mayhem!

  31. Yes please on the new video!

  32. Michael. Gran Turismo.


  33. Today my wife walked up to me and said “You got scammed on that Pandora, didn’t you”. She didn’t believe my answer.

  34. I assume by your signoff name that you’re after some reassurance. Or your wife is. So here’s some.

    First, it would simply not be worth building a prototype like the one in the above video to scam <4000 orders. We've watched this thing come together (joyfully but painfully) for 2+ years. The amount of work and expense poured in has probably exceeded the pre-order amount that we collectively paid. That would make them the dumbest scammers in history.

    Second, they took the first round of orders nearly a year ago. If it were a scam, they would have taken the money and run back then – not hung around expending endless time and energy on keeping the community updated.

    Third, they would not continue to run trusted businesses like gp2x.de (EvilDragon – German GP2X distributor) and gbax.com (Craigix – UK distributor). A third team member Fatih is the Turkish distributor, I don't know his site off the top of my head. They've been in it for years. Pandora came about as a result of their history in this scene – it's not an out-of-the-blue venture.

    For the record I've got no attachment to the project. I'm a paying customer like you. πŸ™‚

  35. Thanks for the notes, Gruso. Well said.

    I hope that the remainder of the process is reasonably smooth. This has project has been the very definition of patience and trust. Probably good traits for all of us to learn. Heck, it’s also been fun, but the 12 year old kid inside of me so wants to get his hands on this thing and just play with it! I can’t wait to see how things are going to explode in the community once the Pandora ships.

  36. I have some games that i will port to the pandora when i get mine.

    here are some examples:
    http://mybot.se/tankgame.php (will run on linux, mac, and win)
    http://mybot.se/klickygame.php (runs on linux, should run on mac and win)

    those are not “final” they are missing “the final touch”
    a.k.a alot of work.

    We are working on a 3d network-dynamic-TowerDefense now
    but we do not have anything “showable”, we have only been working for a week after work, now we just got a network “engine” and a 3d model loader/exporter.

    more to come if anyone is interested..

  37. Also well said Sayitain’tso, that pretty much echos my own thoughts.

  38. I just wanted to say there are at minimum of 2 months remaining until the Pandora is ready, some time ago, Craig said it would ship in July, well July has come and gone, now we are in August, and I estimate there will be no delivery this month either, so when do you think it will start to ship, sometime after October and its possible we might have to wait for it in 2010.

  39. So has Craig’s video been canceled or does it mean if we accidentally delete our SD card we are completely screwed?

  40. @ Scott Rusoff: Correct, there will be no delivery this month. The case moulds are being made; this is the final piece of the puzzle we’ve been waiting for. There’s good reason to be optimistic for September. I don’t think anyone will be waiting until 2010.

    @ Curious: Final Pandoras will run fine without an SD card. The OS will live on the internal memory (NAND) by default. The devs just use SD cards right now because it’s quicker for them to do OS updates on the fly. Craig’s mistake was putting an ext2 formatted card into a Mac. Macs don’t like ext2… Craig learned the hard way so we don’t have to. Most users will probably be using FAT formatted cards anyway, so won’t have that problem.

    As for the video, whatever he’s putting together is obviously more than just a few games being played. Best not hold your breath for that one. I’ll have a good talk to the guy who put the blog post up announcing it, and hopefully we’ll see some more from MWeston and Pickle in the meantime.

    @ Maiden: Some good looking stuff there. Come to the forums and tell us more! Or add your projects to the wiki.

  41. I wonder why Craig doesn’t simply say what happened to the video?

    My guess is it’s something rather kick ass and he’s waiting on a new emulator build from one of the devs. Probably the most anticipated PSX or Dreamcast one.

    N64 would be the shock of shocks and i’d be happy for that too. πŸ™‚

  42. So mass production hasn’t started at all. Seems like even September will become unlikely…

  43. biggest time waster yet buy the original consoles still on ebay still work out cheaper and the console yu see playing looks cheap nasty and the buttons wont last long if the pressure pads on the circuit board are cheap i can see how many peeps will be getting bricks after a couple months use.

    john doe

  44. Ha.

  45. come on…. feed the trolls … you know you wanna

  46. He almost turned me actually. I went onto ebay looking for an original MAME console, but they’re really big and they only play one game. That’s crazy talk!

  47. ok by low end pc and down load the whole collection mame and use a wireless controller and it will still outlast a pandora handheld and also you can buy a good pc for 200 bucks and with a dead pandora all your left with is a brick to start your new house when you leave home πŸ™‚

  48. sounds very portable, you just need to add one of those suitcases with the wheels.

    Here’s an even better alternative to the pandora. We get a xbox 360, a backpack, and a projector. We mount the projector to a helmet (you can use the one your required to wear)then put the xbox in the backpack, which has been fitted with multiple fans, then we mount a solar panel on the back of the backpack to help recharge the car battery/inverter that we’ll strap to our belts. Holy Shit, why would anyone ever buy a pandora!?! what a bunch of retards!

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