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Build your own Angstrom (Pandora OS) image!

January 19, 2009

Much thanks to user ttcircus for pointing this out.

This is an Online image builder for the Angstrom (Pandora) OS – meaning you can test stuff out from the comfort of your own PC. Just select “omap3-pandora”, check all the boxes, tick “Matchbox” (or any others you want to try), tick all the packages you want and click “build”! Then wait for the process to finish and download it. If you want to actually try it out, you’ll probably need QEmu and a fast PC.



January 2, 2009

More Gentoo updates from viridior.

Game update from benjymous showing the Box2D physics engine at work.

Nice sprite from Dragons_Slayer from the Graphic Artist Needed thread.

Please follow the links and read the threads, and maybe leave some love,  if you like what you see.


Gentoo wiki

January 1, 2009

Viridior and the Gentoo team are making good progress. They now have a detailed wiki page. Clearly a lot of effort is going into this project.



Pandora Matchbox OS Screenshots show some more polish!

December 31, 2008

MDave has just posted some screenshots of Matchbox on the Pandora, using the latest icons and overall looking a lot more polished. Have a look after the jump…

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Another OS video coming soon

December 31, 2008

EvilDragon suggested that another video showing the OS will be coming soon.

I wanted to surprise you with the next video – as it should be implemented in the next version of the OS

EDIT: Fixed the link.


Gentoo; USB charging

December 29, 2008

Two small snippets for you.

viridior has posted an update on Gentoo for Pandora.

Great News!

The gentoo.pandora.devs have been able to build enough of an image that we will be able to start exporting it to dev’s with hardware for testing very soon.  Checkout and specifically to see our current base image software list.

This image is ONLY intended for basic functionality and use.  You will be able to add your own software easily by using emerge <software name>.  (We are using pre-compiled binaries)  That means that you can use potentially anything in

We will also have our own custom Gentoo Pandora Portage library for Pandora community projects and custom builds to maintain compatibility with the official distro release(s).

Squidge has confirmed that you can only charge via USB when the Pandora is off – I don’t think this is totally new but it’s worth knowing.

It should be noted however that you will only be able to charge the Pandora via USB when the device is Off. USB doesn’t supply enough power (~500mA) to both charge the battery and power the system at the same time.