New keymat photo. The only way is up.

July 29, 2009
Posted by: gruso

From the depths of MWeston’s bucket comes this shiny new photo. At first glance it doesn’t look that new, just a glossy keypad peering out from an old FDM prototype case. There are important tweaks underneath though. Compare it to the last one we saw, and you’ll see that they keys now sit higher in the case. The membrane tweaks apply to both the QWERTY section and gaming controls. Note that this isn’t a font or character map update (MW heads this off at the pass by noting the “non-final silk screening”).

(F5’d by OpenXile)



  1. And Y appears to be in the right place!
    …But D is still raised? Hmm. Oh well, not like it’ll affect typing…

  2. Scratch that, it all looks fine to me. And shiny!

  3. “non-final silk screening”
    “non-final silk screening”
    “non-final silk screening”


  4. * Create the keymat mould (takes 20 – 25 days)
    * Design the final keyboard layout (needs to be finished when the mould is ready)

    According too http://www.openpandora.org the keymat has been done for awhile. SO Why are the team lying?

  5. @r00tw00t – the mould has been made, and the layout is finished – tweaking the font placement does not take any longer, as confirmed by ed.

    since they are waiting on the case, why not make sure the keyboard is as good as can be?

  6. Oh, God, PLEASE not the shiny keys, they’re awful. They reek of China.

    ZX Spectrum matte keys all the way…


  7. Cue keyboard layout discussion thread on gp32x.com in 3… 2…

  8. r00tw00t: They said that they were going to do this. Also, we stopped relying on the official home page for information months ago. That roadmap means little.

  9. i’d love to see the various revisions of the gantt chart for this project.

  10. ‘J’ is still on steroids.

  11. @Richard Holt
    I disagree… hope they are shiny keys!
    Matte rubbery keys would be a nightmare to work on… how many early phones (and the start/select on SNES pads) I had where rubbery keys failed relatively quickly and you had to ram the buttons down to make the button work.
    These look just like the buttons on a PSP, and they work great!

  12. Hmmm… The Pandora itself isn’t shiny, so why are the keys? Even the d-pad and control buttons aren’t shiny, so the keyboard sticks out like a sore thumb against everything else. Of course if the final Pandora ends up shiny as well then perhaps it will all be fine.

    I trust the guys, I’m worried though…


  13. it feels like where stuck in a loop… I personally don’t care about the details now i was happy with everything that had been “finalized” as of a while back now… i just want to port my new music software over to this

  14. How can anyone dislike something shiny?

  15. @ Richard “The Pandora itself isn’t shiny” – that’s an FDM prototype, which is a completely different material from the final case; which will probably look simialar to a DS in terms of material

  16. Umm.. why is MWeston still working with an FDM case?

  17. Looks good to me.

  18. @Shoddy – Because he broke the CNC cases doing stress testing?

  19. “According too http://www.openpandora.org the keymat has been done for awhile. SO Why are the team lying?”

    The keymat itself has been done. They’re fiddling with the TEXT on the keymat, (which doesn’t have to be done in advance.)

  20. @Gruso: How do you know this is not the final silk screening? I pm-ed ED about a month ago and he said that the contrast icons where going to change. I would think if its going to be changed they would have tried it on the new keymat, as we know that positioning can get off.

  21. It’s from MW’s comment on Photobucket (I’d prefer not to link it directly, but it’s not hard to find). The full text is:

    “Adjusted button height and game button cup profiles. Non-final silk screening.”

  22. great thanks for the info 🙂

  23. I can’t believe anyone hasn’t noted the real significance of this…

    We’re now just 2 months away!!!

  24. Load “pandora”

    R:1 Tape Loading Error


  25. F5’d by openxile!

  26. Where’s the TAB key? And ~ ? No fun for console users?

    Aso, ENTER key is too small.

    What about accents and characters like “Ñ”, “¿” and “¡”?

    This keyboard layout is seriously flawed for geeks, no UNIX or programmer friendly at all. I want to use it for SSH sessions and emacs for programming…

    In my opinion, it needs at least two more keys for being good enough. If not, it will be a too limited keyboard.


  27. @AroDnaP – a little late dude, what you see is what you get, this is (essentially) the final keymat

  28. Please tell me that isn’t the final D-pad…the other one that was just a + shape that sloped in a little towards the center was much better looking… =(

  29. So – is this using the final silk scren for key layout then?


  30. I like the shiny keypad, what I am concerned about is the look of all the cases I’ve seen this matte, kind of grubby or dusty look… it’s not a great look. I hope there’s some ideas about a nicer finish on the cases.

  31. The matte look is because of the prototyping process they’ve used. I *believe* the end cases will be somewhat shiny, smooth plastic. I don’t know if they’ll be reflective like a lot of high end stuff is, but it’s not going to be that rough looking prototype plastic.

  32. “Please tell me that isn’t the final D-pad”

    It’s not, it’s an old old FDM prototype.

  33. “Where’s the TAB key? And ~ ? No fun for console users?”

    Look very carefully at the “4” key and the “space” key.

    Also, it looks like it’s going to use the DS’s/SNES’s ABXY button layout. I was hoping for this.

  34. What are those symbols in the U and I keys?

  35. Brightness up/down by the look of them.

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