Pandora/Wiz Softcases

July 29, 2009

posted by: PlopperZ

Andrewe1 has been hard at work on his embroidery machine making some very nice Pandora and Wiz softcases. He plans to sell some in small quantities, assuming he gets permission from GPH and the Pandora team.

These are just prototypes he whipped up in a day, and he’s looking for input, so post in that thread (source link) if you’ve got any ideas!

More pics and Wiz case after the break.


(foam cut to the Pandora’s dimensions)



  1. sweet

    looks like something my grandma would love do make all day 🙂

  2. i’d buy one; perhaps in a darker colour though

  3. Ugly colors.

  4. Looks Awesome

    I think the Pandora one would look better in Black and an orange Pandora logo

  5. Horrific blue colour scheme. The Black Wiz case looks nice.

    But why would he need permission from GPH / OP to sell them?

  6. Pandora should be black/orange, black/white, or black/grey.

    Also, I don’t know where the charging port is, but maybe have it such that it can be in the sleeve with cable still plugged in. Maybe have a slit partway down the side or a hole.

    Maybe look into a non-paypal way to purchase? Google Checkout/Amazon or something. Convenient payment is worth a couple of extra bucks.

  7. These are nice, more subtle colours for the Pandora one though please. Perhaps a black or very dark case, with the logo only a slight shade lighter so it’s subtle.

    Good work!


  8. That screams for a zipper! black + white = the only choice

  9. FYI – Google Checkout has just massively reduced their usefulness by removing debit/switch/maestro support, so you now need a credit card to use it – so that will not be the best option for a lot of people.

  10. The Wiz one is cool and useful.

    The Pandora one is UGly and useless since The machine is a Clamshell.
    Sorry dude…

  11. nice. if they were being made i’d prefer a darker one to hide the filth it would collect on my manbag. Also the idea about having a hole for the charging point is good, but it depends on how much heat the battery generates during charging.

  12. Looks like a great start to me.

    I’d like one in black, with a white logo with a velcro-closable flap on the top and a belt loop on the side (or preferably a plastic clip like thing – do you think you could find a source of those?). I’d prefer “ballistic nylon” than cloth.

    I’d pay $20 to $40 or so for a case that I can use to carry the panda on my belt. My hope is that I’ll carry my Pandora as much as I carry my phone (which lives in just such a case on my belt). My hope is that I’ll use the panda as a UMPC. If that doesn’t happen at least I’ll have a great gaming console and will likely give my PSP the boot.

    Geek belts of the world unite!

  13. Got to agree with the comments here… the Wiz case looks AWESOME… as for the the Pandora it’s so so…

    I’d like to say I’d still buy the pandora case, but in all honesty it’s probably not going to protect it that much as it is a clamshell…

    Depends on the price I guess, if it was cheap enough I might do it purely because I won’t want a single scratch on my Pandora

  14. @Pleng: The Pandora logo is a trademark (or at least property) of the OP team. I could be wrong here, but selling merchandise without getting permission to use the logo *could* have to potential for legal consequences.

    On the other hand, I got permission to distribute my Pandora model rather easily. We’ll see how that goes with someone trying to make money off of it…

    Case looks nice! I agree that a different color scheme on the Pandora one might be… desirable, though.

  15. Personally I think paypal is the way to go. It is always my default payment type for everything I can possibly get away with. 🙂 As to the comment on it being useless because it’s a clamshell. I keep my NDS in a case to protect it so what makes this any different? Great job, although I too agree black fabric is the way to go.

  16. They look nice, and I agree: Black for the Pandora. Maybe with the logo in dark blue.

  17. I want one that’s black.

  18. Impressive quality.

  19. This is a nice case. I agree that black with blue would be good. Whoever said $20 to $40 needs to move to an area where the crack is cheaper. $15 tops with cheap shipping. Dittos on the paypal. Any other method than that or using my debit card would cause me to look elsewhere. What I am really looking for is a PDair type case like the one for the Zaurus or Libretto U100.

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