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August 26, 2009
Posted by: gruso


You might have noticed the lack of updates this week. Well, good news! There aren’t any now either. The case moulds are reportedly going smoothly, and all we can really do is wait for them to finish. But a quiet blog is a cold, dark hell, so a little forum trawling was in order. Below are some questions, answers and pieces of banter from the last week on GP32X. Consume slowly. You need to conserve your strength.

Bosbeetle: “…how is the mould for the case coming along? Did the guys at the factory already run into some problems or is it still going smooth?”

EvilDragon: “Didn’t get any reports on problems from the company (that’s why they reviewed it before doing it, I guess :))

So still coming along smoothly.”


Vorporeal: “Don’t get too comfy yet and jinx everything!”

EvilDragon: “Nope, don’t you worry. Though the major things are done, both the case design and the board design is finished. There’s not too much that can go wrong now.

Asmo: “Were the first 100 not being used for extensive testing, supplying Devs etc? Did all that go out the window?”

EvilDragon: “Nope, they’re still at the MP company who are doing extensive burn-in-tests.
But there’s no reason to throw them away when they all pass, is there?”

Asmo: “WiFi and all that sorted, AC supplies and everything?”

EvilDragon: “AC: A PSP AC Plug works fine. The first 100 don’t need to necessarily be delivered the same AC Adaptors as the [rest].
WiFi: No, not yet. DJWillis is also waiting for the final unit πŸ™‚ But the firmware can be updated.”


Lingenfr: “While We Are Waiting Can We Get Some Pics Of The Accessories?”

Craigix: “You should be seeing the TV cables next week when they arrive, it’s possible we will get some photos of those from that factory sooner as they seem more willing when it comes to taking cameras on to the factory floor.”

Phawx: “…is the wifi the only thing that needs to be finished to have a fully working Pandora?”

Craigix: “The wifi has been working in various forms for months, but it’s just wrapping it in to something which people expect which is the hard work.”

Enverex: “Craig, can I tac things onto my order before the Pandora ships? Only reason I say that is because I’d want to know what the case is like before ordering.”

Craigix: “Yes, the good news is that you might be able to do that via credit/debit card once we start shipping the first 100 or so.”


… and as a final note, bonus points go out to those who have already spotted the cheeky update on MWeston’s site, openpandora.ca.



  1. I’m just wandering now if the wifi will be compatible with packet sniffing/injection. That’s what’d make the pandora 100% assume for me, but I guess there’s still USB that can be used either way

  2. Anyone know for sure if USB 1.1 devices work with the USB 2.0 port or is a hub needed still?

  3. A USB 1.1 device will drop the speed of all other ports on a 2.0 HUB to 1.1 mode. Otherwise it is all fine.

    Now am thinking that we could speculate that the pandora will ship in less than two months πŸ™‚

  4. The news fairy has done it again! πŸ™‚ Thank you, gruso!

  5. When someone with a final-ish type of Pandora is going to make a new MAME-video again, could he possibly show off some vertical shooters while holding the Pandora turned 90 degrees and say a few words about how comfortable or possible this way of playing might be? There have been some discussions on the forums in the past speculating about this possibility, and a few hardcore shooting fans are pretty excited about this possible feature. For these people, good vertical playability would really make a difference and it would be one more solid advantage the Pandora had over the Wiz. So please look into it, especially if you’re going to do another MAME-video anyway.

    If the emulators don’t support screen turning at this point and you can find no home console games that support tate-mode, just play some horizontal shooters and pretend they were vertical ones. It is really more about the comfort, about which buttons you can reach with your right and actually press in time while your left is steering with the nub or the d-pad. Thank you very much.

  6. I can always depend on you guys to filter out all the noise and give us the meat. Nicely done, gruso, and thanks again!

    Ikki, I don’t see how it would be comfortable. I played a verticle shooter on the DS (I think it was snes emulation), though it was playable, it was not comfortable for a long stretch of play. Since the DS and the Pandora share the same form factor, I would think that experience would hold the same for the Pandor.

    Someone did a video of a verticle shooter (I don’t think it was in Mame, though) about 3 months ago. If I find the link, I’ll post it here.

  7. So October is the new September?

  8. no, October is the new October


  9. Gruso, I like the cut of your jib.


    Thanks for the update.

  10. Have we ever gotten a firm estimate on the time lag between the first 100 and the remaining thousands?

  11. Dammit, I want it nooooooooow!!

  12. Should of looked at this before(but thanks for the answer Joe): http://pandorawiki.org/USB_reference

    In short, 2.0 Hub needed to use 1.1 USB devices. I’ll probably get the BELKIN F5U407. Nice cheap little Hub.

  13. I just visited http://www.openpandora.ca
    Does that mean that October is the new September?

  14. “But a quiet blog is a cold, dark hell, so a little forum trawling was in order.”

    Gruso, you are the only thing keeping me interested in the Pandora anymore.

  15. Are all the pandoras ordered or can I order one sometime soon?

  16. October, wow, that’s almost, like, what? 2 months away!

    good job gruso – very nicely summarized. I’m glad you don’t have a life and that you allowed me to get back some of mine. πŸ˜‰

    p.s. just kidding! (I have no life either)

  17. Heh, personally I was fairly happy with no update anyway (IMHO the unofficial roadmap helps) but good to see some points summarised. esp. by not-me (as I would have gone on and on about ED riskinging a jinx on the project).

    I think the fact that the release “date” for these beasties has passed another of my birthdays helps, because there’s no sense of urgency for it for me now (but wait till October!).

    Ta πŸ˜€

  18. L1amdude, I re-ordered my Pandora about four weeks ago (had a pre-order, cancelled it, now re-ordered) and there were still a few available. Email openpandorasales@gmail.com

  19. 720MHz, you say?


  20. but i havent seen any SDK info, is there a way to develop for it while waitin? im nuts with the not working QEMU and narcissus image. and the packed kit for win just has nothin but a heartless core.

    has anyone boot up with the narcissus img on qemu??

  21. DroneB, you don’t need an SDK. Write software for Linux using libraries that work on ARM processors too (like SDL), plan for a very small amount of RAM and CPU, and you’ll be fine.

  22. I would love to see a list of the first 100 names Craigix said he might publish.

  23. Well yeah, but what about the special libs?

    about the .pnd stuff and the Open GL acceleration. the vid acceleration? and stuff, i would rather know whats really available before start coding because on the future recode could be a mess.

    also im a java guy so i got rusty with the C/C++ thing gotta practice again.

    anyway thanks for the nfo, but i need to know if anyone has emulated the Pandora with QEMU?

  24. Separate your graphics and audio routines from the rest of the code and rewriting will be easy.

  25. hehe thnx for the suggestion but MVC strategy wont help very much, my app lies over the Hardware Junction Side so it would be almost useless to do that.

    it could work on standard apps but right now i want to turn my pandora into a real Aid.

    i expect to use it on my AL and IA Tesis also on Human Interaction Devices (working on a HMD).

  26. You could add :
    why no Flash support in web app. while possible with the Nokia N900 ??

  27. Because Nokia probably paid a huuuuuge licensing fee/whatever to get it. Just wait… Adobe’s going to release it for multiple platforms eventually. They stated that that is one of their goals.

  28. if this little goodie could be ported to Pandora http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicroB then we wouldnt have to port flash by hand.

    theres some V9 Flash Player for ARM Linux Versions, the thing is that is seems that it is not free.

  29. Gruso, this is great. Thanks. I agree with what one of the other posters. If it weren’t for you I would have canceled my order by now. Keep up the good work.

  30. “I would love to see a list of the first 100 names Craigix said he might publish.”

    Craig backtracked from that pretty quickly, possibly after speaking to ED – I suspect that, unless those 100 specifically give their permission, it would be a pretty bad breach of privacy for Craig to publish ANY of their details. Even nicknames.

  31. I wish we could stop the BS in reference to a case.

    1) Have a DEV confirm which case the Pandora case will be modeled after. There are a lot of GP2X cases. It would end the speculation if they would post a photo or link.

    2) When will the case be started/finished?

    Bottom line I will not be too sympathetic if the accessories are not ready for shipment with the Pandora. There is no reason for it.

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