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June 19, 2009
Posted by: gruso

An update from EvilDragon on the official blog.

We placed our order for the production run of the first 105 boards today!

Yes, it’s really happening. Production of the boards does take about 4 weeks from now on, around July 24th (they need to be shipped to us), the first REAL boards will arrive. One of it could be yours, as those boards will be used in final units!

On the case side, things are still being worked on, but the to-do list is getting shorter and shorter.

It’s really hard to say how long DaveC still needs to work on this, as he has very little time, but he is barely doing anything else except going to work and working on the case… thanks for that, Dave!

That’s our short snippet for today, I’ll keep you updated when more stuff happens.




  1. So…. “Production of the boards does take about 4 weeks from now on” – does that mean it takes a month to make just over a hundred boards?

  2. i think they need to be tested.

  3. Not a great deal to say except damn good news πŸ˜€

  4. Or about 2 months away.


  5. yeah, good news for the 1st 100.
    we wait (4+1) weeks for those.
    Then another 400 will be made (4+1 week again(?)
    then another 400 and so on… well for 40000 that makes 10*(4+1) weeks. or for short: over 10 month. That can’t be true!

    Please some1 tell me where I am wrong πŸ™‚

  6. there is not 40,000 boards. That is where you are wrong.

    Awesome, I don’t know where I am in line though 😦

  7. IIRC this is just a production test run, if all goes well ie. low-no failure rate then MASS production can begin, IIRC up to 4000 boards can be done in one day

  8. well… I don’t know about “one day” they don’t have the factory resources like Sony does. But the longest time is taken to configure the factory machinery I believe.

  9. They’ll ramp up the order quantity as they go, eg. 100 first, then 500, then 2000 (those numbers aren’t official info, just my example). It definitely won’t take 4 weeks per 100 boards, that’s just the initial run. Once the first batch is all shipped and the second batch production starts, they’ll probably just order the entire lot in one go.

  10. I think they told us before that the factory can do all 4000 boards in one month. I guess it will be 4 weeks for the test run and then four weeks for the other batches altogether. So eight weeks from now.

    But I sure wish ED would include such details in his updates, as this is not the first time people are left speculating…

  11. Whoever said that the Pandora’s release date is perpetually stuck at ‘2 months from now’ is as smart as Gordon Moore.

  12. So it will be July 24th before any CE tests may start. Hopefully the case will be done by then but at this rate its not likely. I realize that DaveC designed the case but, why can’t more people be working on it? August will be the earliest at this point and thats pretty disappointing.

  13. @ Kloplop321 – Creature had a typo with his 40000, but the *10 was correct. They say they’re going go increase the production numbers, which I believe, but will it be 5 weeks between each building, or will it be shorter? Because otherwise, I see the second run of 500(?) boards happening in 10 weeks. Even if the cases are built and finished then, that’s plenty more than two months before a sizable number of Pandoras are shipped. Add on time for delivery, and more weeks (+5, 10?) for the remainder of the boards/cases, and we’re talking a lot more than the latest “maybe a couple of months” for the vast majority of pre-orders – that estimate is only for the very first ones. Or will the later runs start happening sooner?

  14. Aaalways 2 months away… i want my pandora noooww!
    At least are good news, but i think my pandora is at least at number 3500, so i have to wait even longer…

  15. Thanks for update – please clarify timescale for production of other boards as well as daveC’s progress

  16. I think its still mid aug early september before we see anything concrete

    At least they are getting there with MP boards.

    The case will be the biggest pain in ass

    It would be nice to see more of the black case pictures/videos craig showed earlier – just to get a feel of what the final image will look like

    patience is becoming a virtue and then seriously some!

  17. I mean how hard would it have been to ask for 106 and send me mine now. πŸ™‚

  18. Maybe the ‘2 months away’ thing perpetuates because it’s hard to keep your hope up if you can see it’s going to take longer. Start using ‘3 months away’ and you’ll probably be just as right.

  19. Still hoping to have one in september….

  20. Awesome.

  21. Great but sad. The poor predictions by craig really DON’T help. Lets hope for shipping within the next 3 months.

  22. There is a (very) slim chance that the first 100 will ship within 3 months. No chance whatsoever for the rest.

  23. “Great but sad. The poor predictions by craig really DON’T help.”

    Then *stop asking for them*…

  24. I would not expect the shipping of the Pandora this summer at all to be honest, I am not sure they know when they will be ready to ship, they took the initial pre orders in September 2008, with a November shipping date, and were not able to meet that, so do not expect anything until late 2009 or even 2010.

  25. >> β€œGreat but sad. The poor predictions by craig really DON’T help.”

    >> Then *stop asking for them*…

    Nobody asked for that. They asked for when they’d have their Pandora, hence an _accurate_ prediction.

    So for the rest of the boards will have to start production a couple weeks after this first 105 in case any problems arise? hence another 2+4 weeks? So, the first batch is 11 weeks away _under best case circumstances_ ?

    Right now, it looks to be 3 months away. At least. -.-

    But thanks for letting us know. ^^

  26. 2010 april is my prediction

  27. Good update. If Dave doesn’t have time for the case, why isn’t someone else working on it? I thought that MWeston previously worked on the case. As the moulds are a long lead-time item they need to get going. I agree, get the hinge right, but it has been a month since Craig said they were working on this.

  28. Wasnt there an update saying that the company that would do the cases also had offered help finishing them once they get all other parts.

  29. Oh well, November 2009 looks likely for the bulk of the pre-orders IMHO (assuming nothing else goes badly wrong…).

    Only 1 Year Late, And Still Rocking (TM)

  30. 1 year late

    Nearly as late as most UK trains!!

    Ah well still hoping for Aug/Sept 2009

  31. Hey folks, I just found this on Wikipedia, about the Pandora, not sure if it is true.

    The Pandora is an upcoming handheld game console and scheduled to release in December 2009[citation needed]

    So if this is true, expect shipping to occur in 2010 or later if it does occur.

  32. A general rule, if it’s in wikipedia with the words (citation needed) next to it it’s probably LESS reputable or accurate then the average blog/forum post. At least with the blog/forum post there’s often criticism of the idea/wording right below it.

    Hmmm… a built in forum citation system… I like the sound of that.

  33. yea there’s just 4000+ people waiting on ya dave… no rush πŸ˜‰

  34. so essentially, I pay in Sept 2008 and maybe… MAYBE in Sept 2009 I will get it? lol, just bustin’ yur chops guys. Keep up the good work, when this is done its going to be amazing! πŸ˜€

  35. You guys forgot some other important things that surely will delay the release ‘two months’ again:

    – Tests: board + case, and some other minor tests.
    – AC Adapter, cables,… all must fit with the package.
    – PACKAGING, or they will send us the pandora on a bubble envelope ?
    – then: Layout designs, box shape and design, Warranty card, Instructions of use,…

    It’s a mess, but like the constructor always says in the ‘The Money Pit’ movie when asked about finishing works… “just two weeks from now”

    I think we will be lucky if all of us have our Pandoras for Christmas.


  36. ^ I’ll just answer your bullet points with the snippets I know:

    – Tests: They’ll test & ship in batches (in other words, they won’t have 4,000 sitting in a warehouse waiting for testing).
    – AC adapter & TV out cables have been worked on concurrently (MWeston has put a lot of time into these), and will probably be stocked up and ready to ship before Pandora is.
    – They definitely won’t delay due to packaging. We’ve had polls in the past and most people are happy to get plain boxes (although they may have branded packaging in the end).
    – ED mentioned quite a while back that he was writing the manual. Even if it’s not ready they can ship without it.

    I’m confident that none of those things will cause a delay. If I’m wrong of course I’ll have to eat my hat.

  37. Thanks for pointing Gruso, it’s always difficult to follow every new all through these years…

    Hope you haven’t to eat your hat mate πŸ˜‰

  38. My fingers are as crossed as yours. πŸ˜€

  39. Hats take ages to cook right through, I’d season it and get frying ASAP.

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