Pickled Ports

May 18, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Pickle has uploaded some videos of his progress in porting various games.

Watch them all after the break.

I think he deserves a big thanks from the community.

Source – GP32x forums



  1. Just had a thought, this may be a problem on older computers, if anybody has any trouble viewing the post, comment here.

  2. Cool. He gets my tanks!

  3. Pandora is going to launch with a lot of games ready to be played!

    Thanks Pickle!!

  4. new videos all the time love it 😀

  5. Pickle (and in general all the community software developers) are doing a great, great job for the Pandora library. Thanks a bunch!

    This makes me want to try to code again a game…

  6. Pickles prolific Pandora porting panorama

  7. ^^ Precisely put.

  8. pickles is a pro programer… but pro game player on the other hand i’m uh… not too sure about that one..

    but kudos and keep up the good work!

  9. Agreed. Although I am not much of a gamer (until they port UT2004 or OpenArena) I really appreciated all the folks who are porting apps. It will serve to encourage others to do the same.

  10. Yeah Butterman I’m having problems on a 1.3 GHz Celeron with 256 MB RAM. Yes, I know my comp is crappy and 10 years old. Pretty much it’s slow as crap and I get 3 seconds per frame, lol.

  11. i thank you.

    but i also beg you: watching you game is like watching… well. i dont know. buts its kinda like torture. and to be honest, its quite frustrating. like torture often is.

    thanks again, though.

  12. I think the videos are in inverse order: the last one is the first where he shows he’s controlling it with button pads instead of a usb keyboard/mouse.

  13. No usb this time.
    Only a screw driver and a rubber pad (see supertux 1)
    If it looks too smooth then its the game demo.

  14. You should equally like the video i’m uploading right now.

  15. the man is gaming with a screw driver and some pieces of rubber for christ’s sake cut him a little slack lol 😉

  16. Thanks for the videos Pickle! Craig, can’t wait to see yours too. 🙂

  17. You guys know just what to post to make a grown man giddy. 😀

  18. Wow you have been a busy boy. Just need the Pandora to play them on now 🙂

  19. Great pioneer work! Now if only the mass production could start…

    Btw, noone else annoyed by that giant ventilator behind the camera? Its blade movements get reflected on the Pandora screen and cause it to flicker.

  20. OH MY GOOOD!!
    Comander Keeen Wohooo 😀
    I love Keen Dreams 😀

  21. Somebody get that guy a proper keymat, pronto!

  22. LOL, yeah the last video reveals all…gaming with a screwdriver! Haven’t seen that technique before. 🙂 Well done, great videos, Pandora will be off to a very good start software-wise once the day finally comes.

  23. Screwdrive? Pickle by name picked by nature, hey? Lay off the vodka and get programming. :p
    Or have I midread previous posting? I am on my third G’n’T after all. Fantastic work. It’s guys (assumes gender, no, actually that’s an “IT guy” which includes techie birds too), anyway, It’s guys like you that makes all the waiting sort of worth while. Heaven forbid if the Pandora was russled up in a couple of overly optimistic months. What a drag having this ace bit of kit only to have to wait for software to be ported.
    Now we’ll have great stuff ready(ish) and waiting.

    p.s What size screwdriver? Slot, Pozi or Philips?
    A nice PZ3 should just about do it.

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