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June 22, 2009
Posted by: gruso

This one’s a day or so old now (forgive us, we love the nightlife). In short, UPS are jerks and Craig would like to hear your thoughts. Hint: “Don’t use UPS” has been mentioned once or twice already.

Things are always a learning curve the first time you try them. Apart from maybe suicide.

Anyway, the point is the last couple of weeks have had delays caused by a most unexpected event – US Taxes and UPS.

See the thing is we ship the parts to the USA, Dallas to be exact, they put them on a PCB and then all that comes back to the UK. But here is the weird part – UPS keeps wanting us to pay taxes on these parts – even though they are to be re-exported soon after. We have tried the recommended routes ‘Temporary export’ and ‘Controlled goods’ but still, randomly, a huge tax bill arrives. It’s frustrating stuff which we are having to try to deal with yet UPS keep moving the goal posts.

Now, here is the community involvement part – does anyone out there know the real way to deal with this? The real rules? As UPS just keep changing the story every time.

So is there anyone out there who can shed some light on how we should be doing this to avoid those taxes? An expert on US customs and taxes maybe? You can answer over on the forum.

Aside from this we are very pleased and happy to have chosen to manufacture in the USA rather than China – I hear, alas, that’s a pretty rare thing these days.

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  1. I’m glad craig is not dead.

  2. i think the grased shin from one of the pandora vids is enough pain for craig 🙂

  3. American Manufacturing? In trouble? Perhaps OpenPandora should get a few billion in bail-out money.

    Seriously, though, wish I could help.

  4. hmmm, for all the troubles, why not manufacture them in China then? Most of the parts were from Asia anyway.

  5. Because the core of the system, and the most difficult and expensive part to manufacture and solder to the board, the OMAP chip, is being made in a factory in Texas. Additionally, I don’t think that there is a factory in Asia capable of doing the tiny BGA soldering that this particular chip is using, it’s pretty new tech. I believe, but am not entirely certain, that the Pandora boards are being made in the same factory. I just makes sense to put everything together in one place, rather than ship it around the world a dozen times, just to put it together.

  6. I would be surprised if there was not a factory in all of Asia capable of making this product.

    Perhaps not at the dirt-cheap bargain basement prices that China is known for.

  7. UPS isn’t the problem. OpenPandora have taken in 500k-1M dollars – hire a lawyer, you do not want to run afoul of export laws or else you’ll be spending all our money on fines.

  8. 500k isn’t that much for a business. They’ve probably burned through most of that.

  9. @Diggerbonk
    as much as i wanted to give my 2 cents to try to help, i think that is the best and safest opinion. +1

  10. Well, that does it. I don’t think we will see a Pandora until 2010.

  11. I just hope this resolves soon.

  12. Hahaha you guys are so stupid the pandora is like my crap- it takes forever to come out!!! What dipshits you really think your gunna get your stupid fuckin pandoras? I bought an ipod touch a while ago and im so happy i didnt wait for this shit to come out. Be happy waiting for your pandora while i listen to some linkin park on my ipod touch lololol!!!!

    [edit by Gruso] Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the company of intellectual giants.

  13. ^Gruso = Win^

  14. I’m happily waiting 🙂
    I could explain you why openness is so important for me, but you would not get it 🙂

  15. UPS is a bunch of criminals.

  16. no openpandora is a bunch of criminals by bieng so stupid and not releasing their system they make so many lame excuses you all know it. What dipfucks. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  17. oh yeah if you want open source why dont you fuckin jailbreak an ipod touch???? Too dumb too know you can jaibrake em???

  18. turns out, jailbroken ipods aren’t actually opensource, the operating system is still os x mobile, which is not open. also, ipod touch, while great for watching stuff, actually isn’t very good for games. having no buttons, you are confined to using the touch screen, killing valuable screen real estate. Having no haptic feedback, its garbage compared to actually buttons. only now after typing this, do i realize the probable trollish origins of your posts, oh well sumbitting it anyways


  20. yawn

  21. Stupid troll is stupid.

    On a related note, I agree with the above mention of consulting with a lawyer perhaps.

  22. I’m Japanese, and very sorry for my poor Einglish.
    I can only understand it’s very hard time now, but can’t help anything for you ’cause I know nothing about low. So I just say “FIGHT!! AWESOME DEVELOPERS AND VERY GOOD COMMUNITIES” , I’m expecting for Pandora!

  23. Luk at me gaiz! I mayk fun of homosezualz! OLoZLOLolOlOl

  24. Please enable the public display of IP addresses.

    (yes, I know proxies exist. Hold that comment.)

  25. 😀 This one wasn’t bright enough to fake his details. I was thiiiis close to sharing his email address and gametrailers profile, but my somewhat bland sense of decency kicked in at the last minute.

  26. So what did UPS say when you called them, explained the situation and asked them how best to proceed?

  27. Please tell me you at least banned his IP. Or better yet his entire IP range! G_G God I’m getting so sick of 4chan fags.

  28. i think the geezer works for sony, nintendo or perhaps gph – wish he would get a grip

  29. Meh, don’t feed the trolls. Feed the Pandora. He has a point, you know, the only reason I haven’t thought much of canceling is because money isn’t an issue for me. I bought a (used, fuck Apple) iPod Touch, an N810 and I’m probably going to buy an Eee before the damn thing is out.

  30. If UPS is the trouble, why not try another exporter?

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