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The Pandora GUI: What it was, is, and will be.

August 18, 2009
Posted by: gruso


“Menus. Launchers. Desktop environments. Window managers. Pmenu! Pangea! Matchbox! E17! What’s going on?!”

Last week we heard that Matchbox may be superseded by E17, as Pandora’s default window manager. Today, we’ve seen new footage of Pmenu. So what does it all mean? What’s going to greet us on that screen when we first flip the lid? If you’re feeling a little in the dark, this article aims to bring the light. We’ll start with a brief description of Pandora’s operating system, then we’ll get into the GUIs. If you’re a seasoned Linux user, and you’re easily offended by gross simplifications (which all Linux users are), feel free to skip the first bit.

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Pangea drifts back into view

May 7, 2009
Posted by: gruso

This one’s been off the radar for while, so it’s a good thing Efegea popped up again to remind us that the project is still active. Pangea is another Gmenu alternative, and has been in development since quite early in the piece. The video is short but sweet, just enough to give you a feel for things. Note that many of the icons are placeholders, and don’t represent actual Pandora software.