Video: Cpasjuste adds nub support to Quake 3

August 8, 2009
Posted by: gruso

In the words of one forum user, “smoother than a smooth thing covered in baby oil.” What the video lacks in resolution, it makes up for in fragtabulousness. Oh, and if you were wondering, the force feedback lid closing feature will not make it into the final product.




  1. It seems like every other video is a Quake game.

  2. Very cool to see the results of the nubs.

  3. lol @ force-feedback lid comments.

    Excellent video. Each time they show this game, a little more progress has been made. Very exciting to see!

  4. Lots of quake videos but I don’t mind. VERY smooth though. It is sort of weird seeing that face the whole time

  5. Nice.

  6. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t put two joysticks on the psp. Or even why they didn’t put X and Y on the Gameboy Advance.

    But this definatley looks like the best handheld device for FPS.

    Wish it would play halo… oh well…

  7. I don’t know if I’ve missed out on information somewhere along the line, but has anybody commented on the comfortableness of the nubs? They look pretty well placed but having some solid statements would be nice.

  8. All I know is that watching this video showed me how well the nubs DO work, because Quake 3 is a very twitchy game. And it’s not like he had the sensitivity down, you can see quite clearly that he can make exaggerated spinning maneuvers quite easily but also he can finesse the sticks to have it control quite well.

    Truthfully, this sealed the deal for me, in terms of how well the analog nubs work.

    Also, this hand held HAS A FUCKING QWERTY KEYPAD! Words cannot begin to describe the awesomeness that is the Pandora.

    August and September can’t end soon enough.

  9. omg i almost cried

  10. Delicious. Just delicious.

  11. eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. Wonderful 😀

  13. I bought a Wiz while I wait for Pandora to come, as soon as I can get my hands on one, I will sell the Wiz.

    Man, this machine is awesome, it will kick ass every handheld console in the market for years to come… amazing.

  14. How many FPS was that getting?? Couldn’t quite read the figure in the top right, but it looked impressive!

  15. I have they got network support this atm/in progress?

    I like that the nubs are working well… hope to start of project trying to make the panda act as a remote tool for the Lego NXT, would be awesome

  16. But it is completely pc compatible? It would rock to join a quake/nexuiz lan party just sitting on the couch and opening the pandora…
    I would be the coolest guy of the room!

  17. I agree with Anon2. Great video that actually shows how well the nubs can work. If they work like that in all the games, I’m betting that there will be a lot of very happy people on delivery day 😀

  18. All those that gave up and got a refund will be kicking themselves when this baby ships, you mark my words! 🙂
    You’ve done a great job Cpasjuste. Dam I wish I had my Pandora right now 🙂

  19. @puppydee, but the time they receive their P, they may be too old to be able to kick themselves. Ref the QWERTY keyboard comment, I am disappointed that keys that are frequently used (for a PIM device) have been moved and I think this will slow me down significantly.

  20. Which keys are you referring to?

  21. Feels like its Christmas in 2 months every time I see a new vid. Anticipation is filled up in me and I feel like a little kid again. Sometimes it’s a bit too much. Need to get outside and get some fresh air before I pass out from the awesomeness.

  22. @ʎllısos:
    so remap your keyboard to how you want the layout to be! You can’t do that in very many other devices, can you? 🙂

  23. Finally seeing some nub action. Looks spectacular!

  24. will it be able to use the multi-player feature using the driver for the wifi?

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