Video: Pmenu gets some PND action

August 18, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Cpasjuste has shared a new video of Pmenu, the graphical launcher that will ship with Pandora. Unfortunately it’s a little blurry, but you don’t have to tell Cpasjuste this. He’s already called it crappy himself. Noteworthy in this installment is the implementation of Pandora’s PND packaging system. In a nutshell, a .PND file is the container that Pandora applications live in. Download this one file (eg. Quake2.pnd), drop it onto your SD card, and watch as your new Quake2 shortcut appears in the menu automatically. Magic!




  2. I’m hearin’ ya.

  3. This is what ships, but as soon as we get these things, are we going to have other options available? Or are most of those still in the works?

  4. Glad you asked. I’ve got a detailed article on this almost finished, it’ll be up later today. 🙂 The short answer is, you’ll be able to choose between this and the full E17 desktop, both of which will be available out of the box. On top of that, there are numerous “third party” options being developed by the community.

  5. What about the efegea’s GUI?

    Use a translator, he’s a bit disappointed because feels ignored…


  6. Here’s another efegea’s opinion too…

  7. I guess at the end of the day they had to pick one. I got the sense that he was disappointed, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to be overshadowed. It sounds like he has something special in the works for Pangea, and he’ll get good coverage here on the blog. 🙂

  8. Efegea is a very capable developer, I believe he is able to do very great things for the Pandora platform if motivated enough and would be sad if losing his talent.

    Developers are the most important thing for a platform, you can’t have users without them. They are the fuel.

    I think certain developers deserve a lot more attention and motivation than now.

    I hope Openpandora Team is capable to understand it and take care of motivating them in a very active way or Pandora will be doomed before it’s launch…

  9. If efegea is feeling ignored, he should probably be posting about it on the forums that the majority of the OpenPandora guys read in the language that the majority of the OpenPandora guys speak 🙂

  10. “if you build it, they will come”

    i’m sure the app which people prefer will be the one that is used (in the long term). If Efegea’s app is better than the standard offering or offers different functionality that people want then they will use it no matter what the device is shipped with.

    i look forward to the healthy competition between two developers offering a similar product that i can choose between using.

  11. I totally agree with mosschops, people will have the choice. I’m just lucky enough to have a pandora board so i can try my menu on it, and also lucky to work directly on libpnd. I’m sure many better gui than mine will come out as soon as the pandora gets released. People will be able to choose which one they want, which one is better for them. I personnally wasn’t aware of his gui, but now that i know, i’m open to help him by either coding help or testing his menu on my board.

  12. Cpajuste: I appreciate your work a lot, just that there are other developers that deserve attention too. A developer community must be grown.

    It could be really nice if a bunch of good developers like him and you make a team for some nice project, collaboration and joining forces is the only way to make a project like Pandora succeed as in Linux and Free Software. Who knows…

    Choice is good for users too 😉

  13. Impressive speed when adding the new shortcuts to the menu from the SD card. I’m liking; nice work Cpajuste 😀

    Efegea’s menu looks like it’s going to be awesome also, so I’ll definitely be testing that out at some point too 🙂

    Cheers for the updates.

  14. i am feeling pretty darned positive about this thing, not that i ever wasn’t! its heartening to see it all in action though.

    regarding attention and other GUIs,one thing people seem to forget quite a lot along the lines is that though this was conceived as a small community, small demand project, the whole thing has escalated now into an incredibly versatile and wide appeal product. there will be a wide range of users with varying technical skill and some people will just want it to run out of the box and do as little with it as possible on a GUI level. compare this to a PC however, how many linux users buy a new PC and have it arrive with windows pre installed? and what do you do? you just put on it what you want.

    ultimately what comes out of the box will just work but people will be as enthusiastic about other GUIs as they are about distros on a PC. if something is in the works be it a game, a program, some kind of driver or emulator, whatever, so long you shout out about it it will be, if anything, MORE enthused about, because people love to tinker with options and just get the most out of it, especially in this community.

    just make some noise people! yeah attention is low right now, but many of us cannot visualise it without the actual pandora in our hands. once its out, boom! straight to the moon!

  15. PND confused me with Personal Navigation Device, for one second I thought there already was a GPS add-on.
    But this is also a nice!

  16. Not quite drooling again but this video got me close! 😀 Gimme gimme gimme.

  17. Efegea has been notified about the comments written here, he did read them.

    I hope a forum post appears on GP32X’s Pandora section.

  18. Really cool to see the near-final product in action 😀
    Too bad I never got in on the 1st batch… x(

  19. I don’t blame efegea. He was blatantly ignored when he asked to receive early hardware to make the GUI (on gp32x). I really liked his early screenshots.

    For someone like me, I’ll probably only use Pmenu, or whatever is default that will get me to full screen apps quickly.

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