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July 5, 2009
Posted by: gruso

A new pair of videos from Pickle, covering 13 glorious minutes of Game Boy and Game Boy Colour action. The videos are entitled “VirtualBoy Advance” but we suspect this should say “VisualBoy Advance” (as in VBA, the popular GB/GBC/GBA emulator). Corrections welcome of course. Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance from Team Pandora, as they help to take down a giant spider. Seriously.

From the Youtube page:

Some gameboy action. Though this is slow emulator I think its very accurate, also shows the pandora power. Some parts will not sound right, at this point I was trying to fast throttle the game to get past parts quicker.

I ran at 600 Mhz, double size with 2xSai Super Duper filtering (something like that šŸ™‚ ) 22 Khz with low pass filter (If anyone asks I did try some gba stuff, but it just isnt fast enough even with fs. It might be playable with no sound. Doesnt matter gpsp will be faster then anything else anyway.

Source (thanks Xian Long for the tip)



  1. GameBoy and GameBoy Color emulation is awesome on the DS thanks to Lameboy. If someone could convince him to let someone do a Pandora port that’d be heaven.

  2. Any one else remember how to steal from the shop keeper in zelda links awakening? lol those were the good ole days.

  3. Is that clicking from the dpad or buttons gonna be like that on the final version? hope not its sounds highly annoying.

  4. Oh well, so we’re getting close to a one-year-delay. What an economical crisis can do…

  5. can it be made fullscreen?

  6. full screen!? that would look warped and hidious! even at 2x its pushing the originals look because of the low resolution of the GB screen

  7. I forgot to add, does the emulator offer original screen blurring to do your eyes in after 30 mins?!

  8. GBA and GBC are the things I want the Pandora for the most.
    I am so excited!

  9. It could be done full screen, they would need to use a pixel-art scaler to enlarge the image nicely:


  10. Honestly, I don’t think using nearest neighbour is that big of a deal either.

  11. Color. Even in Europe it didn’t have a ‘U’. šŸ˜‰

  12. Corican you might as well buy a emulation machine thats already out there for half the price for mainly GB/GBC emulation (ds, psp, gp32, gp2x, gizmondo, zodiac, n-gage or even the wiz or dingoo…)

  13. Colour. Yes, in europe it has a u. Look in the UK and you’ll see.

  14. Unless, of course, you mean the GBC being spelt with/out a u. In that case, I don’t know.

  15. Why do you guys have to choose so many Nintendo games for your emulator testing? I hope Nintendo won’t keep an eye on this project!

  16. I’m confused, is it pickle or craigix? I thought craigix had the white prototype-thingy. Gruso only mentioned pickle, did you mean the software was from pickle and it’s someone else playing it? or has the prototype been moving around?

    hum, I guess it’s not really important. It’s cool to see someone playing on a real (prototype) pandora though (I mean, we’ve seen that before, but I guess it just hit me that somebody actually has a pandora to play on, and that’s nice).

  17. It’s Pickle, he was sent one of the white prototypes. šŸ™‚

    Regarding the questions about scaling/filtering, most emulators will have these options.

  18. Might seem a stupid question, but I’m not really one for emulators anyways…

    Can the old gameboy link cable be emulated between two pandora’s over bluetooth or wifi?

  19. If you’re running VisualBoy Advance in Windows, you can use a separate utility called VBA Link to play over LAN. VBA Link appears to be open source too, so a Pandora port may be doable.


  20. wat
    no, dude, using advanced pixel art scaling stuff (Which i actually hate, i hate biliniar and anything but nearest neighbor for pixelart) doesnt matter, the aspect ratio is still screwed up!

  21. @PoisonedV:
    you can still scale up to the width / height of the Pandora screen and just letterbox / pillarbox it, no?

  22. ^ We’ll probably have that option, yeah.

    Those who really value their pixel art will want integer scaling only (ie. multipliers of x1, x2 etc). GB and GBC have a resolution of 160×144. Scaled x3 that becomes 480(w) x 432(h). This doesn’t quite fill Pandora’s screen height, but does leave the pixel art original and crispy.

    GBA is even better; scaled x3 it comes to 480 pixels high. Perfect fit, as long as you don’t mind the pillarboxes.

    But I know not everyone cares about this stuff. I started a poll on the forums, and over 50% of people said they’d stretch to fit the screen, aspect ratio be damned. šŸ˜¦

  23. Displaying visuals in the wrong aspect ratio is sacrilege!

    Can’t stand people watching standard def stretched on those widescreen TVs. The saddest thing is that they don’t even notice it. Drones.

  24. OMG, that’s my favourite game! Final Fantasy Legends II! Sorry, had to add all the extra emphasis. They’re doing a remake of that on the DS… could be the only reason for me to buy one.

  25. Yeah, because I don’t like to see it the way you do, I must be at fault. Reminds me of the console wars…
    Me, I watch it strechted if it looks ok, or not if it doesn’t. I don’t care much for special effects anymore, been there, seen that, been bored to tears.

  26. I’m still hoping for a Virtual Boy emulator.

    I’ve got my red/blue glasses at the ready.

  27. I was hoping it was a Virtual Boy emu as well…I have always wanted to play Red Alarm. I also hope we can strech it out to make it 480×432. In almost every emu it completely sucks to stretch it to full screen if it’s out of aspect, just like stretching SDTV onto an HDTV screen it just plain looks horrible.

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