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Official Blog: Another Look at the Renders, Assembled Prototype

January 27, 2009

From EvilDragon:


Didn’t find as much time as I hoped I’d find to continue the model and renderings of the Pandora, but here is another small sneak peak smile.gif

I guess you will like it, as it solves the mystery about the LEDs.
Again, click on the thumbnail to increase the picture size a bit.

IPB Image

Also, the FDM case did arrive at Michael Weston’s home and he has successfully assembled a Pandora using the LCD, the board, the prototype battery and the prototype keymat. EVERYTHING FITS! biggrin.gif
I hope he finds some time to make some nice pictures soon!



Official Blog: May The Power Be With You

January 10, 2009

Update on the Official Blog by EvilDragon:

Well, you might’ve read it in the main news, we were waiting for the prototype batteries to finish up the case.

Here they are, they are not wrapped up yet, but the size and type is the final one, so this is another step finished.

Also, regarding drivers, we will have something for you soon – I’m sure you’ll be happy… but that will have to wait until I write the next blog entry.



January Update

January 6, 2009

This was posted on the main site.  Little bit of info on what’s going on with the battery and case, more reassurance for Amex orders, as well as some speculative ship dates! Also our blog got a mention, which is great (: .

Hello everyone and a very happy new year!

We wish to thank you all for your ongoing support and tell you a big sorry for all the delays we had so far.

2008 had been a very exciting year for us. With a lot of stepping stones. First we had the PayPal issue, then the banking problem with all those credit cards (and Amex is still troubling) and because of this we needed to reroute money from various other accounts to pay for the production… which caused delays, especially for the LCDs (though that issue is solved now, the last LCDs will ship soon, thank goodness).
And if that wasn’t enough, we a bit trouble with the rechargeable battery, as it was pretty hard designing a battery with that high capacity that also FITS into the case. This delayed the case – but I’m happy to announce that the final battery is already being prototyped. As soon as we get it (which should be within the next week), the case design will be ready a few days later (we set the deadline for the case design to January 15th). Prototyping shouldn’t take too long – and then it will only be a matter of a few weeks more until everything is ready for delivery.

So, while we’re really sorry for those delays (believe me – we didn’t expect THAT much problems – especially not from the banks… we couldn’t have found a worse time to start this than that of a worldwide economical crisis.

However, we also got some good news for you AMEX guys: We know you didn’t get your money back yet (we’re having another meeting with the bank in the near future), however, we assure you that EVERYBODY WHO ORDERED AND PAID will get a Pandora, even if you didn’t get the chance to reorder yet!

But, oh well, we did learn a lot – and now, after 2,5 years designing the system, the end of the trip is coming to an end. All thanks to you guys! Without your support, all this wouldn’t have been possible!
Stay tuned for final prototype pics within this month!

So, here is a mini-roadmap:
* Case Design: January 15th
* Case Prototyping: approx. 1-2 weeks later
* Final production and delivery: approx. 2 – 4 weeks later

2009 will surely be the year of the Pandora.

Also, as you do know that this site is not updated with every step we do, we do post a lot of mini informations at the forums. As a lot of you don’t have time to read the boards frequently, people did create an unofficial blog with a lot more updates. Keep in mind that the information there is NOT directly from us, so some stuff might not be completely accurate, but it’s a very nice site.
Head over to



Minor re-ordering update – re-ordering to happen over next 2 weeks

January 4, 2009

Chip said this:

The emails will be sent over the next week or two, so it’s a pretty small chance that any one person will get theirs by monday. As for the reorder notification emails, they were sent to everyone. If you didn’t get the first one, it was probably blocked on your end. They were not linked to the refunds (they were processed separately) so you would have gotten a refund regardless of the email.



Pandoras to be produced independently of re-ordering status

January 3, 2009

EvilDragon said this in response to someone asking about re-ordering:

We’ll produce in batches of 400 units, so it isn’t necessary to wait for all re-orders

Reference link:


Video-Out and WiFi

January 2, 2009

From Chip:

S-video/composite support is built into the SoC. Anything else would have been prohibitively complicated and expensive. I suppose we could have just said “screw it” and not had any video out like the Wiz, but something is better than nothing, and this something was free from a design standpoint.



Video-out is confirmed working, while WiFi is being worked on.



Boot Times

December 31, 2008

Mali posted this on the forums:

Ångstöm boot time:

“Booting from SD takes 8 seconds, booting from NAND(yes, the first NAND-OS version is available) takes 40 seconds with JFFS2 – we will try another file system, looking at the specs it should be possible to boot in 10-12 seconds from NAND” -ED

1. NAND booting time was also slow on OMAP2.
2. Here is a benchmark of beagle board’s NAND…and-read-speeds

EDIT: Fixed link.