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Pandora/Wiz Softcases

July 29, 2009

posted by: PlopperZ

Andrewe1 has been hard at work on his embroidery machine making some very nice Pandora and Wiz softcases. He plans to sell some in small quantities, assuming he gets permission from GPH and the Pandora team.

These are just prototypes he whipped up in a day, and he’s looking for input, so post in that thread (source link) if you’ve got any ideas!

More pics and Wiz case after the break.


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A fake PSP and a fake Pandora

July 9, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ


Craig uploaded a neat video showing off an unrelated Chinese PSP clone and an early cardboard mockup Pandora (starting at ~1:40)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and there’s also an assembled (real) Pandora in there too 🙂

Video after the break.


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Where you at?

June 17, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Got a burning need to know where your fellow Pandorians hang their hats? Of course you do. B-ZaR has answered the call by whipping up a Google map for all and sundry to leave their mark. You don’t have to advertise your home address or anything; a suburb, state, princedom or local jazz hall is more than enough to pinpoint which piece of Pangea you’re floating on. The instructions go like this:

1. Click the map link below
2. Click the Edit button on the left
3. Right-click on your location
4. Add location
5. Add your name/nickname/alias, and a snappy text description if desired

The Pandora People Map | Forum discussion

Oh, forgot to say: A Google account is required if you want to add yourself to the map. If you’re not into the Google thing, hit up the forum link and ask a friendly GP32Xer to help you out.


Gentoo 0.0.3

June 11, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ


We’ve come a long way from where we started. Six months ago, neither viridior or I had any idea of what we were getting ourselves into. Nevertheless, we survived, and in the meantime we’ve created our first truly usable Gentoo release.

If someone could boot it up and play with it and make sure the essentials work (emerge can build new packages, internet works, and so on) we’d be extremely grateful. We want someone to pick through it like the average Gentoo user might, so knowledge of Gentoo would be helpful. If Gentoo experience is lacking, that isn’t a big deal. Simply trying to emerge (install) a package we haven’t already installed or pre-built would be great!

So, whoever wants to try it out can get a copy of the latest release here. Since the latest is 0.0.3, you probably just want to go straight to 0.0.3‘s page. Pandora testers will want to select the plain 0.0.3 “base” variant, while BeagleBoard users might want to use the “base-beagle” variant. Be sure to read the “Install a Pre-built Image” page for installation instructions.

We’re looking for feedback on your entire experience! Was the website easy to use? Where might we improve? How about the image itself? Are there any tweaks we should’ve included? Everything is still under heavy development, so it will be relatively easy to change things now rather than later.

Here’s a big thanks to the testers who use precious time out of their day to test our images! We really appreciate it! smile.gif



AV Cables and July Release?

June 5, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ

From MWeston:

I’m told production samples of the A/V cable are being built next week so whenever they are done, some will be shipped to me to review and destroy (well one of them for sure to check the internals and make sure they followed my guidelines). It doesn’t look like there will be a problem shipping these cables with your initial orders and as I mentioned before, we had to place a minimum order of 5000 cables so there are plenty out there if anyone wants to add it to their order.

I wish we could have just thrown these in for free like you get with those Chinese MP4 players but this thing was pretty expensive to make using the custom connector and the price even went up after the initial quote because they were obligated to use more expensive materials that meet environmental safety/recycling rules or something like that. At least the Pandora project is doing its best not to destroy the environment with its product! smile.gif


From Craig: (add the usual grain of salt)

I’m prepared to say July.


Update: More July talk.

I’m pretty sure on July. Unless something goes wrong with the dpad redesign we will be good to go.

Edit: What I can’t promise is 100% wifi compatibility, that’s still a work in progress, but it won’t stop us shipping as I’m pretty sure you are all capable of installing an updated driver.



Pandora Cube?

June 2, 2009
Posted by: Butterman


Pandora’s Box?

Craig has posted an interesting poll on the forums. He asks us if we would be interested in a “Pandora Cube”. Identical hardware to the Pandora (bar the keyboard, speakers and screen) . You would have to plug in your own controllers and what not, but Craig sees it working as a home entertainment system. He quotes a rough price of $200 – $220, that’s $100 off the current Pandora asking price. The standard definition TV out may put many of you off, considering we live in a high definition age.

Head over to the forum and take a peek, I’m sure Craig is looking for lots of feedback.



Official Blog: Time After Time

March 29, 2009
Posted by: gruso

EvilDragon has posted a new entry on the official blog.


Sorry for so little news during the last days, I did have very busy times.

I quit my job, so from April 1st, I’ve got more time for Pandora and my other job (which is TV commercial production).
However, this means I got more to do during the last week, as somebody needs to take on my old job.

Well, anyways, back to Pandora stuff. I received three new ribbon cables from Michael on last Monday but didn’t have time until today to rebuild my Pandora devboard and put it into the case. But, it works now. So (except for the keymat I’m still missing), I also got working board in a case now.

I hope I’ll find some time making a nice little HD video with Quake 3 and some other new emulator (you’ll like it) during the next days. You will also get to see a more finger-friendly matchbox-theme I designed. Give me some time, though, still got a lot of work in real life.

Now, onto some other issue you already heard on the boards: The case. You’ve seen it and you read it, it fits quite good (better than we expected) – but not PERFECT. There is SOME stuff to be fixed, but nothing that major. We don’t want to deliver a non-perfect case to you, though (and I’m sure you all agree), so we’ll work on it for the next few days.

I’ll also post the final keymap for you soon, so stay tuned – and thanks a lot for being so patient.