XBMC ported to Beagleboard

May 30, 2009
Posted by: gruso

This isn’t Pandora news (yet), but Beagleboard news is good news for Pandorians. Xbox Media Center developer Michael McGeagh has successfully ported XBMC to ARM, and shows it off here on video. It’s a work in progress, not yet taking advantage of OpenGL ES. But XBMC fans will all agree: this is a Good Thing.

Thanks to bigbottombill for the big hot tip.




  1. Wooohooo! i love my xbox-1. And i’m going to love my Pandora even more!!

  2. can we be pandorites instead?

  3. I guess more options is a good thing, but I don’t get why anybody would want this on the Pandora. When you get down to it, all XBMC is is a snazzy file manager that only works with media files, and we’ll already have plenty of other linux file managers to choose from.

  4. Have to disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought that about XBMC for a long time, until I started to scratch the surface. It really is a solid media center, with an amazing depth of features & playback settings. Not to mention one of the best control schemes in the world for playback (using the Xbox pad), which would map beautifully to Pandora’s controls.

  5. Yay. xbmc will be on the pandora. Words can’t express my excitement. Xbmc was the best thing I did with my xbox and now I’ll get it portably on the pandora, awesome!

    I really hope blackbolt finishes his ellipsis skin for xbmc by or before the pandora’s release. That’s two things it seems I’ve been waiting forever for, ellipsis and the pandora.

    If anyone is wondering what ellipsis is checkout http://blackbolt.x-scene.com/

  6. Just had a look at the XBMC website – Very slick product. I especially like that XBOX is the only platform you can’t download the binaries for. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess if Microsoft did open source it would be “Microsoft open source” and under their terms.

    +1 Pandorians as Pandorites sounds too much like parasites, although as I am not contributing anything more that silly comments, I feel like one. Can’t wait to start my parasitic feeding frenzy when there are things to download and a pandora to run them on.

  7. This starting up with Aeon theme on my pandora will blow my mind and anyone elseยดs.

  8. Great news.

    I hope they include the ProjectM for visuals too. That’s still the best visualization I’ve seen on Linux so far. Just a shame that all the other media players don’t support it as standard.

    This will definitely rock with TV-out ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. So where is the TV-out cable? Is it ready for mass production?

  10. I would have thought so with it being one of the easiest for them to design etc.
    Once they had the pinouts sorted and decided on what connectors to use in the Pandora itself, most of the hard works been done.

    I get the feeling that a lot of the stuffs been done already but they are holding back info for the wow factor when the Pandora’s finally released ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You can download binaries for xbox:


    Unfortunately, further development for the xbox has been pretty dead and they are now focusing on the linux/pc platform. I use several xboxes as frontends for myth. It would be great if ellipsis would provide for the frontend capability in xbmc. What would be even better is if they would incorporate the tv guide functionality that was developed last year in GSoC into the main product. I’ve been hoping that T3CH would compile it in, but no joy. I’m getting ready to convert my xboxes to Gentoox where I can run the standard mythtv-frontend.

  12. I absolutely love XBMC so this is really great news.

    I use the MC360 skin myself, it’s a work of art!

  13. This is great news. I use 2 xbmc enabled xbox’s for all my stuff. Its easily the finest media center around

  14. gruso, I agree. It’s a fine media center and I use it myself on my old xbox. But what you’re talking about is basically just the wrapper for mplayer. There’s nothing you can’t do in XBMC that you can’t do in mplayer, since it uses it and all.

  15. That’s not quite true as there are liraries developed for the project in addition to Mplayer. Infact you can choose which library you want to use on a file by file basis.

  16. the more to choose from the better, everyone dont like the same media players.

    Just look at all the diffrent media players there is for linux, everyone has their own combination.

  17. FYI; XBMC Media Center is no longer called “XBox Media Player”, it has been officially renamed to just “XBMC Media Center” since it has been ported to other platforms than the Xbox.

    I think that other as a media player, XBMC for Pandora might be most interesting as a game and emulator ‘launcher’ (similar to how it could be used on the Xbox). Development have begun on a games library that will enable cataloging and launching of third-party emulators and their ROMS directly from XBMC’s interface. XBMC’s skinning engine is also noted for being extremely flexible so skins for a small screen such as Pandora could easily be made by anyone who is willing to learn.

    Development help is always wanted!

    XBMC has a large and friendly community forum here:

    Note! XBMC for Linux does not use MPlayer, (only XBMC for Xbox uses MPlayer), instead it has its own in house developed video player that uses FFmpeg, (it is called “DVDPlayer”), and a separate in house developed audio player (called “PAPlayer”).

    PS! Off-topic but know that someone other than Michael McGeagh has also volunteered to assist with this porting project

  18. Thanks for dropping by to share some info Gamester ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll re-post your links in the forums.

  19. Yeah cheers for the info Gamester. Emulator support would be cream ๐Ÿ˜€

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