Ask nicely, get. Mweston plays some PSX.

August 5, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Here there be Playstation! MWeston comes to the party again, with a range of PSX games on the show reel. The Youtube description says this:

Michael made this video of the Pandora running a Linux PSX emu.

The sound problem seems to be file access or timing related as it stays the same from 550mhz up to 750mhz.

Given the description “Linux PSX emu”, it’s probably fair to assume that we’re not looking at PSX4Pandora, the emulator being worked on by Zodttd and Tinnus. Which in turn, is reason not to worry about that choppy sound. Follow this one in the forums for more details. Correction: This is indeed PSX4all. Check our more recent entry for details.



  1. Thats awesome, but im glad that mweston isn’t driving the delivery trucks.

  2. Nice… looks that our patience will be rewarded! Would love to see the PSX emu from Zodttd though; I bet it’s a lot faster.

    But this emu looks awsome too. With some tweaks in synchronization / file access (as mentioned by Micheal), this emulator would certainly rock on our Pandoras.

    Someday… T_T

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say – look at those pretty things in the background!

  4. i totally hope mweston IS driving the delivery trucks; that’d be awesome. then i could meet him and shake his hand bc he makes sh** happen around here.

  5. So what do you want, MWeston driving the delivery trucks or yourself getting a Pandora? Seems you can’t have both.

  6. What was the game inbetween GT loading screen and GT racing?

  7. So… It’s software emulator and as forum says, it uses a certain number of instruction in a given time. That sounds like it is retaining itself to go too much fast… As I understand it would run well in a lower clock! It is possible to underclock pandora further? To which extent? And it would surely impact on battery duration time, right?
    And also, it is more energy wise software emulation or hardware?

    Sorry for the whole lot of question, but I am VERY curious about this splendid device and the ability I will get to browse web, use msn and play without having to carry with me my big laptop… And if I want to make a long trip, it sounds just wonderful!

  8. neogramps that looks like it might be Nightmare Creatures. I’m to guess the second one,

    Will the nubs work for PS games. I’ve yet to see anyone used them for games.

  9. ok, I’m officially excited again. gimme gimme gimme

  10. Why is he using a linux emulator instead of zodttd one? Then, are we going to see Full psx emulation on pandora in the delivery date or we have to wait a couple of months to see the complete emulation ?. Im dissapointed, i saw the zodttd emulator with final fantasy VII running fine ( 100% ) in the pandora time ago… Are they lying us or something like that ?
    I was specting to play metal gear in my pandora the same day it came to my house…

  11. Hardware acceleration uses less battery life I believe. I’m sure the Pandora-optimised version is faster and works better (sound).

  12. Fantastic work guys !!! I can’t wait !!!

    I really want a pandora as a pocket sized linux netbook but there’s some great work going on with the emus and native games.

    Pandora FTW !!!!

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