Official Blog: The evolution of the Pandora insides.

May 21, 2009
Posted by: tovmas

A new post from Craig on the official blog shows us three revisions of the Pandora board. As usual, click to embiggen.

Pandora boards




  1. Excellent use of “embiggen”. 😀

  2. Thanks, but I actually stole that from John Scalzi. (incidentally, is there any way to add preview to comments? I’m never sure how these are going to turn out. Scalzi’s WordPress blog supports it!)

  3. biggerize is where it’s at.

  4. green FTW! (it’s the newest one right?)

  5. I was partial to the blue one actually. I also thought red was the latest but it might be green now.

  6. I think blue is the newest one.

  7. green is so old school

  8. Discolored yellow plastic is so old school. we should be using that.

  9. Off-yellow plastic is cool, but hiring 400 monkeys to smoke cigarettes in the factory all day is getting harder to do.

  10. My guess: blue is dev board, red is newer than green.

  11. I’ve just trawled through the official blog and found all the PCB photos. For fun. For some reason the older posts aren’t date stamped correctly – but they’re posted here chronologically anyway.

    First board we saw:

    First populated board:

    With screen:

    Pandora Curve:

    Blue Mk0 boards:

    For the hell of it, the wifi/bluetooth chips (7 July 08):

    First red boards (15 Oct 08):

    First stack of red boards (12 Nov 08):

    There has been a revision or two since then. I think the most recent we’ve seen is red, but I don’t know what the final colour is…

  12. green is newest, look at the rev. # in the top left corner under ‘Pandora’

  13. hmmm. I just noticed that this blog post and the other one doesn’t have the blog author who posted. Someone forgot about that, heh. Remember to do that blog authors!

    At any rate, I like how far the Pandora system board has come.

  14. Unfortunately we have to add the author bit manually. A bit silly, but that’s the theme we’re working with! This one is by tovmas, I’ll fix it up.

  15. Interesting photos. Spot the difference!

    From the official blog posts:

    2009-03-20 14:30:48, posted by EvilDragon

    2009-03-11 22:00:26, posted by fatih

    Both red boards.

    I’ve also been trying to read the rev numbers off the top of the boards, too blurry for me.

  16. Awesome.

    That is all.

  17. i am actually surprised at some of the differences i can see. the JTAG seems to have moved into the place of one of the chips from the red boards, chips at the outer top corners of the SD slots are missing too. the yellow… things on the bottom right are reoriented, there is a cluster of circuitry to the left of the JTAG on the new boards. intriguing!

  18. If we’re having a color vote, I want to see a white board.

  19. Honoh, you’re such a racist.

  20. Also the cut-outs for the shoulder buttons have vanished. If you really look there are loads of changes.

  21. to my Red is ver 1.1 and green 1.2


  23. MWeston posted some detailed info on board revisions here:


  24. It’s like the really, really, really old days when computers were only in kit form and you had to put them together yourself.

    I don’t know if this is progress or not, but I think it’s brilliant nonetheless.

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