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September 2, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Craigix: Oh, forgot to tell you all, the battery was upped to 4200mah and our tests are showing this monster is going to give something like 14 hours

A device that allows you to watch a 10 hour Eurovision marathon, then clock Mario 16 times? Finally! A nice win for frequent flyers, mountain climbers, and anyone who doesn’t carry mains voltage in their backback. Thanks to calc84maniac for spotting it first.




  1. Oh awesome… too bad I probably won’t get before my first trip out of the country in october.

  2. O_o WOW! This thing just keeps getting better…

  3. 4000 mAh -> 4200 mAh = 10 hours -> 14 hours?

    Doesn’t seem like it would be that much, but there haven’t been conclusive battery tests as far as I can remember.

  4. awesome.

  5. :O holy cow…

    @fischju don’t ask questions and hope that the “to-good-to-be-true” is actual truth. I’d imagine that since it is from Craig it should be true.

    Anyhow still this device keeps gaining little tid bits here and there….

  6. I believe the original estimate was closer to 11 hours. Batteries always act differently though in the real world because of things like temperture and handling, not to mention the new specs mean the device will be running harder so it’s possible the bump in the battery is just going to end up getting up back to the original estimate when it finally hits our hands.

  7. isnt there something like with these kind of batteries, you should run them dry first time before using them or something?

  8. never run a li-ion battery (these types) down if you can avoid it

    as for the time, the 10 hours was an estimate, and this will all vary widely depending on things like wifi/bt usage, (over/under)clocking, etc…

  9. @HTL2001

    The Battery is Li-Po

  10. Masterful.

  11. The datasheet rates these batteries as 4250mAh, 4200mAh minimum but they stamp 4000mAh on the side of the batteries. I’ve been working on the configuration file for the battery fuel gauge and if I try to set it to 4000, the battery still runs for most of an hour even though it says 0%. I had no choice but to use 4200 as the calibration value. The last battery I calculated was about 4230 so the datasheet seems accurate.

    14 hours was a number that seems likely with half screen brightness, down clocked for something like PicoDrive that doesn’t need the high MHz and maybe even Smart Reflex enabled. It’s all a plausible combination but you can’t fit that into a tweet. 😉

  12. Let’s hope the new battery doesn’t have a different size and the case has to be adjusted …

  13. Same battery, same dimensions, just better numbers. 🙂

  14. So is it still October we’re talking about? If yes, this would be an improvement, finally. Will mass production start the week after the 10th?

  15. 10 hours of eurovision marathon? Who would put the Pandora through such pain?! disgusting!

  16. Cool. 10 hours was plenty for me but any extra power is a bonus 🙂

  17. August 2010: The pandora now has 1gb of ram! We also made the screen slightly bigger, 5″! the final product will be released in 2 months. Just checking a few things regarding the case…

    Roooooooo, that’s easy…. Sorry.

  18. @Gruso:
    !Same battery, same dimensions, just better numbers. !

    I am now waiting to hear “but that’s only on later batches that have the ’42’ suffix”… 😉

  19. Whoohoo! Only 2 more mon… wait, what?

  20. Dear god, how can these be considered good news?
    There isn’t even a 600mhz 4000mAh variant out there right now so why should we be happy about any upgrades?

  21. i was having a look through my email archive.

    i received confirmation of my initial order 30 September 2008 @ 14:51:43. of course that was replaced with the email on 04/11/2008 with the news that in order to upgrade the ram/nand i needed to re-order.

    while “good news” (a fortuitous manufacturing issue) is drip fed through, i wonder which date i should use as the first anniversary of my order for this thing passing? I feel i should light a candle…

  22. In the words of a poster a few weeks/months ago ‘craig says a lot of things’. If this is true and accurate great, but I’m not holding my breath.

  23. Ok, that made me a little bit excited about my pandora. So we already got a ram and onboard storage upgrade and today we got a battery upgrade. Now I’m hoping for a bigger screen and a sim card slot.

  24. darn, I missed my one year order anniversary. Good catch, mosschops.

  25. ram upgrade,
    frequency upgrade,
    analogs nubs upgrade,
    battery upgrade,
    Sounds great but now we’re waiting …..

  26. People…. please re-read [MWeston]’s and [Gruso]’s comments.

    It is the same battery. It is good news that we can milk a little bit more out of the thing, but don’t really expect consistent 14hr of usage. Set your expectation to 10hr of “normal” usage and you won’t be disappointed.

    Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just don’t want people to start going crazy and expecting 14hr of usage every time.

  27. Sweet Deals!

    I understand that battery life is really based on the amount of computing power that you are using, but the idea that 14 hours is potentially possible is great news.

  28. @Anon2 I think the advice still applies though, should be…

  29. @empi

    i’m surpised, as i ordered day 1 as far as i was aware (slightly later in the day as i was probably in meetings) and followed up day after on the re-orders

  30. All Craig needed to do was say “… give UP TO something like 14 hours”, rather than what he actually said, to be accurate. But as he never does that, you have to assume everything he says is “absolute best case” (with nothing going wrong)… and that usually proves to be the case :-/

  31. “I’d imagine that since it is from Craig it should be true.”

    Hahaha, oh that was a good one, keaft. You should know by now that Craig really loves to stretch the truth. However, thankyou MWeston for your comment! You always clear things up nicely, and I very much appreciate your doing so.

  32. This is bad, not good. Such variance in battery production shows poor quality control! I hope the Pandora doesn’t explode in anyone’s hands.

  33. lol… “work overtime” proof ^^

  34. We now have extra CPU grunt and a battery that hold more juice. So in my unscientific eyes, battery life should be about the same. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
    (I know this is bollocks – no need to comment.)

    In only two more short months the Pandora will be mine! WooHaHa! (I know this is bollocks – no need to comment.)

    I’m thinking we should hold off the delivery for an extra two month. Just imagine how much better the Pandora will be by then. 🙂 (I know this is bollocks – no need to comment.)

  35. All I have to say is play it in the day and charge it at night. If you have to charge it during the day… the problem is that you need a life.

    Course now that I said that, I’m going to have to come back later and say, “I need a life…”

    That’s ok I’m a life scout! Soon to be Eagle!

  36. I kind of wonder how much it will weigh, though…

  37. To everyone saying that the cpu increased speed, no!!!
    It’s still officially rated for 600MHz, although I do believe many will be able to OC a bit higher, but it’s still the same cpu as before at the same speed!

  38. too many promises
    too few pandoras delivered

  39. OK nice and all
    Hope they manage to get quality stuff : I don’t want to burn my hand on such battery.

    Is the case mould done ??
    How long before mass production… that’s the question !
    I seriously doubt for September.

  40. @fvig2001 LOL!

    @Vegetable thankyou for saving me from being negative on my birthday… you’ve said what I thought for me 😉

    @may88 you seem to have a LOT of bollocks 😦

    @Nightwish expect news any Monday soon that the final MP units weigh less than expected, so Pandora will have made our pockets lighter – AGAIN!

    The CPU speeds – indeed the actual CPUs – remains unchanged. Exophase misread some TI promotional stuff which made it LOOK like future CPUs might be GUARANTEED to go nearly as fast as OpenPandora have already tested CPUs to. But that the battery is actually slightly higher capacity than originally specified is welcome – every minute helps! And if the Pandora is going to automaticlaly shut off charging before reaching 100% and stop draining the battery before reaching 0% – to make the battery live longer – then absolutely every extra bit counts (will the Pandora be doing that?)

  41. Just to reiterate what others have already said.

    – There is no change to the CPU. We’re getting the same one that we’ve always been getting. Yes, Texas Instruments made some changes to their data sheets, but they’re just playing a numbers game (for whatever reason). It’s still the same piece of hardware that Open Pandora Ltd is buying from them to put in Pandora, with the same 600mhz+ clock speed that has been advertised all along. This won’t change for batch 2 either. Apologies for any confusion my article might have caused; all of us learned what it meant as we went along (including the Pandora devs). At the end of the day, it meant nothing.

    The battery isn’t new either, again it’s the same battery we’ve seen all along. These new numbers are just the result of more thorough testing. This isn’t feature creep, or the promise of new upgrades before the first batch has even been made. We’re just learning more about the existing hardware.

    The case moulds are still in progress, and going well according to EvilDragon. They’re not due for completion yet according to the estimates we have, so there is no reason for us to be getting an update on them right now. The unofficial roadmap is still a reasonable time reference; it hasn’t been udpated for a little while because AFAIK the situation hasn’t changed. There’s a chance that there will be a few days tacked on in places (my numbers are only estimates after all) but it’s still a decent guide. If you look at the numbers, we are very much on track. 🙂

  42. It’s perhaps it’s most attractive feature for me. My N82 barely struggles to go a day with moderate usage. This is a monster, a beautiful monster mind you. My handheld device will have 200Mah less battery power than my sister’s laptop bought 3 years ago… hell more battery life than the cheapo batteries for my laptop that they flog on ebay…

    We’re nowhere near full optimisation on the power front, hopefully, anyway. This is simply amazing.

  43. “hell more battery life than the cheapo batteries for my laptop that they flog on ebay…”

    Keep in mind the voltage, and that most measurements are in mAh, multiply by voltage to get mWh if you want to compare actual power capacity (Pandora is 3.7V I think, laptops are usually 18.5V).

  44. >too many promises
    >too few pandoras delivered

    What he says.
    Seriously, what is taking you so long, devs? Do you need more money? I would give you more money if you just asked. So just ask already!

  45. They don’t need more money. The current phase we’re in (case mould creation) is the final step. It’s a 30 day process and we should be close to the end of it. This is being done by a third party (the case factory) so there’s nothing the Pandora team can do, or spend, to make it happen more quickly.

  46. Hujoi, there is one of those built and ready. Not final case though. I don’t reaaalllyyyy see your point. We can still be happy for an upgrade, since it doesn’t cost us anymore. Besides, it’s not REALLY an upgrade, just a sort of “Oh wow, these babies can do more.”

  47. I like to think of it this way. Usually, we get the specs after the design, redesign, re-redesign phase has been completed and the products built. Then the vendor tests the actual product and gives the specifications they have found as a “best possible case” scenario.

    We aren’t in that position. We’re in the position where OpenPandora published the “minimum hoped for” specs BEFORE testing. They ordered a CPU with AT LEAST 600MHz capability, and a battery with AT LEAST 4000 mah. In tests – too few tests too early in the Pandora development cycles to be taken as gospel for how Pandoras will operate, reliably, out in the field – the CPU has proven to operate beyond the specified speed. Now the battery has proven, in pre-mass-production tests, to operate above its intended minimum capability too.

    to me, this isn’t anything to be all-gosh surprised at – it’s a sign of good intentions, perhaps, and of OP not overselling what they’ve got (who trusts “minimum required specifications” on Windows games any more, for example?). As I was forcibly reminded on the archery “court” last holiday, if you aim at a target you might hit it, or you might hit either above or below. If you aim above the target you might hit above the target, or hit the target or hit HIGH above the target. OpenPandora have aimed above the target to avoid not reaching target heights – we all benefit from the fact that they have hit closer to their aim than the public target 🙂

  48. So for every 2 months we have to wait we see a major increase in power/capabilities, so my hope is that by this time next year we should have a fully powered witricity capable Pandora http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witricity 😀 Wireless electricity would be amazing, but probably not in the forseeable future. Im just happy they are finding new limits with each new test.

  49. @atombat: If witricity ever actually takes off (which i really hope it will as would be amazing) then a small modification to the pandora would probably cover it anyway, from what has been shown so far with phones etc adding witricity is a simple feat that can usually be done internally and if not an external addition to the unit would make it work so commong witricity 😀
    As for the new on the battery good to know its better than expected and for the people moaning and groaning just think if you had pre-ordered this time last year and there had been no news how much you would be moaning and claiming this was a scam (which if that were the case it probably would have been but thats beside the point).
    Anyway thanks for keeping us updated on the small things, it just adds to the anticipation 😀

  50. Still says 4000mAh on the FAQ/wiki.

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