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Mood Enhancer

January 21, 2009

Not an update,  just a mood enhancing promise from craigix. What could it be? Please speculate at will, and keep watching.

Things are moving pretty fast behind the scenes right now, you will be seeing a lot of nice stuff in the next 7-9 days.

You might even see something tonight 😉

Oh, and not that anyone here will be holding them to it.



Latest Prototype News from EvilDragon

January 2, 2009

mali has just posted this news:

Faktisch weiß ich aber, dass die Pandora in den ProduktionsendzĂŒgen liegt 😉

Es gab noch eine Verzögerung vom Akkuhersteller (der hat das Design nochmals ĂŒberarbeitet, deswegen mussten wir das Prototyp-GehĂ€use verschieben (gibt ja keinen Sinn, wenn der Akku nicht passt ;)).
Vom finalen Akku wird derzeit ein Prototyp erstellt, der die nĂ€chsten Tage fertig wird – und kurz drauf ist das quasi fertige GehĂ€use auf den neuen Akku angepasst. Und dann kommt WIRKLICH endlich das Prototyp-GehĂ€use – denn dann haben wir alles, was dazu nötig ist.

Eine Auslieferung in den nÀchsten zwei Monaten ist in jedem Fall sehr wahrscheinlich.

Pandora’s production just needs the last steps. There was another delay because the battery manufacturer refined the design an so we had to delay the prototype case, too(it doesn’t make any sense, when the battery doesn’t fit). At the moment a prototype of the final battery is being made and will be finished in the next days – shortly after that the final case will be adapted to the new battery. And then we REALLY will have the final prototype case – because we will have everything what is needed.

A delivery of Pandora in the next two months is very likely.

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January 2, 2009

More Gentoo updates from viridior.

Game update from benjymous showing the Box2D physics engine at work.

Nice sprite from Dragons_Slayer from the Graphic Artist Needed thread.

Please follow the links and read the threads, and maybe leave some love,  if you like what you see.