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May 25, 2009
Posted by: gruso

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Weekend updates are always a treat, even if you have to wait until Monday to get them. Some feisty forumers caught Craig in a chatty mood on Saturday, and eeked out some juice on where we’re at with cases and things. In short, the final two items of focus are hinge testing (because Open Pandora doesn’t want to pull a DS on you) and d-pad height (because DaveC cares about d-pads more than you’ll ever know). From a quality point of view, these things are good things. Rather than paste a few quotes here, we recommend you click through and read the entire thread – context being golden, and all that.

Hear it all from the horse’s mouth here.



  1. Good info on that thread, fills me full of hope for a very stable product on delivery 😀

  2. I second the quality over delivery argument…take your time boys (and girls)! Pandora will be worth the wait.

  3. HURRY UP!

  4. I agree with EmuGuy, screw hurrying up. It’s taken this long so they might as well get it right.
    As long as it’s out before xmas.. this year 😉

  5. Yes, it was helpful information. I hope they just order the moulds for whatever remains of the case soon so that we can get on with this. Craig described a multi-step process for board testing that sounded good from a quality perspective, but with additional multi-hop shipping added in could drag out the delivery. Hopefully all the business with shipping accounts is now taken care of and we won’t be waiting for grandpa to ship to mary ellen to ship to john boy, etc.

  6. good update – did Mweston ever get his hands on the case, and keyboard matt – i don’t think any pictures were posted were they?

  7. is the DS hinge really THAT bad?

  8. well my DS hinge ended up breaking only because after it was dropped from a moving vehicle, it’d been dropped several other times. the final drop resulted in a small bit of plastic being chipped off and the hinge still functioning.

    i can’t imagine the abuse necessary to bust a DS hinge. probably kids getting mad at pokemon and throwing it.

  9. well, i’ve had my ds phat for years now… still works perfectly/

  10. Yeah same here. DS phat owner since the beginning and it’s still working fine. Amazing how all I see nowadays are DS lite owners though. At least we probably won’t see faulty hinges in our pandora!

  11. The DS hinge issue, like most things, does get overblown a little on the internet. In reality it wasn’t such a huge thing. But a lot of people have brought it up on GP32X, on account of Pandora’s similar form factor.

    Here’s an old Engadget article on it: http://www.engadget.com/2006/07/21/nintendo-fesses-up-to-ds-lite-hinge-defect-will-fix-for-free/

  12. I bought a DS lite right when it came out and after moderate use the hinge cracked. I’ve always been very good to my electronics (never dropped, always kept in a padded case when not used) so this means the plastic just wasn’t tested well. Bad form on Nintendo’s part.

  13. “Final” two items? Are you sure?

  14. Final two items in terms of the case design. 😉

  15. I bought a DS lite for myself and one as a gift for my brother the day they came out. a month or so later we both had the cracking hinge. It still functioned fine, it just seemed to be very frail. I sent it to N and they sent me a new one. My Phat was beat up bad and seemed to be very solid compared to the lite.

  16. The only serious problem i’ve had with my DS Lite is that the touchscreen has loads of deadspots on it now.

  17. I’ve never liked the Lite. I don’t have very big hands, but I got cramps on the Phat, so why make it harder to hold? lol


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