Twitterix: What say you on the first 100?

July 2, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Just to lend some context to this, Craig floated the idea back in March of sending out the first handful of completed Pandoras to a selection of lucky testers, for a fortnight of real world hammering before the remainder of the batch shipped. The topic has come up again in the last day or so, and is now brought to you in Twitterix form.

How do we decide who gets these first 100 Pandoras.. and how might we organise the feedback? For the sake of software should we go all devs?

Here’s an idea. We’ll start by listing everyone who doesn’t want one of the first ones. That’ll narrow it right down, oh yes. If you have a better idea (and let’s face it, your cat probably does), fire up the keyboard and have at it.




  1. Not all 100 to devs.

  2. Put me on the list for 101 – 200

  3. I don’t know if there is a percentage of the first batch reserved for reviews. But if it is they might be able to send out the first 100 to devs and some reviewsites.

  4. I dont tweet but I’d say it should be half devs and half regular people. The thing is, until the Firmware it completely finished it should be people with enough knowledge to be able to use it effectively, meaning people who know more than the standard plug and play mentality. If you need to get under the hood to fix something it should be easy. If it’s your first experience with linux you shouldnt be one of the first 100 because you;ll spend too much time just trying to understand that it’s not windows to be able to respond with anything useful.

  5. I don’t think shipping a test unit to review sites is a particularly good idea, since if there are problems, it would make the project look bad. Add to that the fact that you can’t currently buy one unless you’ve already pre-ordered; there’s no point reviewing it yet.

    Give it to dev’s, and then the rest in order (provided those at the front want to be guinea pigs); if only I’d ordred 10 minutes quicked i’d be in the first 100 myself, rather than just outside 200 in line.

  6. I agree on the mix of devs and non devs. Devs aiming to release software will probably spend much of their time running and testing their code. Non devs, gadget freaks and gamers will spend their time mashing buttons, plugging in every other gadget they own to see what happens, that sort of thing. It would make for a good range of feedback.

  7. I think a 1000 word or less essay explaining how you feel you’re a prime candidate for real world testing might be a good idea. So here goes:

    I have no life. There, I said it. I work at a job where I have vast amounts of free time, and if they wanted me to open and close the lid 10000 times to see if the hinge breaks, press the right shoulder button 10000 times, tap the screen dead center 10000 times, or whatever, I could and I would be ecstatic to do so. I can imagine myself huge grin on my face as I joyously open in close the lid on the Pandora, while my office mates are sure I’ve finally gone mad. I might want another Pandora once I’m done abusing the first one like that though, because well, I plan on abusing it in my own ways on my own time, for years to come.

    I’m not hard on my electronics, but I do put them through their paces. While I don’t toss things into a backpack with my keys and other things, I do have a habit of slipping my DS in my back pocket whenever I go somewhere, just because, you never know when you might need to do some quick browsing with DSOrganize, or belt out some M.U.S.H.A. I can’t wait to kick this DS to the curb once I get my new Pandora familiar.

    I have wireless access at my home and office, so testing wireless connectivity is no problem. I often war-walk and war-bike around my hometown looking for hot-spots, so I can try pairing with a wide variety of access points as well. I can program a bit, and am very familiar with Linux, not Gentoo familiar, but familiar enough to write bash scripts, and know my way around vi.

    Smart, articulate, savvy, and without life. Perfect beta Mindlord be. Oh, and I do happen to be below #100 when it comes to the pre-order queue anyways. At least as far as I can extrapolate. So… uhm… pretty please, thank you.

  8. They should for once stick to what they said in the first place.

    Orders should be shipped to people who ordered first, and that’s all. (BTW I’m quite sure I’m past the first 1000, so this doesn’t affect me at all).

  9. The first one hundred people to give in their money have a right to their Pandoras, since they are responsible for the first infusion of capital in this venture. Without them, there would be nothing to play with at all, and we would not be discussing this.

    On the other hand, it is best for *me* personally for software developers to get a leg up and start writing stuff as early as possible.

    I think the best compromise is actually to ask each of the first hundred preorderers if they are willing to give up their slot in the queue and be moved to the “right-after 100” queue. I’m sure a decent amount of them would be willing to give up with this, and it’d be much more of a professional approach than just taking away their privilege of early ownership.

  10. i am torn on this.

    a split 50/50 devs to normal users (to get user feedback would help greatly i imagine) would be very nice.

    But the original order (and subsequent re-order) and my contract with OP Ltd was on a first come first served basis. I would consider not doing this to be be breach of contract.

  11. 75/25 dev/beta tester.

    Software needs to get stable quickly. Usability concerns need to be worked out quickly. All this is necessary for a successful launch, and this requires devs. Having a 3:1 dev to bug submitter ratio allows for quick progress on the bugs submitted by the 25 “regular” testers.

    Which 75 devs? First hardware devs – POWER MANAGEMENT, wireless, bluetooth, multimedia acceleration, etc. Then UI / Angstrom / Environment devs, get the user experience up to snuff. Then the big emulator devs (and people working on loaders for them, UI and such). I love that people are homebrewing for the Open Pandora, but homebrew is secondary to the mass market appeal of having the device stable, polished, and running the games everyone already loves.

    Which 25 testers? Don’t know, but people need to commit to posting bug reports, hanging out on IRC, whatever it takes to give feedback to the devs. It is work. Fun, but work for the community.

  12. First to order, first served.
    Devs can always play with dev boards.

  13. +1 for Charles

    sounds very reasonable.

  14. We have all been waiting long enough. There is software for the pandora, just hand them out in the order they were ordered. Anything else is just bullshit

  15. I think you should get at many Devs as you possibly can. I don’t know if that number = 100, but if it does, I think that’s the much better solution, because when we start getting our Pandora’s it would be better to have more available software.

  16. As I understand it, there are people who pre-ordered their openpandora a looong time ago (of which I am not) and kept faith in the project despite the delays and the many others who canceled the order (whom I thank because I have been able to place mine thanks to that ;)). In my opinion, these persons who supported openpandora from beginning to end should have the honor to be the first ones to hold what is partly the fruit of their investment.

  17. I think we should have 95% devs, and 5% normal users, just for the sake of both productivity and finding glitches with the normal stuff

  18. Anybody called “John” should get one.

  19. Email the ~4000 and ask if they’d be interested in receiving one of the first batch, under the requirement that they put in some testing time.

    Of the people who express interest, randomly draw 100 names.

  20. Hasn’t the plan been from the beginning to ship the units in the order that they were ordered?

    The difference is only going to be a month or two at most, right? Why risk angering people by trying to decide upon an “elite 100”?

  21. Personally I believe that it should be first ordered first served too. It will get far too complex and will be seen as unfair by many to hand them all to Devs. Maybe 10 to the key devs that have shown their comittment like Pickle perhaps but 100.. erm no bad move.

    Devs are great but they are sometimes far too clever for their own good and may not spot something that the average Joe might. Plus compiling code written on a PC or mac may not be testing for stress levels and general use of the pandora in real world situations. Come on.. support those that had faith from the start it’s the right thing to do.

  22. I think 20 or so of the 100 should go to the devs(Squidge, Zod, DJ, Franxis, Notaz, Pickle, Atomicthumbs…) and the rest to eager first ordered customers.
    Everyone will get one eventually but this is a good compromise.

  23. the pandora team should have a jolly good idea which dev’s can benefit the most of getting it asap. I doubt it will be 100, send the rest to the “first in lines” to have user feedback.

    Just my 2 cents.

  24. Shouldn’t it be the first hundred people to place their orders?


  25. I doubt we even have 50 substantial/critical devs total. IMO Rob hit the nail on the head. 20 to devs, the rest start shipping down the list. After all that we’ve gone through already I think we can all wait another week to bump devs that have already proven themselves to the top of the list. What good will it be to most of the end-users anyway without highly-functional software? 20 is a perfectly reasonable number in my mind & at this point in the game all of us pre-orderers should consider ourselves lucky that we’re even going to get one at all. Don’t be selfish, I’m probably bumping myself out of mine by saying this, but it’s for the good of the community.

  26. I’d say it depends on how much time there is between the first 100 coming out, and the rest of them.

    If it’s more than a month or so, it’ll probably be worth it to give it to those who are willing to test it, first dibs to those who are earlier on the list, and willing to test.

    If it’s only a couple weeks, then give ’em out on a first come first server basis, because the testers will have them soon enough, so you might as well give the original 100 the pride of getting it first, like they were promised.

  27. The main devs already have dev boards not 100% the same thing I know.

    As the Pandora is supposed to be easy to use and not rely on an in depth knowledge of Linux for day to day use (of course knowing Linux is useful). I would suggest that the OP team stick with first come first served. You get real feedback from a cross-section of users. With varying knowledge of Linux, different ideas of what they want from it. Is the standard interface intuitive? Do things work as you expect?

    The danger of handing the device straight to devs or Linux geeks is software feature creep as they try to optimise the software further. People who understand Linux in depth may also miss parts of any documentation/instructions that don’t make sense to newbies.

    Failing this 25% dev / 75% real user.

  28. DEVS! I’m not a dev, but there’s too many “No, me!” and this would not only simplify it, but make it so when it does come out, there is a LOT more software. Giving us free games? THEY deserve it!

  29. For the sake of it, to keep this simple, I’m gonna support the “Charles” idea with a +1

    75 devs
    25 regs

    Anybody support this? Maybe that will make it more likly!

  30. I think if the idea of 75Devs and 25Betas goes along we’re going to want to see alot from the Beta guys even if it’s just them showing off how cool it is and are willing to put the time in to entertain us.

    Worst case scenerio, look at the main forum users… which ones have made the most posts/threads that aren’t on the Dev list?

  31. The first ten or so should go to devs. The rest should be distributed in order unless some one elects to give up their place in line to dev.

  32. I personally don’t support 75% to devs but the other way around I’d happily support (25 percent to devs 75 percent to first in line).

    I was a little concerned how it is considered selfish to want to see the devices out with the general users (those who were willing to put their money where their mouth is first.) plus I find it sad that people can write things like “consider yourself lucky you’re even getting one” that really doesn’t help. I think that PR is important and I hope that mature and considered decisions are made. I wonder what ED thinks as he (in my opinion) seems to have his head scewed on the right way since the project started and I know for one has kept my interest in the project.

  33. The 100 test units should be sent out randomly , the lucky few that get them will be glad to test the hell out of them , hell we all have been waiting and antisapating the release for a long time .

    There should be no PATHETIC begging for testing units , its just very sad , we all deserve a equall chance …
    random drawing perhaps…..

  34. ALL DEV`S


  35. hardware and linux devs first, troubleshoot and feedback on problems, homebrew devs second.. just the big ones, proven competance, then start from the top of the list. (not quite sure if the ones with dev boards will need new finished models or not)

    I don’t want to wait 2 months before a problem gets fixed if I was one of the first 100 just because someone is impatient and greedy and wants their pandora before everyone else, esp a dev…. i’m sorry but that’s just ignorant.

  36. If I were one of the first 100 to order, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be given a *test* unit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ask which people are happy to receive a potentially broken unit – prioritising the first orderers, of course – until we have 75. Give 25 to the devs.

  37. Don’t really care who gets them. I’ll just be happy when there are a 100 finished pandoras ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. It’s not ignorant. Many people would be happy with what was already shown in videos.

    I’m pretty sure I am not in the first 100. But I would be aggravated if I WAS in the first 100, but got bumped for the developers of applications I don’t need, or games that I wasn’t interested in. (Even if I WAS interested in the game, I’m going to have this Pandora for years, I don’t need everything on day 1.)

    Especially that it was already established that these are regular Units, and that regular units go out first come, first served.

    Making this change now, after everything that has happened already will anger people. Even people not in the first 100, but who think that they might be will be upset. Any dev that gets a unit but does not produce great things in those 60 will be a target for that anger, as will Open Pandora itself.

    Given the way things have been going, I think it’s naive to insist that the crowd be pragmatic and logical. Even the tiniest, most irrational hint of underhandedness should be avoided.

  39. Easy. Contact the first 100 in the order standings, and see how many want to take the chance, or pass for ‘a few weeks’.

  40. I’m all for sending some to the maemo community (maemo.org) and let some of the application developers and hackers get at making some of the best and most useful stuff get ported over (Qole, Thomas Perl, etc.)

  41. puppydee +1 !

  42. I don’t think there are more than 20 devs tops anyway, so as others have said:
    25 Devs and 75 final user seems right.

  43. I think you should stick to what you said from the beginning, ie those who ordered first will get their units first. I’m sure that this new idea of yours is a good idea, but I also think that it’s a little too late to change something that you promised would be true back when the pre-orders started.

    However, if you email the first hundred that ordered their Pandoras and it turns out that some of them would be willing ot give up their spot for developers then it’d be a whole other thing as you wouldn’t force a new idea upon already waiting customers which may lead to even more waiting on their part.

  44. Minimum 50 to the first orders in line. Up to 50 to devs. 0 for reviews at this stage – wait until more software is available.

  45. For heaven’s sake, just ship them to the people in the order as they were ordered.

  46. If I was a layman regular user basically pandora to me would be a confusing brick, most of the emulation from what I’ve seen in videos doesn’t have a proper GUI or there’s some odds and ends that need tweaking. With no easily accessible wireless alot of the UMPC functions are tossed out the Window, and without good UIs to make emulation more accessible, chances are not much use would come of it. Devs would be needed to make it more useful.

    Then again I ordered it in the first 5 minutes preorders went up so I suppose I’d be one of the 100. I consider myself an advanced user that could probably jump most of the hurdles to get some good use out of the thing – I wouldn’t have mashed F5 on the order if I was someone who just wanted a UMPC/Emulation console and was aware of the limitations it has right now with early development, chances are most of the first preorders are similar geeks who have experience with linux just looking for the ultimate gadget.

  47. i am happy not to receive one of the first 100. i would be no use whatsoever as far as testing goes and i would be happier to wait until any potential issues have been ironed out. also, if we are talking board only, i would not be comfortable putting my own pandora together. i dont know if just my username counts for now receiving one but in case anyone needs a real name its nick haynes.

  48. I’m assuming y’all at the Pandora Project aren’t under any kind of contractual obligations, expressed or implied, to give these out in the order in which they were pre-ordered, right? Somebody had better double-check that.

  49. I couldn’t care less about this. I just want it… For awhile now I completely forgot that I ordered one. And when I realized I did- I can’t believe I still don’t have it

  50. What EXACTLY constitutes ready? When do we stop relying on devs for everything and learn to use it as we would have to for any new system?

    Granted we want issues / problems fix if and when they occur, but at what point is the Pandora (hardware, OS and basic apps) considered good enough to ship? Nothing is ever perfect, as has been said before there has to be a point when the regular customers get the product otherwise we are talking vapourware.

    The community does feel a little split at the moment.
    1) Pandora needs more time/polishing.
    2) No just ship the thing.

  51. actually, sending a pandora or 10 to the top devs of the meamo community is not a bad idea at all….

  52. +1 for neogramps July 2, 2009 at 1:01 pm

  53. A portion of them definitely needs to go to devs.

  54. Why are here so many comments at this time?
    The first 100 will be ready in TWO MONTHs. So, calm down.

  55. As a homebrew dev, I’m not sure how I feel about 3,850 on the list.

    I’ll let you guys figure it out… ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Were any of you guys actually _there_ during the preorder?! I ordered about 6 hours after orders were opened (because all the sites crashed) and I’m probably 2000th or so in line. How does that make me less committed than the people who got in before the crash? That makes no sense!
    I think devs need units. If I were in the first 100 I would still think the same thing. Whether or not I was in the first 100 was entirely dependent on how late I stayed up one night and how fast I hit f5; commitment has nothing to do with it.

  57. If Open Pandora want to keep even a thin veneer of honesty & openness – they need to give the first 100 units to the first 100 purchasers… like they said they would in order to get people to cough up the money early.

    The unit is going to be nearly a year overdue already and that is only if they don’t have anymore “unexpected” delays. Even the suggestion that those people who paid first might have to wait more than someone who codes for a hobby/living, given these are “final” units, is offensive.

  58. +1 for Charles @ July 2, 2009 at 1:54 pm. He articulated exactly what I was thinking. The maximum benefit of the community will be achieved by having a group of non-developers use the device as end-users and report defects while a larger group of developers addresses them.

  59. Are these dev’s paying customers? If so, OK. If not, absolutely not. If a paying customer wants to pass on their P to get one into the hands of a dev, let them say so. Otherwise, ship them to the paying customers. What good is more software shown to us on youtube that we still can’t run because we don’t have a P.

  60. ^ Agreed sosilly. Any devs selected should (i) have already preordered, and (ii) have software pretty much ready to test & release. In a nutshell I’m thinking 25 of these devs, plus 75 regular customers.

  61. +1 Charles.
    He has the best idea.

  62. I actually don’t want it yet because I’m out of country, so I wouldn’t be there to receive the package.

  63. I say an eating contest. Whoever can eat the most burgers wins. If it’s a tie, then the winners get 100 Pandoras each to spread to everyone else. Oh wait… I’ve been eating too many burgers recently… How bout cabbage? Spaghetti? Enchiladas? Tea and Crumpets? Am I politically correct yet?

  64. Meh never mind I’m full how bout Charles idea. We’ve already been waiting. We can wait a little longer. Maybe 2 months(tm)

  65. to be exact I dont believe they ever said the first 100 would “ONLY” the preorders. If I recall they said the first 100 MP systems would help to fill orders. the road map still says they have to be mass produced, TESTED(first), and THEN shipped. It seems to me that if they send ANY of the 100 out to preorders they’d be doing us a favor.

  66. I’m not sure they need to ask the opinion of anyone other than the first 100 preorders. Not sure anyone else’s opinion matters. FWIW, nothing about this journey has been exact, at a minimum it was understood. OBTW, I am not one of the first 100.

  67. 40 Beta testers who use it 24/7, 60 really active developers who need a pandora now, because they almost finished their project.

  68. Me! Me! Me Sir! Me! My hand is highest. I have the 2nd two weeks in August on holiday. I’m Free!

    Test what? Testers apart from playing should also be asked to focus on specific apps or tasks.

    I’m not a game freak so the UMPC features excite me more.

  69. When will they start shipping

  70. Since i posted my comment above, ive gone back and read the suppliers website for the Pandora ( http://gbax.com/pandoraxxx.html ).

    It clearly states “first come first served”. this may have been changed since i placed my order however, although i would consider this unlikely.

    interestingly the host of gbax.com resides in studios 10cc recorded some of their albums in!

  71. rand()

  72. I’m an original reorderer as well as a re-preorderer and so on. I’m really happy with a split something like:

    25% prepaid devs
    75% prepaid “ordinary (?)” customers*
    0% reviewers

    I’m not usre ANY of us is “ordinary”, but these units should be sent out either in sales order order as originally promised or, better still, to early orderers who will commit to doing lots of testing and giving loads of feedback.

    Reviewers should get none becuase if there IS anything wrong, I’d rather it was kept “in house” as it were until it gets fixed, rather than risk bad publicity.

    Despite being an original preorder customer I am in none if the above sets – I’ll wait for a mass production unit in line ta very much ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh – and no-one has commented on Craig starting another clusterfuck with a one-line bit of baiting?

  73. @monk

    i mentioned it on the thread on gp32x but was shouted down as a troll. It’s just all a bit sad really.

  74. Hey there I just found out my order is in the first 2000, but I would not want to be in the first 100.

    Let those who have the time to fully test it out, hardware, battery life, and finally the software install to make sure all functions well.

    Right now I want something that has most if not all the bugs to be corrected, if its software, there are service packs we all can apply, but with hardware that is something different.

  75. I have read all comments, and I must say the arguments for the first come first served sounds to me better than giving them to the Devs.

  76. > “Oh โ€“ and no-one has commented on Craig starting another clusterfuck with a one-line bit of baiting?” (Monk)

    Maybe because everyone’s used to it now. ๐Ÿ˜› Seriously though, he asked for feedback and got it in spades. Lots of good ideas have come up, too. I’m currently liking the percentage split you posted.

  77. I know I’m not in the first 100, not even close. But I think that the first 100 should be contacted and asked if they want to give their unit to a dev and they would be bumped to numbers 101, 102, etc.

    As much as I would love to have the unit right now, even if I were in the first 100- I would probably give it up to a dev. This way you are sure to have all the kinks worked out of the device (since these first 100 are “test” units) and you would also know that the possibly imperfect unit is going to someone who will be able to put it to better use than you probably would for fixing the bugs. All of which comes together to make a better experience with the Pandora for those who gave them up for devs and everyone else who has preordered one.

    Though on the same note, as I’ve watched the Pandora develop, I highly doubt there will be any problems with the first 100 units that can’t be fixed with software updates. But I could be wrong, only time will tell. ๐Ÿ˜›

  78. The only way to resolve this is through violence.
    “Yes, you may have the pandora, but you must fight to death for it”

    BUT otherwise, 75 to devs and 25 to ‘others’ would sound about right.

  79. A split between devs and regular customers is a darn good idea simply because we’ll get quite different responses from both kinds of Beta testing.

    As far as people clamouring to insist that the first 100 customers “must” get their machines, I’m reminded of the first class passengers on the Titanic arguing that they deserve the first crack at lifejackets.

    Split the first 100. End of line.


  81. It’s easy. Every one posting here gets one. At least we show some interest in the subject.
    Failing that the wonderful lovely and some say good looking Craig looks through forum postings and comments for favourable remarks and issue them to righteous.

  82. p.s. I posted more than once – send me only one. I’m not greedy.

  83. Maybe the BBC should get one – they are producing a series charting the history of British gaming, apparently:


  84. @gruso actually I’m surprised at the continued good humour and comparative lack of wailing that is continuing to answer this twitter comment. I expected world war 2.5 at least by now!

  85. @Monk – Probably few punches being thrown because nobody really knows if they are in the ‘first 100’!

  86. i freaking knew it…. craigx is a troll!!!!

  87. A lot of you do not realize what your getting yourselves into. This is an unfinished product. For all we know you guys won’t be getting a case with it. I bet at least of quarter of you don’t realize that CMOS technology is static sensitive and you could very easily fry your Pandora if handled improperly. Also if theirs no case theirs nothing holding the keymat in place along with the the buttons, which means no plausible real world play testing unless someone wants to build a custom mount.

    This should only be sent out to people who can write drivers and software. A thorough understanding of Linux should be required. We’re just going to be wasting our time sending it to those who can’t wait a little longer and want to see Pandora in front of them but can’t really contribute anything. A developer is just as able to stress test things as an average joe. He just also has more to offer afterward.

  88. “the first COMPLETED Pandoras”

    I think the assumption is, reasonably, we’re talking about finished units.

  89. Soulkiller, I think that’s a pretty stupid assumption. If it was in a state as unfinished as that, why even ask? Also, I doubt most of the people commenting here have no experience with technology… we all know not to touch capacitors while walking across our carpeted floors wearing a sweater etc

  90. @Soulkiller. Some of us have been handling things like that for longer than we might admit.

    We all make mistakes etc, use language carelessly on the forum. We ALL need to be careful about what we assume.

    What PoisonedV said +1

  91. Alright, bad assumption on my part. But my second paragraph still stands

    “This should only be sent out to people who can write drivers and software. A thorough understanding of Linux should be required. Weโ€™re just going to be wasting our time sending it to those who canโ€™t wait a little longer and want to see Pandora in front of them but canโ€™t really contribute anything. A developer is just as able to stress test things as an average joe. He just also has more to offer afterward.”

    Seriously people your ruining it for everyone else by accepting you Pandora too soon. You know whether you really can contribute something or not. Don’t signup for the first 100 if you don’t think you can give back something meaningful. Your better off handing over your order to someone who can do something with it.

  92. “Donโ€™t signup for the first 100 if you donโ€™t think you can give back something meaningful.”

    Like money already paid in advance?

    Seriously though, getting some into the hands of ‘regular joes’ would reap it’s own rewards in positive chatter, ending vaporware speculation and providing somebody other than the busy devs for those still waiting to grill relentlessly on the forums.

  93. +1 Soulkiller

  94. +1 Asmo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. What is chatter and vaporware speculation going to matter in the end? Most of us realize this isn’t a hoax and those that think it is can hold to their opinions and just wait till its done.

    When its all over who cares if we shut up the speculators sooner rather than later. I’d rather have a more stable and mature platform. That’s the kind of effect that’s going to matter many months from now. Like I said Developers are very capable of making a video or stress testing too. I’m sure someone will find the time. But seriously we don’t need joe’s mucking up our testing and being spoon fed instructions and guided with tutorials.

  96. “It Lives!” Positive chatter will convince lurkers & onlookers to take the plunge for remaining slots and second round orders – vaporware being ruled out would lead to all the tech sites taking the thing seriously.
    Two weeks – the ‘fortnight’ optimistically referred to between this and the ‘remainder shipping’ – is unlikely to produce a quantum leap in stability. Unless they overnight ship to all concerned, most recipients probably wouldn’t get it for a week anyway. What can they achieve in one week – if it really is only going to be a fortnight gap? Especially if people are clamoring for them to make videos and answer a million questions.

  97. Monk! You’re a little shit stirrer. Let take this outside and I’ll show you WW2.5.2 beta! :p

  98. mweston has resonded to the threed on gp32x


  99. Well after that response I’d say this is a less crucial decision but still, it should be all devs like MWeston said.

    Who gives a crap if the naysayers have to wait one more week for their proof. I’d rather the devs get a slight jump on everyone else. Plus having all the tech savys play with it before the rest of the consumers will allow them to help all the others who are sure to have problems when they get theirs. Come on their really should be no question here as to who should get theirs first.

  100. 100th comment =D

  101. First off Id just like to throw my support behind the team and I think they have chosen the right track in not rushing to release a near perfect product ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the first 100; It should be a lottery of as many of those who preordered who would like to recive one and can provide feedback. I think this should include users of all types.

    Perhaps assurances can be given that if any major flaws/faults are found that thier units will be repaired, modified or replaced.

    On this basis I would be happy to be in the first 100 and take the gamble that it might not be quite right and/or might need to go back.

  102. Epic. We’ve got an update on this from MWeston, so I’ll close these comments now and direct y’all the new post:


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