A fake PSP and a fake Pandora

July 9, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ


Craig uploaded a neat video showing off an unrelated Chinese PSP clone and an early cardboard mockup Pandora (starting at ~1:40)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and there’s also an assembled (real) Pandora in there too 🙂

Video after the break.




  1. craigix? more like the poor mans ashens

  2. well… there you have it guys… after 9 something odd months… the final pandora… for some reason I was expecting it to look a little less… made of cardboard… either way can’t wait to get it in my hands finally

  3. random. but i did love my psp back in the day, so still cool to see.

  4. Liked seeing the Private Eye in the background.

  5. posted at the breakneck speed of two days

  6. Sneaky… Seems to have got lots of views already, without actually saying much about the 3rd item on the desk. Raising awareness?

  7. Why no mention of the full Pandora and the Wiz also being in the video?

  8. Cuz I’ve been out of it for a while and assumed that was old news. Added 🙂

  9. who cares about a pirated PSP, PANDORA PLEASE !!

  10. o.O wait… I would have expected a little more hype for a completed Pandora. Hmm wow.

  11. It’s a prototype

  12. after seeing that I’m all going like “wtf”. guess why.

  13. WOW i love the looks! i hope I get it like this!

  14. gmhuntr7, we’ve seen that pandora before. It’s one of the prototypes

  15. Whoopidie doo… real news or no news please – I’m really not interested in a Chinese knock-off or a bit of cardboard.
    Who wants my pre-order unit if it ever turns up? I’m starting to get a very bitter taste from this whole experience. Being teased with this sort of shit is insulting………

  16. Yeah, I bet they’re holding out on us because they just enjoy not having a cashflow and making random videos.

  17. Craig isn’t doing this to tease us. He deals with gaming handhelds every day as part of running GBAX, and this is just a random video he made. It’s not supposed to be a Pandora news update or anything, it was just posted here for curiosity value because it contains the original cardboard mockup. A bit of history. 🙂

    But I know this isn’t soothing for some people. No amount of videos or upbeat blog posts are going to put Pandora in your hands. Just hang in there, we’re all in the same boat.

  18. The pandora in the video (not the cardboard one [LOL]) is just a prototype and not a final unit. You can see that it still uses the old keyboard. Any news, even random videos, is good for me. Let’s me at least know everyone is still alive and well. Keep the videos coming guys! I find myself checking for updates multiple times a day .

  19. sheesh.

  20. A new video was announced via twitter some time ago already. Hopefully we will get to see it today 🙂

  21. Hmm yeah ok, I was just thrown off when I read the words “assembled” and “final” by other people when I made my comment.

  22. New video available:

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