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June 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

An aptly titled update from EvilDragon on the official blog.

Hi, it’s time again for the weekly report on what has happened.

Craig finally resolved the customs issue, so the parts (parts for 2000 Pandoras) finally are moving towards their destination.
The other 2000 parts did pass the customs without any problems a few days earlier, btw.
So, first test mass production is still due to be finished on July 20th (you know, the ones we ordered a while ago) and all the parts are also on their way – which means: COMPLETE mass production of the boards could be happening soon!

The final puzzle piece for the final unit is the case. What’s the status with that, you might ask?
Well, as said a while ago, Dave doesn’t have too much time at the moment, as he is very busy with his normal job. However, he continues to work on the case, day by day. And I’m really happy that the To-Do-List has really grown short.
So short, that he might even finish it within the next few days! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Finally, I can see it!

On to some other questions and stuff I’ve seen on the boards: A lot of guys are asking what happened to the video craig promised to you.
Well, as you all know, he planned shooting a long one. That does take time, though. And during that, the custom problems happened. Craig spent all days trying to resolve those issues… so he couldn’t spend any time on the video.
– And I guess you wouldn’t want more delay because of the video, right?
Also, there’s not too we could show you: You’ve seen the working prototype… and that is the last status before the FINAL unit is ready. I know you love videos… and the time between the protoype and the final unit seems endless – but there’s not much we can do except wait for it. Those things do take time and we also have to wait for the boards and cases to be finished.
Heh – you know what’s funny? I read somewhere on the boards that for some time moves so slowly while waiting for the Pandora… it’s the complete opposite for us. Time seems to fly by. Whoops, another week gone.

Let’s wait together, shall we? I know there are some OMAP3 devices coming – but none will be as open and supported for homebrew and Linux as the Pandora is.

Extra thing: A word on the forums. They’re currently undergoing an upgrade to IPBv3, and it just wouldn’t be GP32X if there weren’t a bunch of spanners in the works. Don’t forget you can hit the backup forums at http://forum.openhandhelds.org (check the Off Topic section where WarmFluffyUK is kindly keeping us updated).



  1. I see the light too!

    ā¤ u all!

    Keep up the excellence!

  2. kinda funny that the weeks fly by for the pandora team… would they mind switching places?

  3. So in other words – still no progress on the one component that is supposed to take the longest to actually produce.. swell…

  4. Interesting, the Pandora Toolbar didn’t warn me about the blog update… and I didn’t do enough F5ing…
    So, OpenXile Team wasn’t first this time. šŸ˜›

    Anyway, that’s great news to see everything advancing.

    And about time flying by, yeah it’s true, in your OpenPandora dimension time goes a lot faster, and that seems to be spreading to the GP32X board upgrade, heh. šŸ˜€

  5. Yeah, not really progress there… but I suppose it is better than no updates at all.

    I do so love how he uses exclamation marks after qualifying language. Like “COMPLETE mass production of the boards could be happening soon!” and “he might even finish it within the next few days!”. I’d like to add my own “I might win lotto tomorrow!”

  6. Well, and least the project isn’t dead! I can wait a little while yet. Go Team!

  7. Why does E.D. say that the boards are still due July 20th? The previous blog entry said July 13th. I hope its a typing error but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t…

  8. @greendots

    it could be worse. it could have been pushed back by two months

  9. So when he says “which means: COMPLETE mass production of the boards could be happening soon!” does that mean “the ‘complete’ run through for the 100 or so initial boards” or “mass production of the ‘complete’ set of all 4000 boards”?

    If it’s the former, how long until the latter?

  10. AFAIK: “first test mass production” means the first 100. This is a test of the actual manufacturing process. If that’s all good, they can go ahead with “complete” production, which is the rest of the 4000.

  11. And yet I can’t help but say the old Mac quote “The light you see at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of a fast approaching train” (one of the speech synthesis sample texts). Though I’m still optimistic.

  12. @ fireball87 – also the title of an excellent ‘Whitey’ Song (The light at the end of the tunnel is a train).

    All the qualifying wordage makes me groan. As does the worrying nod to ‘other’ OMAP devices before this one even gets off the ground.

  13. i know the person who owns the manufacturing plant for the boards and yes they are currently being made!!!!

  14. Nice! Feel free to investigate further. šŸ˜€ Pics!

  15. please godness or god- i wish no more problems for openpandoraltd!

  16. Hey its great news either way – my only concern is how the first 100 get tested and by whom – and how soon the other remaining units get manufactured (assuming no component failures)

    There was a post by MWeston way back when on failure rates – mainly due to pitch of CPU – not sure how they actually moved forwards with this.

    Great news either – just wished the case could be resolved sooner (by that I mean work spread to other parties – but then again it was always Dave’s thing – maybe Faith could assist to resolve sooner – but then again may as well wait a little longer for perfection!!

  17. i know the person who lives next to the person that owns the manufacturing plant for the boards and he says he personally steps on every completed board as it rolls off the line!!!!

  18. Well this is good!

  19. So E.D. is saying that there are no delays. The boards were due in three weeks a week ago, and they are due in three weeks today. Probably there will be no further delays, and they will still be due in three weeks come October.

  20. I know the person whos know the person who lives next to the person that owns the manufacturing plant for the boards and he says he’ll punch him in the neck if he does.

  21. Forums are back online!

  22. ED, team, and the admins for this Blog, thanks again for the update.

    People…, when there were no updates, you bitch, when there are updates, you still bitch. No wonder the team don’t provide updates as often, they just can appease you.

    Hope the first 100 goes through with flying color.

  23. I am a person who talks sarcastically on the internet so I’m getting a kick out of these replies!

  24. i met the guy who said he knows the person who knows the person that lives down the street from the person who owns the manufacturing plant for the boards and I can confrim the story of the neck punch threat to be valid

  25. @OpenTheBox: No, we bitch because there are no updates, then bitch when they have updates with practically no progress at all.
    Why don’t they just say “Hey, the earliest we’ll probably get this done is November” and then everyone will calm down, and all the people who don’t want to wait can just drop out.
    The problem is they keep saying “Hey check this out, we’re almost done!”
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Fool me 10 times… I start bitching.

    I’m not gonna threaten to cancel my order, though. I wouldn’t, even if they announced it wouldn’t be out ’till next year. I just don’t appreciate these constantly slipping dates. At least place the dates far enough in advance that you don’t have to bump them every week!

  26. fuck that, if those assholes would have said november last year I would have totally thought about not ordering, get panicy that I’d not get one then frantically order and accidently order two, then cancel one of those orders and bitch for the next year straight as to why I didn’t have one! oh wait…

  27. Just being curious will they ship in 2009 or will we have to wait for 2010.

  28. Thank you for the updates team(and Gruso).

    We ARE getting closer to the end people, or the beginning of the fun, so stay positive and find something else to do before they are done with the rest of it.

    Things to do:
    1. Make a fruit salad
    2. Mow the lawn
    3. Plan a trip
    4. Fix something you’ve been putting off
    5. Keep checking for updates
    6. Do something creative
    7. Go for a jog
    8. Read a paperback
    9. Pose in the mirror
    10. Live your life(turn off all electronics and go out).
    11. Re-read my list

  29. :3 its not going slow to me, its going super fast for such a small group to make the ultimate handheld in a year!

  30. Listen to robs words of wisdom.

  31. Just being curious will they ship in 2009 or will we have to wait for 2010.

    Answer: ??????????? Only God knows!

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