More droplets of Lerp

August 11, 2009
Posted by: gruso

If Benjymous thought he was going to sneak some new Lerp footage past us, he thought wrong. Despite being quite short, each video introduces us to new elements of the game, and accordingly, gives us new reasons to want it. Like, now.



  1. that looks really nice and a good mechanic too.

  2. Is the camera being controlled by hand or by script in the second movie?

  3. Lerp is growing on me.

    Yeah, I’m also curious about the camera control in the second clip. Is the shift in view pre-programmed (or by hand) or is it via some slick algorithm? Perhaps that detects that there’s a tree in the foreground and so “zooms out” but with nothing but Lerp in the foreground “zooms in”.

    Very slick!

    Just think I’ll be able to play it in about 2 months!

  4. This does look like my kind of game

  5. Fantastic! Loving the scrolling test, seems to work great and the graphics suit the game too 🙂

    Definitely one of the first games I’ll be playing 😀

  6. This game looks pretty slick. Hope it’s a launch title for Pandora.

    Any word on pricing?

  7. Looks nice !
    It’s getting better 🙂

  8. Looks brilliant!!

  9. And here I wanted a Pandora to play my old PSX games wherever I went, and now it’s ‘gonna cost me more money buying all these new games…

  10. It looks gorgeous, though the background on the first video looks like hairy arse cracks and belly buttons :S

  11. Anyone else reminded of Helious?

  12. As far as I’m aware this game is gonna be free(don’t quote me on it). It would be nice if this came pre-loaded on the Pandora so I can switch on and play. I like the way he’s only released snippets of it keeping everyone in suspence, I just hope it’s as good as what i’ve imagined it to be or it’ll be a right let down. Great work Benjymous. If this is good I’d most certainly be willing to pay for the next one, I’d probably make a reasonable donation for Lerp also. Either way thx Ben 🙂

  13. hehe – yeah, I kept meaning to post about the new videos, but hadn’t quite got around to it – I’ll try and put together a longer trailer at some point showing a bit more of the gameplay.

    @javajake: yeah, the camera’s being manually controlled in the scrolling test (mostly cos you can’t really see the sky with the automatic camera) – you get freecam control with the right stick, btw 🙂

    @clippa: That’s the “inbetween” plane – there are three planes of “existence” in the game, our world (as seen in the scrolling test), their world (the caves seen in earlier vids), and this that lies in between (which will have bits of both planes merging into it).

    I’m still trying to settle on a decent art style for this (and will be reworking it to include some parallax effects once I work out a sensible way of doing so!)

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