Time to update your bookmarks and feeds!

September 10, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Happy blogday! It’s a surprise party, and your gift is a new URL. The unofficial blog is growing up and moving out of home, thanks to GP32X member atomicthumbs and his bastion of blog hosting bunnitude.com. WordPress.com has been more than good to us, but private hosting allows us more control to tweak and add features. Kicking off the feature bonanza is our new embedded IRC client, tapping you directly into #openpandora at Freenode. Swish! Want some links?

New URL: http://www.pandorapress.net

RSS: http://pandorapress.net/feed/

IRC: http://pandorapress.net/chat/

Hate change? Never fear. We’re the same blog team, covering the same stuff, displaying the same flippant disregard for your sanity. We’ll just be squeezing it out of a different tube. This old blog will stay in place as an archive, and heaven forbid, a safety net should there be some kind of bunny uprising in the new digs. The only thing missing from the new location right now is a sidebar link to chat, which is on the way. If you’re IRC inclined, bookmark that one now.

Ok, show’s over! Get clicking, there’s new news over there!

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