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Video: Pandora 3D demo

February 16, 2009

Posted by Craig on the official blog. Juicy details on 3D and drivers can be found in DJW’s blog here.


TINCS Community Multiplayer FPS

February 1, 2009

Butterman has started an interesting project. He wants to create a first-person shooter with the game design and art made by the community and he’ll code it. He plans for the game to be somewhat similar to Counter Strike, but not identical; which lead to the name ‘TINCS Is Not Counter Stike’. He has a small demo with collision detection, animation, and two models, you can see the video after the break. If you have any ideas, or would like to help with artwork, be sure to post in the thread (source link)


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Official Blog update – more Sneak-peeks

January 28, 2009

Did you come here for your daily basis of pictures?
Well, yep, I’ve got some more.
This time, I’ve got two more sneak preview renderings (in HiRes!). Still not finished (real life work is still a lot at the moment), however, looking better each day.
“What’s not finished in this render?” you may ask. Well, the keyboard layout is not yet the finished one, we’re working on it and it will be included as soon as we’re finished with it. The same goes for the printings on the case (SD 1, SD 2, etc. We might use icons for the functions).
Apart from that, it should look very close to the finished model.

While mentioning the finished model: As I told you yesterday, Michael got the FDM case and put together a first test unit. Everything fits! He didn’t have much time so he taped the case and didn’t put a working board inside, however, that will follow soon. Then we can actually show pictures of a working board inside that FDM case! Time to go for a real CNC case!


Small blog update from EvilDragon

January 23, 2009

I also got the mesh of the case today and started to work on them in 3dsmax. Unfortunately real life work got into my way, so I couldn’t finish any photorealistic renderings today, though I’m halfway through, so expect them soon.

Also, I want to take videos of cpasjustes emulators soon, let’s hope I’ll find some time, as I’m pretty busy with my regular work at the moment…

Michael Weston mentioned the FDM case might arrive at his place about Monday, so he can post pictures of the final Pandora case (well, still FDM, not the shiny CNC’ed case, but that will be ordered when everything fits into the FDM case).

That’s it for updates for today, see you soon 🙂

Source – EvilDragon was talking about the 3D renders shown below on the blog.


EvilDragon making photorealistic renders

January 22, 2009

EvilDragon has confirmed that he’s making more renders for the Pandora, this time, photorealistic.

I’m working on more renderings (photorealistic), give me some time though


3D and DSP drivers now available.

January 20, 2009

Craig posted a link where you can download the Pandora’s 3D and DSP drivers.
Find it here
He also said there is some “very exciting” news, but can’t be revealed yet.


Could the G3D Engine be coming to Pandora?

January 15, 2009

A lead developer for the open-source 3D engine “G3D” has today posted on the forums, expressing enthusiasm at the Pandora project and wishing to have a dev-board for testing.


My name is Casey O’Donnell, I am one of the primary developers of G3D, an OpenSource game tech/engine. One of our users recently brought the Pandora handheld to our attention and needless to say, we were pretty impressed by the devices capabilities. So impressed that I decided to try and pester you this way!

That user also mentioned that, “developers of ‘notable’ software projects already received prototype boards of the machine.” I recognize that the site says no additional machines are available, but I am particularly interested in bringing G3D to this device. Is there any way for developers to get ahold of one of the devices? That would allow me to asses the kind of resources it would take to port our engine to Pandora.

Three of the main developers on the project (myself included) are faculty at different schools and have research assistants that we would love to sic some of our students on. This kind of device is also the kind of thing that would be great in a university setting as an alternative to making our students sign NDAs to use commercial consoles.

We are currently working on an iPhone port, which has started us down the path of OpenGL ES. This device would actually be a better platform for that transition we feel.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to try help make this happen.

Thanks and best.

Could we see graphics like this on the Pandora one day?