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PandoraPanic puts the call out

September 3, 2009

Posted by: gruso Remember Alf? He’s back, in pog form. Remember PandoraPanic? It never left. The WarioWare-inspired community project has been bubbling away in the background for the past year, absorbing new talent and minigames along the way. Recent developments include some retrolicious 16 bit graphics from Dragons_Slayer, and a WIP gameplay video from Rockthesmurf. […]


PandoraPanic! Linux test build

March 15, 2009

Posted by: gruso Due to popular demand, a WIP build of the ever evolving PandoraPanic! has been released for Linux users. Grab your copy and leave your comments here. Contributions to the project are still open of course, with coders, musicians and artists all welcome to join in. If you’d like to get involved, jump […]


PandoraPanic! (The game, not that other thing you’re doing)

January 19, 2009

While the sky falls around us (/end sarcastic melodrama), many attention-worthy projects continue to flourish in the back rooms of the community. One such project, captained by scene stalwart PokeParadox, is a WarioWare-style affair called PandoraPanic! in which short, fast minigames are strung together for button mashing bedlam. It’s a true community effort, with all […]


Youtube channel surfing, abundance of

May 23, 2009

Posted by: gruso Welcome once again to op.wp, your virtual subscription to Pickle’s Youtube channel. Today we present, for the first time, community minigame project PandoraPanic! running on actual Pandora hardware. The video features a detailed demonstration of how to lose each minigame – we’re assuming this is done for informational purposes only, and has […]


Pandora Pool Panic: beta release for Windows

March 17, 2009

Posted by: gruso No relation to PandoraPanic, this little game was born on the GP2x as Pool Panic, and is now making the move to Pandora. Game author Unfathomable Depths, who (in our mind’s eye) hacks away at code in between slinging darts and downing pints, is even hinting at this becoming an online multiplayer […]


Launch Apps

December 30, 2008

Here’s a list I wrote up today showing the various apps that should be available, and links to the source. I’ll keep it updated, so check this thread for the latest. Check past the break (yes, we know how to use that now) for the complete list.