Dare we go there again? Another video on the way (TM)

July 23, 2009
Posted by: gruso

It must be said, last time we announced an impending video based on a passing comment, it didn’t end so well. But here at op.wp we’re addicted to mayhem, and if you’re reading this, you are too. Go on, admit it. This little sequence of craigix communicoids goes from promising to amusing to promising again, and seemed worth sharing. First came the tweet:

Doing a new Pandora software roundup video with the latest wares. Going well.

Then a comment on the forums. It turns out a certain fruit-emblazoned box of tricks took issue with Craig’s ext2 formatted SD card.

I just made the mistake of putting one of the Pandora SD cards in to a mac. It seems the mac, being a mac, thought it would be a good idea to do something macish to the SD card which has now caused it not to work in the Pandora anymore.

Great. Let’s see if I can solve this on the PC.

Further updates went out on the Twitterix.

The Mac ‘fixes’ the boot flag on Pandora SD cards, making them not work.


My Pandora is almost back to normal.

And then the sun shone brightly.

Outrun (arcade) looks amazing on the Pandora. Just leaving it running on my desk brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Which brings us to now. We’re still waiting on the video, but spare a thought for Craig. As if our demands weren’t enough, now he’s got a crazy arse blonde demanding more powerslides. If you’re hanging on the video, follow, subscribe, and ride 55 F5.



  1. stoopid macs

  2. “crazy arse blonde demanding more powerslides.”

    Oooh! naughty, naughty!

  3. Can’t wait!
    Glad Craigix is doing another video, it’ll be nice to be reminded again of why the Pandora’s so awesome!

  4. Well that’s a mac for you. Mac’s are useless if you require the powerhouse of a PC. Plus it has now been proven they do funny shit to SD cards. PC +1

  5. In hindsight, I hope Craig’s girlfriend isn’t blonde.

  6. That’s EXACTLY what bricked my GP2X. Uploaded the new firmware from my Mac to the SD and the extra hidden files blew the whole update

  7. Yes, because Windows has never snuck a hidden file on any of you. Since it’s heading there anyway I shall pour gasoline on the flame war and say this never would have happened in FreeBSD.

  8. I have a Mac 😦

  9. @ femngi

    Umm, I’m sorry but PC does not mean Windows. There is no mention of windows anywhere in the blog or the 6 comments above you.

    I’m just saying since you had to bring windows up. But yes most OS’s are probably guilty of this at some point in time.

    Now about the blog post. I can’t wait to see whats shown in the new video!!!

  10. it’s more than likely an issue with the different way the OS’s handle caching or the removal of removable devices.

  11. I remember waiting 2 days ago for that video before traveling for the weekend in good mood.
    This video is still in the making LOL.

    Is using a Pandora so complicated ??

    Feel doubtful about this machine [:(

  12. And I thought Craigix broke the camera falling off the roof.

  13. I dated a blonde once. Fun but she was crazier than Craig’s last vid.

    Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  14. The video will be here in 2 months…

  15. Which 2 months? – Now or two months or beyond?
    Lets just has a pandora in it and not some other crappy chinese consoles Craig is trying to flog (ok the Smart devices were good and if I did not fork out for Pandora last October I may have been interested in getting them – but like others I would probably feel like they were cheap inferior alternative devices)

  16. I want my Pandoraaa

  17. @ femngi
    Umm, I’m sorry but PC does not mean Windows. There is no mention of windows anywhere in the blog or the 6 comments above you.

    In the context it was used, it did mean Windows. Even though this makes no sense at all because computers that run OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD are all PCs. But stupid marketing campaigns from both Apple and Microsoft have made people think otherwise.

  18. That’s not entirely true. I run a linux machine and I still refer to it as a “PC”. The reverse is the case. You do not refer to macs as PCs because apple is the one differentiating (and to be fair – back in the days of powerpc there was some truth behind it, as it was a different architecture. Ironically, then they referred to the macs as PCs (hence the name))

    My point is, any OS but Mac OS is a “felt” PC in my books

  19. Yay for CraigX! Lets fix this problem with a PC!

  20. *craigix

  21. Why should anyone listen to cragix? He seems to speak nothing but crap lately.

  22. @Vegetable because he has our money.

  23. Craig shouldn’t announce any videos anymore, or anything at all (pandora). Just film that stuff secretly and then suddenly release it.
    All this teasing can get people pretty angry.

  24. Gah! Damn you Apple Mac! Damn you!

  25. “because he has our money”


    Mind you – he HAD our money. He spent it 😦

    (I saw the pool in his last video during the “roof slide” section!)

  26. craigix is obviously a spoilt kid who thought it’d be fun do make something such as the pandora and hasn’t realised yet he has no clue whatsoever how to lead a project like that. Wake up people, it’s almost august. I’m so glad I cancelled my order months ago. Once the pandora is relaeased it’s certainly not gonna be worth the huge amount of money you paid for anymore. This is a joke. A big joke. A bad joke.
    At the end of the day, what is it now? a tiny computer running linux with game controls? wow, soooo impressive.

  27. That’s right, it’s still the same thing it was when you found it impressive enough to order one.

  28. Yeah, 11 months ago…………………………..

  29. I’m going to be honest, I agree that Craig really didn’t know what he was getting into. I’m also going to be honest when I say that he understands that and has stated so in some far off parts of forums. It’s not an easy task trying to be the cutting edge when you have multi-billion dollar corporations trying their hardest to one up you. On the other hand, the delays on the time frames he has been trying to sell us was a stupid way to go through this situation. It was just a gig to get our money so he could start the real developement on this project. We were all fooled, even me, but I’ve waited to damn long to pull out now. If this handheld turns out to be another chinese-esque piece of shit, after all the time and money they have had the oportunity to put into it, i’m gonna be pissed.

  30. I’m curious, brochette, why you are still following this project if you hate it so much? It must be entertaining enough I guess. Though if you resort to following a project you abandoned a long time ago for entertainment… I’d recommend you don’t wish for its demise.

    As for not knowing about what he was getting into, yea a little, but all this could have been done a lot quicker without the economy problem and the bank issue. It still would have been longer than estimated sure, but what hasn’t been delayed these days? Remember a lot of stuff doesn’t even have announced release dates…

  31. I’m the first to admit that Craig’s antics don’t impress, but…

    “Once the pandora is relaeased it’s certainly not gonna be worth the huge amount of money you paid for anymore.”

    Seriously? Huge amount of money? Compared to what, exactly?

    If I look at buying any other console and intend to use it without “breaking” it in any way, just how many games can I buy and still end up at a similar price point as a Pandora – even without being portable?

    Bring on the indie games, which AFAICS cost a fraction of the style-over-substance stuff you can find in the shops! πŸ˜€

  32. Gah! Damn you Apple Mac! Damn you!


  34. Looks like Craig’s SD disaster was worse than I thought. My apologies for posting this and getting everyone amped up for the video. I should know better.

  35. So…. the Pandora isn’t Mac compatible, then? πŸ˜‰

  36. I’m guessing the majority of Mac users won’t be using ext2 formatted cards. πŸ˜€ Not now, anyway.

  37. That’s alright, Gruso, we’re addicted to mayhem.

  38. Come on Craig, I’m dying here of a lack of Outrun :).

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