New ‘tube from Craig: games roundup and more

May 19, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Here be the latest entry from Craig in this week’s series of Youtubes. And here’s what it contains, in high definition text:

Here is a fun video showing a broad range of Pandora Games, both 2D and 3D as well as a little keyboard action. Quake 3 is on HIGH DETAIL. It goes quite a bit faster on lower, but I can’t resist pushing the Pandora 🙂

The keyboard isn’t great as my case is an old prototype one and the keypad is a little low on the back row, but it still works fine.

I could not get Descent working with the controls in time and wanted to get this posted, sorry.

No nub action as my prototype is too old (the nubs have outdated firmware).

GP32X discussion

Extra thing:
MWeston posted the following in the Youtube comments, with regard to nub firmware:

We’re about to test new nub firmware as the boards currently have some bug in them that makes the coordinates go nuts after a little bit of use. Craig is waiting on the success of that before re-implementing analog control. Pickle will be the main man on those tests very soon (if the bug truly is fixed!), with help from me.



  1. Is it me or does the swearing just make it that much better?

  2. “Oh… BALLS.” 😀 The final moment cracked me up too.

  3. You should *step away from the mic to breathe

  4. you know, i am so happy to be confident in the potential of this project, but now with videos like this coming out, my patience is getting frayed not so much because of the wait but because of my sheer lust for this thing! need it sooo bad. i might even name or perhaps marry mine!

  5. Thanks for the video, Craig! Just makes me want it more. 🙂
    Your post left me with a question, though: Is the firmware on the nubs upgradable? Are there other parts that have firmware like that (I wouldn’t have thought analog nubs would have firmware)? Thanks again!

  6. ballls…

  7. i believe he said “bollocks”

  8. He did say “bollocks”. I guess it is not a familiar word for Americans.

  9. Thanks for the vid Craig.

  10. He said both bollocks and balls. And there you have it. 6 out of 10 posts so far are discussing British profanity. Good show!

  11. Aren’t bollocks british balls? 😛

    Anyway, great video… what a great gadget this will be! Some things that I’d love to see are DOSBox, SegaCD and TG16 CD emulation… and more PSOne action… that would be awesome!

  12. he said “aww…. balls” in super tux when he first lost the equivalent of a mushroom from super mario bros, don’t know what it is exactly, but I know he said balls there, and bollocks later on.

  13. Please craig, play like a girl next time.
    I would probably piss my pants with laughter.

  14. The end of the video is shocking. BOLLOCKS!

  15. Is quake 3 running online with the pandora?

  16. lmao, exactly why I love the team, they know how to keep things light-hearted. I’ve gotten a good chuckle outta almost all their vids. =]

  17. I know it’s a little out of subject but do devfund still offer a cd/dvd full of app with the pandora delivery?

  18. ^ The full plans for the dev fund haven’t been announced yet. I haven’t heard any recent mention of a CD shipping with Pandora – but any software that’s available should be downloadable from the file archive anyway.

  19. good show! can’t wait to get my hands on this thing…

    one thing I am stuck on though.. more interested in a psp emulator than a psx one, since my search of psx games (between friends and online) has proven that it is easier to find a psx game converted for psp than it is to find it for psx unless the psx emulator can play the converted games OR you get lucky at a bargain bin near you…. would love to hear insight on whether the psx emu for pandora can handle the psx4psp games I have run across… Think I’ll test them on a pc-based psx emu just to see…

  20. Hahahah, “not going to play like a girl” – what an expression ;D

  21. Shouldn’t hold your breath while you play. Might pass out and delay our chance to say bollocks at the games. Great vid. Ty much

  22. Nice video,

    Quick question, once the camera is set why does he need to look through the cameras view finder??

  23. @CPUnltd – i believe a PSP would be difficult to emulate, and the pandora may not have the power to do so.

    I agree that it is harder to find PSX games, but if you look hard enough you should be able get anything you want. I spent some time putting together my old psx collection in iso format and found everything in a couple of hours – it wasn’t that difficult.

    Anyway – great video, looking forward to this more and more; anticipation is really starting to build now that release is only a couple of months away (hopefully :)).

  24. Anyone else underwhelmed by the fact that virtually every video they make is about Quake? Am I the only one who absolutely doesn’t care even one little bit about quake, quake 2, or quake 3? I’d rather see any/all of the emulators… load up some psx games and show us how those are working… I get it – you can play quake (sort of – since in all of his videos he doesn’t even look up/down yet)..

  25. I believe playing Quake 3 on the Pandora would make all of us breath heavily.

  26. Loving the heavy breathing

  27. I do look up and down in quake, as I have AB as look up/ look down. You can see me do it in Quake2 to shoot the barrels to kill the guy shooting at me.

    Don’t worry, I’m working on a follow up with MAME, SNES and PSX.

  28. Mame, Snes, and PSX. All i want to play on my pandora 🙂

  29. Ok – my mistake Craig… thanks and I will look forward to those videos – those are what have me excited about the Pandora and I feel like I’ve only seen brief glimpses here and there. I’m very interested to see the state of the actual emulators while playing the games – as well as what the UI is currently like for any of the emulators (what is the experience like browsing/selecting games). With all the extra time due to hardware/manufacturing delays have they had a chance to mature at all? Maybe I’ve just missed it – but I feel like I haven’t seen much of any information on the state of any of the emulators in many months now.

  30. They are just GP2X ports, so the GUIs look the same. Usually I’m a fan of simple is best when it comes to them.

  31. Anyone notice the small amount of screen tearing? It’s not nearly as bad as the PSP screen, but you can easily see it with the plasma fire in Quake 3.

    The quick succession from bright white/blue to the brown/black map, you can see the plasma color “slice”

    Still not too bad. I will wait until I get the unit in my hand before I make any solid judgements however.

  32. The occasional tearing is a software issue which we are aware of, it’s not hardware. I’m just running older firmware in which the LCD isn’t set up exactly right.

  33. PSP has ghosting issues, not tearing.

  34. Thanks for the info Craig! Good to know!

  35. @2010

    You are correct.

    Please accept my correction: “The Pandora’s LCD is not NEARLY as bad as the PSP LCD.”

  36. All LCDs have their pros and cons, this LCD is one of the best available, but there isn’t one which is perfect on the market – usually if one area of performance on an LCD is good, another area suffers.

    I guess in 4 years most screens will be OLED or something along those lines, or maybe something different again. Nature of the business.

  37. I learned everything I know about British English from Craig (and Top Gear).

    Quake3 on high looked nice.

    I’m looking forward to seeing SNES stuff we didn’t see on gp2x (star fox, for instance).

  38. I’ve never seen any of the emulators on the GP2X to know what their interfaces are like. Could anyone post any links?

  39. But weren’t the PSP’s ghosting effects fixed with the new 3000 series of consoles?

    I also heard the Wiz suffers from tearing despite being OLED, and that it was mostly a software issue that could will be fixed in the near future. Here’s hoping that the same applies to the supposed Pandora issues (didn’t notice it myself but that might only be because I never played Quake and hence don’t know how the plasma fire normally looks like).

  40. @Craig
    If every LCD has its pros and cons, what are the pros of the Pandora screen? Lots of people commenting on this blog are too negative. What are the areas of performance in which the Pandora screen surpasses the ones of NDS, GP2X, PSP and WIZ?

  41. OOOoooo I feel all warm and fuzzy?? This is gonna make a super crimbo present:)

  42. This is a great collection of the potential of Pandora. But I’d also like to see some real typing action. You know, you holding it just right, and trying just to type as fast as you could. I love the keyboard because they allow me to write fast, instead of those touchscreens or mobile phone keyboards…
    I’d like to know if there’s any chance that a game that didn’t went good emulate on epsxe on x86 could run on Pandora… I have this thing with the old Croc series and apparently there’s nothing to do to get it working 😦
    BTW you sure are a great developer… but you sure are a poor SuperTux player .-D

  43. The PSP 3000 fixed the ghosting, but it has vertical scanlines that are often visible.

  44. Craig, your breathing was almost sexual!

  45. Weren’t the Nubs sent back for a firmware update for this very problem?

  46. Lol!

  47. @Asmo

    They had to send back the nubs to update the firmware? Couldn’t they do that themselves?

    And why do the nubs have firmware? Quicker response time? Less CPU utilization?

  48. Bollocks!!
    That looks reallly nice, can’t wait to hold one in my hands!

  49. Geez that looked nice! Being the shopaholic and gaming and gadget freak I am, I so want that!

  50. @Anon2

    Yes, Nub firmware was a costly drama reported recently. Seems it hasn’t reached it’s final act yet.

  51. If anyone’s curious about why the nubs have firmware, there’s a thread about them here:


    It’s a fairly minor thing. The biggest thing we’re waiting on now is completion of the case moulds, so it doesn’t really matter what they have to tweak between now and then.

  52. sooo much teasing. Not fair.

  53. Surely the right analogue nub would be great for looking around – not just AB “upa nd down” but up, down, left and right – “Nub Look2 instead of “Mouse Look”?

    It’d be nice to actually see some of these games in our own hands rather than via video or on our desktops. Craig already knows how frustrating it is to wait for Apple accredation for over 30 days… many of us have waited much longer than that past the anticipated delivery of our Pandoras. The community is remarkably patient waiting for perfected Pandoras – but the wait is getting pretty long 😦

  54. @craigix – You’re a very naughty boy. Both sexist and crude. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    P.s. How does one play like a girl? Prancing about in the garden in early spring like a fairy, methinks.

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