Oh dear, what are we doing here?

May 25, 2010
Posted by: gruso

This old blog will stay in place as an archive, and heaven forbid, a safety net should there be some kind of bunny uprising in the new digs.

(openpandora.wordpress.com, September 2009)

The bunnies have risen. And they broke stuff. The WordPress installation at pandorapress.net is having a very bad day, and atomicthumbs is busy re-installing and restoring backups. So here we are in the old digs, just letting you know we’re still alive. Bits and pieces of production news are still trickling out, and there will be some catching up to do once pandorapress is back online. In the meantime, Twitter is what’s for dinner.


Update: Pandorapress is back. Mostly.



  1. Ahah, wondered what was going on with the other site, first btw 🙂

  2. Hope you manage to get it back on track soon guys.
    Good luck AT 😉

  3. Ah that takes me back in time….like…two moths back:P

  4. I knew there was a reason I still hadn’t gotten around to deleting the old newsfeed…

  5. Wow, 8 months. Seems surreal.

  6. So what’s up with the other blog ?

    • A software update broke the wordpress install. Broke it good. It’s being fixed, but it’s taking some time. 🙂

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