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August 10, 2009
Posted by: gruso

That’s right, to the power of three. Three new videos, multiple games within each. Press the Back button and return to normal life, or hit the read link and see how deep the Pickle jar goes.

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DOSBox reconnaissance (BYO DOSBox)

June 12, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Itching to know which of your DOS favourites will be playable on Pandora? Got an hour to kill? Let’s get to it. Pickle says:

Anyone can get an idea if something will run. From initial tests it appears the pandora does between 2000-3000 cycles. Try your game and see how many cycles it takes. If its more than 3000, expect it to be slow.

Yes, even running DOSBox on your PC/Mac/Penguin will give you a fair indication. As Pickle puts it, “a cycle is a cycle”. To simulate the Pandora DOSBox experience, just go into your DOSBox settings and cap the cycles at say, 3000. Then fire up your lost loves, see how well they run, and don’t be shy about reporting back with your findings. If you’re DOSBox deprived, name your favourites in the comments and someone just might test them for you.

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