“I’m working on a new video…

May 29, 2009
Posted by: gruso

…with a black Pandora.”

Posted by Craig in his Youtube comments. What does this mean? Wild speculation is encouraged. Thanks to Azure for the find.



  1. :O


  2. My speculation: It probably means that he is working on a new video with a black Pandora.

  3. It probably means he is working on a video with the final Pandora case.

  4. Or, he spraypainted one of the clear cases with Krylon Fusion plastic acrylic black paint.

  5. Or he’s been in the mines.

  6. Perhaps he’s doing the video editing on a Pandora directly but it’s a video of something unrelated to a Pandora?

  7. on thing’s for sure: it’s not the production pandora or production anything, those are always two months away.

  8. Wifi tests anyone?

  9. I guess he’ll show the flux capacitor at the back of the pandora in action…

  10. Woho! Might be a good Friday! Go CRAIG !

  11. Is this really news? It seems to me it’s kind of news that there will be news, to stop us starving. But looking forward to seeing the black Pandora.

  12. Why stress now? The video is still 2 month away anyway.

  13. My speculation: Craig has decided to raise funds for the project by making his own interracial pornography.

  14. I would love to think that they’ve been hiding progress to spring a nice surprise on us, but I highly doubt it.

  15. I would say it’s either

    -The old non CNC prototype
    -They are doing a video with a 3d model of the pandora
    -They painted the clear case black

    I hope I am wrong and that it’s the actual final case but I am kind of sceptical on that.

  16. I would hate to think that they’ve been hiding progress to spring a nice surprise on us, but I highly doubt it.

  17. Rock out the boot polish, the minstrel is back in town!

  18. Robot minstrel!

  19. I dunno, if I’ve been reading my craigix-ese correctly, it’s possible that they actually have most of the pieces into mass production, with the exception of a couple of small parts. It is possible that he has a near-complete, MP case.

    Or it could be a painted white or clear case.

    It’s also possible that they went and got yet another cnc case, this time black, so that they could show us the right color pandora. =/

  20. Emil could be right – they did say some parts of the case were in MP a while ago, so it could be a mixture of clear/white and MP parts

  21. Wild Theory : One of the existing black cases has been sent to Craigix and fitted with a keypad for video-making and advertising purposes. This video will frustrate and slightly anger the faithful.

    Wilder theory : It’s the Final MP case, but without all the hinge components, so he’s holding it together with gaffer tape. This video will excite the faithful and give them hope.

    Wildest Theory: There’s a final MP case, but it’s flawed and they’ve had to cut a hole in it to run some particular cable. This video will disappoint the faithful.

    Ridiculous Theory : They’ve been holding out on us. They’ve actually got a test batch of fully functional, final Pandoras. This video will give the faithful a heart attack.

  22. Isn’t it bad form to tease when you already have their money?

    When a stripper is holding out on you from showing the goods, she waits until after you give money for the big reveal.

    Were we given a picture of a stripper and told to pay only to have her come to my house and tease? Fuck that, rip them titties out and show the goods already!

    Otherwise stop with the blue-balls!

  23. maybe he’s talking about something related to black holes generated by the awesomeness of the Pandora.

  24. who cares, Its fun to wait, the expectations, the hype, the feeling that you one day in the future will see the ultimate most perfect thing. Its like a dream or being religous.

  25. May be Pandora has a bad mood and is being awkward? Girls are easier to understand than Craig-ese.

  26. He said the hinge pieces moulds weren’t done yet, so a cosmetically final final (final) Pandora is improbable on a scale comparable to something really really improbable.

  27. HaHa this soo fun!! woop! woop! woop!

  28. JayFoxRox is right. This video is a couple of months away..

  29. Yea, I call B.S.

  30. yea, well, i call shenanigans!

  31. nvm friday is one hour from over. hoping for saturday now

  32. @anon2’s Stripper theory. We’ve paid our money! No more teasing. I think we darn well need to be start seeing some of Pandora’s flesh.

    @AndyL – One step beyond Theory – All the Pandoras have been made and shipped to Craig. Who is kindly, personally burning each and every one in for 48 hours.

  33. @jb0yz – where is ya broom?

  34. Mmm… please craig, don’t make too much delays for a video.
    Don’t announce it too soon !


  36. Here’s my Ten Pence worth. I reckon the Pandora and some of the Pandora Team have gone to the E3 Expo. This would be quite a reasonal assumption considering almost all of the Pandora is finished. The Pandora Team would be silly not to miss out on such an opportunity if it was this complete and there was any way they could go and show their product. If they want to REALLY succeed with the Pandora, the kind of publicity E3 would generate is something unmissable for them.

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