Unofficial Roadmap

This roadmap is entirely unofficial, but as accurate as we can manage. It’s based on the old, official roadmap along with recent progress updates from the team.
It’s more of a To Do list really, but roadmaps conjure cooler imagery. So why do this now? Well, with the case design 100% complete [1] and the factory mould in progress [2], we finally have a real time line to work with. The roadmap is split into two sections; Core Items (the steps needed to produce the actual console), and Ancillary Items (accessories and other tidbits). These extras are being finalised while the case moulds are being made.

It looks like the case mould process is going to to extend past our optimistic guesstimate of September 10. An arbitrary week has been added to the roadmap, and we hope to hear something from Mweston soon.


Core Items:.

These are the first mass production PCBs to come off the line. After thorough testing, they will go into the first shipped Pandoras. [3] Testing is currently underway at the TI factory in Texas. [4]

This is the factory injection mould that will be used to produce Pandora cases. It’s the last big step in preparing for mass production, and is said to take up to 45 days to make. This process began on July 21. [2] The factory will use some of the first 105 boards to fine tune the fit.

Separate tests are required for Europe (CE) and the USA (FCC). This is not expected to affect the delivery timeline.

Once the case mould is done and the first boards pass their tests, production of the entire first batch commences. Small numbers will be assembled and tested at first, with the production rate ramping up each week. These mini batches will be tested and shipped on the fly.


Ancillary Items:

Mains power adaptors: TBA
TV Out cables: COMPLETE. [5] The factory has taken photos, but they are apparently to crappy to share. The cables are on their way to MWeston however, and he’ll take some decent pics. [6]


_________________________________________________________________ .
“Dave finished every single step which was on the ToDo-List of the case!”
“The first check of the case data is finished, the company started creating the moulds.”
“The 105 boards are finished”
[4] “They are guinea pigs to be subjected to a ridiculously long burn in cycle”
[5] “The TV cables are made, they are in a warehouse in China.”
[6] “There is one awful photo taken from the factory…”

This page was last updated on Thursday 10th September

Estimated date of the first assembled Pandora: Thu 24th September

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