Photo: Testin’ mah nubs

August 6, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Remember the mysterious nub tester we saw a little while back? A new photo has surfaced in MWeston’s album showing the rig in action, with the following caption:

Testing the final nub firmware to be loaded into 8000 chips!

I thought it worked well before, but now it is jitter free.

Craig is also enthused about the final firmware, if this tweet is any indication:

The final nub firmware is amazing. The new code is tight. Should make for a great experience on the Pandora and whatever else…

Wait, “whatever else…”? Intriguing, that.

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  1. Maybe a remote bluetooth nubnunchuck like wii ;P

  2. Nubchuck?

  3. Craigx already said that he want to sell the nubs alone. So “whatever else…” is what ever someone willing to buy the nub alone will do…

  4. omg, that poor ds got gutted.
    also, that appears to be a logitech game controller, ive been looking around for game controllers for a while, I’d really like bluetooth, but so far, the only bluetooth gamepad i have found is the ps3 ds3 controller, and the bluetooth function of that controller doesnt work under mac osx. anyone know anything else?

  5. You can get a standard PS3/xbox 360 controller to work with osx and windows ;o) Google it, got PS3 working with OSX and windows mame ;o)

  6. Maybe Craig is going to do a “30 day hardware mod” competition to add gaming controls to an iPod?

  7. Hey, anyone else notice MWeston’s screen-keyboard / keyboard test display?

    Here’s a perspective-corrected view of it for (slightly) improved readability:

    I think it’s probably a hardware testing display. Two things I notice:

    * Below L & R is L2 & R2, so he seems to be testing the expansion pads as well.

    * On the left-hand-side is Hold/Lid. These might be two labels for the same thing (the hall-effect sensor), or maybe there’s another hardware toggle for Hold (perhaps the power switch is 2-stage, like the PSP).

    It’s interesting to see this level of the hardware development process. It’s certainly not something you’ll see from the major brands!

  8. Hehe, nice work. 😀

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