Not THE video, but a video. With sisters.

July 24, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Are you old enough to remember The Great Giana Sisters? They were the controversial counterpart to Super Mario Bros, back in the days when people managed their household budget on a Commodore 64. So legendary is this game, that a band of GP32X gurus have been working for years on an unofficial sequel, called Giana’s Return. It recently went beta on the Wiz, and as far as old school platforming goes, it’s about as good as it gets. And guess who already has it running on Pandora?

Thanks Esn for the tip.



  1. Old enough? Pff. I remember the flame wars (conducted in person before the dawn of the internet) between ST and Amiga owners over their versions. The ST version didn’t scroll, the Amiga one did.
    Ah, computer clubs. The physical equivalent of torrents.

  2. ST and Amiga flame wars? What about the C64 and MSX flame wars?

    Always loved the great Giana sisters πŸ™‚

  3. Well, didn’t take long at all before we got the obligatory “In my day we had flame wars WITH REAL FIRE! And we had to lug fifty-five gallons of geek-fire to the club in our bare feet, through five foot snow drifts, uphill, BOTH WAYS!”

  4. @Dauric – And the youth of today just don’t believe us!

    @Eight Bit – The MSX? Blah! Long live the ZX Spectrum! (I had a “clip on joystick” that manually operated the cursor keys which were on 7,8,9 & 0 I think).

  5. While you guys were bashing each other. I was quietly plugging away on my CoCo 3… trying in vain to make a Super Mario clone of my own. Oh how much of a failure that was.

  6. Oh how I loved my CoCo 3 growing up. I wish I could get an emulator for that on my Pandora. I know there are emus available for it on PC.

  7. If someone doesn’t beat me to it, I plan on attempting to bringing zx81’s GP2X port of Xroar over to the Pandora. At least up to CoCo 2 emulation will be there. With any luck someone will be up to porting M.E.S.S. and we will have a slew of old machines to play with.

  8. Whoever’s playing the game sucks at platformers πŸ˜›

  9. @ John – Yeah, well it’s hard to believe ‘en when they insist on talking about those five foot snow drifts in southern Cali.

    Now if they would have said roller skates and earthquakes…

  10. And guess who already has it running on Pandora? erm, let me think???? erm….. Pickle???? was I right? It can’t be that many people since only a handfull of people have a pandora πŸ™‚

  11. Btw, when can we get the GP2x beta? would love to have a bash. Great work all involved πŸ™‚

  12. Forget it, I’ve found it cheers πŸ™‚

  13. Great looking game. Don’t forget to take time to sleep, Pickle.

  14. Awesome work!!!!

    Andthe Atari ST version was waaaaaay better (Flame me!!! but only in person ofcourse, let’s keep it nostalgic πŸ˜› )

  15. I really like the ceiling fan effect between screens.
    How did you do that?

  16. “Whoever’s playing the game sucks at platformers :P” ~shiruva

    Either that or to me it looks as if there might be lag in the controls, the player couldnt seem to time any of his jumps right, no offense.

  17. I like people saying : it’s summer time, go outside and think about something else and when you comeback from holidays your Pandora will be there or you will get tons of news to wait a bit more.

    … Well, I’m back from nearly a month of vacancy but all I see is nothing more than BlaBlaBla ! No real announce, no big update, not even a nice video presentation of the final product and still the same message : things are going pretty fast now !

    Are you kidding ?

    If nobody can workout the hardware that’s OK but isn’t there a large developer community and official team to work on the software side ?
    What’s working what’s not ?
    Except people complaining about the lack of update I see no official SDK to work with nor even people happily working on game or software via Pandora emulator or something !

    What’s going on ?!

  18. Here’s what’s going on.

    Hardware: Tweaks are complete and the case mould is in production. That’s about the biggest piece of news we could ask for.

    SDK: The question has come up a fair bit, but there isn’t one yet. Historically, this scene hasn’t relied on official SDKs for development, so the lack of one doesn’t really mean anything. There are good resources on the wiki, and in the forums. We also have some community members writing tutorials. An official SDK may be put together after the first batch has shipped.

    Software progress: There’s plenty going on. Looking over the last month of blog entries (the time you’ve been away) there a number of software pieces, four of them with video. Including the one we’re commenting in right now. πŸ˜› This is only a portion of what’s going on out there.

    There is no Pandora emulator. There are a small number of devs with Pandora hardware, the most visible being Pickle & Cpasjuste, who have ported plenty of games. Others are working on kernel/OS stuff, which rarely makes for exciting announcements. Then there’s the wider circle of devs without hardware who are working on their PCs and/or Beagleboards. See Lerp, Zeq2lite, NAEV, just to name some recent ones.

  19. Just to clarify, I stunk at playing it because I was trying to do it while viewing the screen at a bad angle.
    Camera was over the screen so I was viewing from the left at an angle.
    Plus it was late and it took some debugging to get it running right, which is odd thing to occur with the pandora.

    By the way new super mario war video out now too πŸ™‚

  20. For what it’s worth, Giana is an active IP. They just released a new iteration on the Nintendo DS, which is more or less a direct competitor to the Pandora. I look forward to trying this community-based version out, but it probably shouldn’t be pushed to the forefront of advertising when it comes to marketing the Pandora when it’s done and shipping.

  21. This is really sweet. But if Pickle’s playing these videos he makes, he needs to do a little practicing.

    (On a slightly related topic… I and my dad were talking about me having to bike to school. I quote. “Now when I was a kid, I walked 10 miles to school in the snow. Uphill, both ways. And that’s the way we liked it.”)

  22. lol, stop picking on Pickle. He explained above (once again) that it’s a bit hard to film and play at the same time.

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