Give snega2usb a better name, win one

July 8, 2009
Posted by: gruso


You’ve seen it on Engadget, Crunchgear, Hackaday, and the rest. But what those guys don’t know is that we saw it first on GP32X. Yay us. For those who came in late, the snega2usb is a USB interface for SNES and MegaDrive/Genesis carts, allowing to you run your own games in an emulator (on PC, or Pandora) direct from the cartridge! But packed with science and magic as it is, the one thing it lacks is a good, snappy name. So creator Matthias_H has put the call out for a new moniker, with the best suggestion winning a snega2usb prototype!

If you’d like to enter, visit the snega2usb blog and submit your entry via email. Please do not post your suggestions in the comments below; they will be ruled out instantly. Get2it!



  1. Hi, me again. Just reminding you not to post your suggestions here, or they’ll be lost/stolen/worthless. Email the man direct! Then we’ll have more room here for long, boring essays on the legalities of emulation. Can’t wait.

  2. I remember seeing this, though I have no value for it

  3. usb game cart thingy
    I’ll be taking my prize now

  4. i’ve just sent my suggestion. Hopefully i will win!!

  5. That’s cool.

  6. mmm emulation, best thing since sliced bread.

  7. How about the ‘I can’t believe it’s not a rom dump’ Machine?

  8. ^^ lol. Its true and thats funny. I really hope we get to see GBA N64 Atari etc versions.

  9. Ok Im given away the winning name here:

    Super Ultra Mega Snega Games 2 Super Duper Ultra Highspeed UtraSB Converter Machine which is actually quite small and not to big.

    You will win with that.

  10. i would like to mount this on my pandora when it comes. That will make an interesting mod.

  11. I actually submitted a well thought out name, that’s quite apt. Lets see how it goes.

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