New blog feature: Unofficial Roadmap

August 4, 2009
Posted by: gruso


The roadmap is back. Unofficially, anyway. With the case mould a good fortnight into production, it looks like the dreaded Two Months meme may have finally breathed its last. But these things are easy to miss if you don’t drop by daily, so now there’s a one-click status page for those flying visits. We’ll do our best to keep it current, and well sourced. Eyes right, soldier. >_>



  1. The first 105 are taking a hell of a lot longer then they where supposed to / we were told. Without a populated production board (one of the first 105,) the moulding company is being held up in the fitting stages.

    Thanks for working on this though, its tiring to wait for official updates.

  2. You guys do a great job keeping us posted and have a good touch of bringing some organization to all the various data. The road map is a great idea and is well presented – not sure about the logo though – are “skid marks” really the message you want to send? πŸ˜‰

    Much, much kudos to all you unofficial blog authors!

    But, I’m still going to stick with my favorite meme anyway – it’s kind of like a security blankie to me now…

    Just 2 months to go now!

    Ahhh, I feel better. How about y’all?

  3. I thought some slippery tyre marks were appropriate, yes. πŸ˜€

  4. i’d like to say thanks too, it is helpful to have the news posted here rather than trawling gp32x and (unhelpful comment about companies with crap websites they dont update often enough with added irony that its a tech product not using tech to promote itself very well) “other places”

  5. Looks good and thanks for this blog. It’s very very much appreciated

    Best regards to yall

  6. The Unofficial roadmap is the best thing to do. It clears up the idea that progress IS being made.

    Thanks guys for everything.


  7. Obvious, but brilliant. Like the blog. You guys are the best!

  8. yet another thing to check on a daily basis. damn you!

    no, it’s a good idea and nicely executed, thanks for the effort.

  9. The second sentence of this paragraph gave me a good laugh:

    “Separate tests are required for Europe (CE) and the USA (FCC). This is not expected to affect the delivery timeline.”

    (Of course, things always go right with the Pandora, so it couldn’t *possibly* affect delivery time!)

  10. The Pandora project needed a regularly updated roadmap/progress indicator for a long time, something other than the one that is never updated on the Pandora home site. The Unofficial Roadmap is a happy addition to the blog, many thanks for keeping this stuff updated!

  11. Very nice addition to this wonderful blog! I applaud you guys/gals for the time and effort!

    Am I the only one who at first glance, thought that was a Transformer logo instead of the Pandora one?

  12. That’s because the Pandora is an Autobot.

  13. Nice idea.

    But in the pic of the road to the Pandora… where are all the tornadoes, landslides and all the various disasters the team has had to overcome?

    Heh, just kidding. πŸ˜‰

  14. The Pandora should have been developed by the managers of this blog; at least you guys know what you’re doing.

  15. Sweet! that’s just what I didn’t know I was hoping for… thank you !

  16. Yeah thanks for the blog like many have said…

    Anyway, I like how there has been like no progress in the last month. Even though there was false hope for a while… I’m so glad I got to see that awesome video craigix made a few weeks ago. That ruled.

  17. If all goes according to plan, we should expect the pandora to start shipping sometime after October.

  18. aye aye captain. /salutes

  19. Cool, your roadmap symbol looks just like a swastika!

  20. Craig said that there will be photos of the new 105 boards this week.

  21. This place has been my homepage since like 30 minutes after the link was posted by the author of this blog. Thanks for updates so I don’t have to do all the dirty work myself. Kudos +1

  22. Face off: Pandora vs. Xmas, Round 3

    Current Score: Pandora 0, Xmas 2

  23. “Craig said that there will be photos of the new 105 boards this week.”

    Craig has said a lot of things…

  24. Remember people that the team is on the schedule of the manufacturers now, and manufacturers have a way of stretching dates(not that this will have much of anything to do with delays as it is almost a completed project).

    The Pandora will be finished soon for sure.

  25. Rob: I hope you don’t mean ‘finished’ in the bad sense?

    Yes, Criag has said a lot of things…

  26. (damn spelling mistake!)

  27. “If all goes according to plan, we should expect the pandora to start shipping sometime after October.”

    Too bad! Last promise was early sept. If they also fail that, I’m cancelling. Sorry, I just cannot spend a whole year without my money in exchange for absolutely nothing… Well, in fact I’ve almost done It ^_^’ , but no one can repair the damage It has caused. 😦

  28. You guys really should make that photo in a 800×480 format as a Pandora wallpaper. πŸ˜€

  29. You’re a weird guy ace, weird guy.

  30. pflopez – Where is this quote coming from? I don’t feel like scouring the boards anymore, hopefully they’ll put the status update here on the blog. What’s the cause this time?

    (He’s quoting another blog comment, not an official source – Gruso)

  31. I am getting tired about waiting this damn machine…
    Same about updates.
    Don’t tell me nothing happen in more than 12 days !
    Pffff it’s so boring
    They absolutely do nothing to keep us informed and motivated to use their stuff !

  32. nagash:

    Think about it like this. By the time you get your Pandora, its already nothing special any more ( at leased on hardware level ).

    The Smartphone’s are already using a similar power cpu/cpu ( iphone 3GS, or Palm Pre ), or a faster one, like the Toshiba TG01 with a 1Ghz Cortex A8.

    Beyond its keyboard / pad’s, its not special hardware anymore. And in a few months, we are probably going to see those 0.45 versions off the cpu/gpu’s.

    Like it was predicted almost, 7 months ago…

    Lets be honest, you can say what you want, but they did underestimate this project. September 2008 was the order date. 2 Months later, the shipping off the product.

    Yet, as we see today… Everything takes way longer then the time they wasted with the bank / loss off pre-order ( off the hardware ).

    Even the Case creations is taking what? 5 or 6 Months already? So yea … Even if everything with the payments did go well, it still will have taken at minimum half a year.

    To be honest, its sad really … From a high tech, top off the line product, that nobody else had, to something that’s still not released, and becoming in tech terms, old…

    And lets be honest, the software development despite the developers having boards, has not been extreme fast…

    PSX updates are well … Almost none. Think a lot off people are still waiting for those movies that had been promised.

    zodttd is clearly more interested in the iPhone as a development platform then the Pandora ( for not just the psx, but also the other emulators ). And now that the iPhone 3GS has the same cpu power as the Pandora. We can not blaim him. One is a product that outs with a large potential customer base, while the other is a product that has been delayed almost a year, and a small customer base.

    And well, how many times Craix promised movies, and nothing came. But he did find time to make some “funny” movie’s, that have nothing to do with the project.

    How about the Quake development? Beyond the initial release, not to much happens after it.

    Same with the other emulators.

    Well, you can disagree with my opinion, but the Pandora clearly has some problems. In the past, now, and in the future.

    The question becomes, how long is the Pandora still going to be out, until ALL the customers have there Pandora ( notice the use off the word ALL… Because many people forget, that between the first production models, and the last persons who need to get it, there is still a large gap off time. ).

    But back on point. My bet is, that by the time the last person from the first batch has got his Pandora, we will be seeing a PSP2 probably. And several other smartphone’s with same or better cpu/gpu’s, captive touch 4″+ screens, and possible keyboards.

    And yea, i also did have a lot off faith in this project a year ago. And look where we are today… Not one customer with a Pandora in his hand… 😦

  33. Despite what a lot of people are saying the hardware is getting old quickly. It’s still going to be on par with everything out by the time I have this thing in my hands, and it’s hopefully still going to be cheaper, but with the year of delays I can’t see there being a major interest after this first batch. I mean who wants to pay for something that was supposed to be out so long ago? It’s a trust factor that’s been broken pretty bad… I just hope zodttd won’t leave us in the dust, cause then this handheld won’t have the eye candy it was supposed to.

  34. I suggest everyone enjoy what’s left of their summer.

    If you do, you’ll have had some fun and maybe gotten a little tan. The Pandora will then be completed and in your hands before you can say Hellolo. πŸ™‚

  35. Love the roadmap. As usual though, I wonder if adding dates might be a good idea – so readers can judge how many months have passed since a specific process was started and, perhaps, how long that process might have to go.

    My only other thought is a dynamic progress bar like Symantec display when scanning for viruses. You know he ones, right? They keep indicating progress until they start at the begininng again, leaving you realising that they have no idea how far through the process they are? πŸ˜‰

  36. Granted, the OMAP3530 isn’t as “cutting edge” as it was 12 months ago. But I don’t see anyone calling the iPhone 3GS old tech…

  37. Thats cause of all the mac fan boys, but it’s not old tech, its just on par with everything. Niether the 3gs or the pandora are cutting edge anymore. Well the pandora is still open, but that doesn’t mean as much as it did. Atleast not to me anyways.

  38. There’s this age-old snipe about the Pandora no longer being “the most powerful handheld” and the term (and sniping about it) seem to raise hackles a lot, but I guess the FEELING in some quaters at least is that when the Pandora was MEANT to come out, the general idea of “most powerful” seemed/felt true – bleeding edge, bleeding powerful. Now when the Pandora comes out it will no longer feel like it dominates the market “automatically” in that area because, let’s face it, there are PHONES using a CPU as powerful, and will have been for months. That kinda… makes the Pandora FEEL like it’s lost a lot of steam. It’s not that are equivalent gaming devices to the Pandora when Pandora ships, there are LESSER devices than Pandora was meant to be which have the same or similar processing power. Which make Pandora feel less “special” and more of an “also”.

    Of course, it’s still an incredible device – but it’s not as incredible or impressive as it was a year ago. Everything about it, from processing power to the analogue controls, is now at least a year older, and many of us a year more jaded.

    The one thing to remember IMHO is that it will still DO just what we thought it would a year ago – and since much of that is fairly retro (all the emulating for a start) just how out of date can the Pandora ever actually get? I mean, emulated games can only run so fast before they get unplayable (I well remember when the IBM AT came out and many games were suddenly blazingly fast…).

    Buy (I)phone instead handheld console. Buy brand new hardware, every 3 months if you want. Buy superior, “most powerful” fancy-shmancy PROPRIETARY console. Just do it. Just… DON’T COMPLAIN.

    This project is going on for the 1st time in history. There were GP2 attempts and so on, but THIS is real first time. Handheld, designed by community, for the community.
    It is called BRAND NEW PARADIGM.

    Just think about this: when 100$ OLPC project started, everybody (in “industry”) laugh to mr. Negroponte. Now, we got (beside ATOM netbooks) so called “smartbook ARM revolution” at the frontdoor. Next big thing.
    Same will be with Pandora. Patience, my friends… don’t be so greedy. We live in exiting times… changes are almost everyday.

  40. “This project is going on for the 1st time in history. There were GP2 attempts and so on, but THIS is real first time. Handheld, designed by community, for the community.
    It is called BRAND NEW PARADIGM.”
    Gp2x was by far the best handheld and the best purchase I have ever made in my lifetime. This isn’t a new paradigm, and this whole community design was just a sales ploy. We all showed interest but thats the only thing that we did. If you think this thing was designed by the community, then kind sir, tell me, what part did you design yourself? This hand held is no more open then the gp2x was, different companies, and different times…

  41. “Gp2x was by far the best handheld and the best purchase I have ever made in my lifetime. This isn’t a new paradigm, and this whole community design was just a sales ploy. We all showed interest but thats the only thing that we did. If you think this thing was designed by the community, then kind sir, tell me, what part did you design yourself? This hand held is no more open then the gp2x was, different companies, and different times…”
    by TylerStade August 6, 2009 at 3:24 am

    Geez, so cynical. I think the question of community design for the Pandora is simply a matter of definition and perspective. Do you suggest that a community design necessarily mean that everybody in the community be hands-on involved in putting their feature ingredients in? Besides the monstrosity of bloat that would likely erupt (though definition of bloat itself is open for discussion), there’s also the question of who would count as a member of the community of designers.

    No, I suggest that the Pandora is designed by the community. I suggest that the community is a reasonably large group of people with generally similar feature wishlists that is also open to a fairly narrow range of interpretation of those wishlists (as well as narrow range of openness to additional items not on their wishlists). It’s a complicated wording, but I’m not much of a writer, yet it’s important to recognize that this should be definable as a community-designed product.

    What about the main design team, what if there were people from Craig & Co who are considered part of the design team, but none of their feature ideas were included, where their input was primarily in defining what the Pandora *shouldn’t* be? Would they be considered designers? Shouldn’t Craig & Co be allowed to claim that the community was also a part of their design team, even if their strongest contribution was in brainstorming things to add and things to not add? Shouldn’t it be enough that Craig & Co invited discussion and engaged the community in thinking about the Pandora before they set out to hammer out its details?

    If you still don’t agree, I think I can understand where you are coming from. A “traditionally” designed (commercial) product isn’t designed by the community, at least not so directly. Marketing research filters and analyzes, so I would say it’s more of a community-filtered-through-marketing-and-potential-profitability. I think you think that that’s where the Pandora was designed from; I don’t, not exactly anyway.

    If I were to look for a place to agree, I could also think of it in terms of scope and targeting. A “traditional” commercial product is designed to maximize profitability by making it marketable to the widest collection of demographics. It’ll end up with bloat for any individual demographic (let alone each individual user), although what counts as bloat for one demo or user is a desired feature for another.

    The Pandora design is a more specific design targeted to a more specific niche (or a more limited set of demographics). I suggest it’s targeted at people who want some combination of something like a UMPC without the price, a netbook but even more portable, a handheld gaming system with more power and flexibility, and something fairly open and hackable.

    Actually, to say the Pandora is targeted at anybody already suggests a certain perspective, that of capitalism and “traditional” product design, but that’s not the only perspective. Ultimately though I suppose it’s just a question of how paranoid you are and how much you care whether or not the Pandora was designed from the top-down, from Craig and his team with their initial ideas that they filtered depending on what they were hearing from the demographics they were targeting for their product (which is reasonable from a capitalist POV), or if the Pandora was designed from the ground up, from the “grassroots” community of disparate voices asking for a common feature set, with Craig and his team becoming a rallying point (and even then it could be seen from a capitalist POV if you think of it as Craig & Co recognizing an unserved niche).

    Anyway, I’m sure there’s some profit seeking involved to reward their time, but less cynical minds should be open to the idea that they really are looking to make a nonprofit statement. They’re not a charity in the sense that they wouldn’t make a product for free and give it away at a loss, just that they are still free to charge only the minimum needed to make the endeavour a net zero for them. Considering the “unusualness” of the project I’d prefer to think motivations are less capitalist than they are “tech-altruistic”.

    Even if we can’t agree on whether or not the Pandora is community designed, it’s the nature of comments to be open to different opinions. What’s the harm in believing that it really was community designed whether or not it actually was? It’s not like we’re talking about religion over here, although I admit there’s potential to polarize the community into a religious movement like the whole PC vs. Mac thing…

    Now, these comments aren’t really designed to get you to notice my response to your comment, but your comment invited response in the form of a question, and I felt something needed to be said for anybody else who might still be checking these comments out 4 days or more later.

  42. Well, I suppose somebody who is trained to be a professional designer might be offended by the claim that the community designed the Pandora; not like the community conducted formal requirements and specifications analyses and reports and laid out abstract but well-defined design documents that could be implemented into the final plans.

    Perhaps you would accept that the community was *involved* in the design, that they *participated* in the design as process? Or at the very least the community participated in the requirements and specification step of a formal design process? I presume that Craig & Co weren’t just blindly designing a product for their own desires, setting out what it should and shouldn’t do according to their whims (although I’d suggest they are visionary geniuses if they did, designing the Pandora in a vacuum separated from the discussions and suggestions by the interested communities, while still garnering such interest from same communities).

    Ah hell, the Pandora should be here sooner than later, there’s too much time to dwell on tangential topics…

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