The shipping saga: It’s not all bad.

June 24, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Some clarification from EvilDragon on why the UPS thing is a little baffling. Turns out they’re only jerks half the time.

The first shipment with the parts for 2000 boards went the same way to Dallas without any problems. It’s the second shipment (with the second 2000 parts) that is being held up.

Which really does show some weirdness…

Well, at least it means there shouldn’t really be any delay caused by that. The first 2000 Pandora boards can already be manufactured 🙂




  1. so they’re only half-jerks, but that’s still really strange.

    [Gruso edit – I changed your username, you know why. 😉 You might want to change it to something normal to avoid the spam filter.]

  2. Yes, some folks on the forum were a bit pissy. Hopefully this will be sorted out without the devs going in the hole (further).

  3. sorry, i forgot change my username after saying that “pandora is for gayshits” said “I LIKE TO EAT MONKEY POO”

  4. Hehe, no harm done. 😛

  5. VERY weird. Oh well!

  6. Customs only interfere with urgent important shipments, they ignore everything else, it’s the law.

  7. Because anything time-sensitive from overseas must obviously be bombs or bomb components and must be stored in bomb-proof containers until he timers run out. When that happens then they’ll reevaluate the issue and see if they need to lock ’em in the containers for another week just to be sure…

  8. Maybe we should just get ED to be the spokesperson and have Craig just e-mail him when he’s concerned about something?

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