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The Gentoo Pandora Project becomes Neuvoo

September 7, 2009
Posted by: gruso

After nigh on a year of sweat, tears and beer, Viridior, JavaJake and the rest of the Gentoo Pandora team have restructured, repurposed and renamed their project Neuvoo. (Newbie tangent: What’s Gentoo? It’s a linux distro which, if your geek-fu is strong, you can install instead of Angstrom). The new broader focus will see other platforms join Pandora on their target list (think Beagleboard, Touchbook), giving their code more fields to frolic in, and its users a wider range of software. In addition, they’ll be bending over backwards to make sure you don’t need “I compile source code for breakfast” printed on your t-shirt to get in the door, with a binary repo in the works so you won’t miss out on the Pandora apps your Angstrom friends are using. Bravo.

Source | Neuvoo website


Gentoo 0.0.3

June 11, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ


We’ve come a long way from where we started. Six months ago, neither viridior or I had any idea of what we were getting ourselves into. Nevertheless, we survived, and in the meantime we’ve created our first truly usable Gentoo release.

If someone could boot it up and play with it and make sure the essentials work (emerge can build new packages, internet works, and so on) we’d be extremely grateful. We want someone to pick through it like the average Gentoo user might, so knowledge of Gentoo would be helpful. If Gentoo experience is lacking, that isn’t a big deal. Simply trying to emerge (install) a package we haven’t already installed or pre-built would be great!

So, whoever wants to try it out can get a copy of the latest release here. Since the latest is 0.0.3, you probably just want to go straight to 0.0.3‘s page. Pandora testers will want to select the plain 0.0.3 “base” variant, while BeagleBoard users might want to use the “base-beagle” variant. Be sure to read the “Install a Pre-built Image” page for installation instructions.

We’re looking for feedback on your entire experience! Was the website easy to use? Where might we improve? How about the image itself? Are there any tweaks we should’ve included? Everything is still under heavy development, so it will be relatively easy to change things now rather than later.

Here’s a big thanks to the testers who use precious time out of their day to test our images! We really appreciate it! smile.gif



Gentoo to be available on launch day

February 23, 2009
Posted by: gruso


If EvilDragon’s latest Angstrom video didn’t float your boat, perhaps it’s worth checking that you’re actually in the water. Or, maybe you’re just holding out for some Gentoo news. And Gentoo news we have, courtesy of Viridior and his merry band of distro devs.

Hey, we did a lot of good work to get Gentoo ported to the armv7-a platform. Looks like we will have something to install the day you get your Pandora. No worries, this is the ‘dev’ image, finalized user images are the next goal and can be produced much quicker.

Gentoo-pandora-dev-0.0.2 is released. (And it works great on the BeagleBoard)

You can see the full software inventory here.



armv7a-softfloat-linux-gnueabi toolchain

[networking] (usb works) (eth not tested but should work)

Installation instructions here

You can find us in our normal stomping grounds in FreeNode#gentoo-pandora



More Gentoo Updates

January 2, 2009

As mentioned in the previous entry, Viridior has given us a few more Gentoo updates.

He’s posted a list of things they can use from the community to incorporate into future releases.

The list and a couple more details after the break.

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January 2, 2009

More Gentoo updates from viridior.

Game update from benjymous showing the Box2D physics engine at work.

Nice sprite from Dragons_Slayer from the Graphic Artist Needed thread.

Please follow the links and read the threads, and maybe leave some love,  if you like what you see.


Gentoo wiki

January 1, 2009

Viridior and the Gentoo team are making good progress. They now have a detailed wiki page. Clearly a lot of effort is going into this project.



Gentoo; USB charging

December 29, 2008

Two small snippets for you.

viridior has posted an update on Gentoo for Pandora.

Great News!

The gentoo.pandora.devs have been able to build enough of an image that we will be able to start exporting it to dev’s with hardware for testing very soon.  Checkout and specifically to see our current base image software list.

This image is ONLY intended for basic functionality and use.  You will be able to add your own software easily by using emerge <software name>.  (We are using pre-compiled binaries)  That means that you can use potentially anything in

We will also have our own custom Gentoo Pandora Portage library for Pandora community projects and custom builds to maintain compatibility with the official distro release(s).

Squidge has confirmed that you can only charge via USB when the Pandora is off – I don’t think this is totally new but it’s worth knowing.

It should be noted however that you will only be able to charge the Pandora via USB when the device is Off. USB doesn’t supply enough power (~500mA) to both charge the battery and power the system at the same time.