The unofficial Pandora picture album

May 27, 2009
Posted by: gruso


Be warned: This post may cost you an hour of your day. Forum member WhiteBat has trawled all five corners of the ‘verse to compile a Pandora family album of sorts, covering everything from official photos to fan renders. Funner than Aunt Esme’s snaps of Cairo, and way more Pandora. Go go go!

Forum discussion | Unofficial Pandora: The Album



  1. Nice!

  2. Nice! worst album viewer ever though.

  3. The grid view isn’t too bad:


  4. Looks Good. Will check a bit later.

  5. @gruso: Ah! Thank you! That was what I was looking for 😀

  6. I love this one, even if it is a render :

  7. June is almost here. Any updates planned? MWeston approve the case yet at least?

  8. Awesome, though I have seen most of those(still love the breaded one 😛 )

  9. hi,

    so what is the status of the case.

  10. the status of the case, hmmm, well it´s ehmm some parts are ready for Mass production. there had to be some more tweaking from what ive heard(read, whatever), and from what ive understood the mold is almost done. I cant get it together in my head myself but thats all info I have.

  11. o btw sorry for the randomness in the post, but I wanted to catch the chaotic nature of the info…

  12. Where did you hear that the molds was almost done?

    I thought last we heard they hadn’t even given the go-ahead to make the molds?

  13. I might have read it diffrently than you, but they have stated something like “some parts of the case are ready for MP” this was a while ago though and there havent been much more info than that.

    it could have been something Ive dreamed about also, haha XD

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