New OpenGL ES driver, and more

May 29, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Another day, another holler out to backroom hacker Cpasjuste, who today announced new OpenGL ES drivers for Pandora, and a slew of other goodies. Let’s be honest here, most of us won’t fully understand what all this is about. But sometimes the expression of joy on a fellow developer’s face is all you need to know that it’s good. Hit the source link for full details, along with downloads and tutorials.

After a lot of work, i finally successfully writed an OpenGL ES pandora driver for the upcoming SDL 1.3 library.

The pandora video driver allow to use SDL 1.3 with OpenGL ES support under the framebuffer, but for now i didn’t writed the input event part, so we need to add our own control system. This will be added to the pandora video driver soon, i bet before the official pandora release.

I also added OpenGL ES support for the x11 video driver, so we can use SDL 1.3 with OpenGL ES support under X, with input event working and all that crap. So it mean that this one is fully functionnal.

I contacted Sam, the author of the SDL library, this one confirmed me that we can dynamically link our application against SDL 1.3 for FREE, and that we can add this shared library for free in our Pandora firmware image. This mean that you can already start coding application under the SDL 1.3 library, it will be free for the pandora.




  1. There seem to be so many talented developers for the Pandora! I wish I had any coding skills and I myself would contribute. I’m just a regular user 😦

    Kudos cpajuste!

  2. This is !ӣ$ing great news. Will be good to see some more videos

  3. Does this mean that we can have a desktop effects (compiz and etc.) enabled desktop on our pandora???



  4. @Cpasjuste, u rock 😀

  5. runs naked through the forest \xD/ (..or not exactly true.. that was actually right before I read this..)

  6. Awesome news! At the very least, the Pandora will be somewhat stable when it gets in our hands

  7. Someone wanna simplify? Thanks.

  8. @jacfalcon
    If I’ve understood correctly this means that all SDL 1.3 and OpenGL ES (not sure which version) code can take advantage of hardware acceleration on the Pandora. SDL is very popular graphics/sound library amongst developers. Hardware acceleration means SDL/OpenGL ES games/apps run more smoothly. It’s a good thing. : )

  9. Fantastic news! It means that the Pandora’s graphics ability can be fully exploited. Looking forward to this!

  10. @gruso – thanks for the post old boy.
    You were right I don’t full understand this.
    Sounds like good news.

    @Cpasjuste – Problem beating the delivery dead line is that no-one will have run any SDL slowly thus you will never be fully appreciated. Here! Have a unsung hero badge 🙂 I have one virtual-USHB for all the Devs.

  11. So pretty much: Creators of games and software can make them with better graphics and faster speed? Swait.

  12. Nice, so we don’t need to use software surfaces. So, does this also mean that when pygame is ported over, it’ll take advantage of this hardware acceleration as well?

  13. @jacfalcon
    Better graphics? Not necessarily, that’s down to the artists. Faster speed? Yes.

    PyGame uses SDL so yes, it would appear that PyGame will get hardware acceleration too. Is SDL 1.3 supported in PyGame?

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