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May 17, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Craig posted some information on the forums regarding typing, I know many of you are unsure about exactly how comfortable and intuitive it is, hopefully we’re getting a video of it in use soon. I’ll shoot craig a PM.

I was using the Pandora in the dark to record some new footage yesterday and I can confirm the LCD easily gives off enough light to reflect on the keys, the keys are shiny so you only need a tiny amount of light to see them.

I’m also getting pretty quick on the Pandora keyboard now, once you get used to where everything is you can type pretty quick. It just takes a few days to adjust to the layout and the way you press the keys with your thumbs (or fingers if you like).

For example I can now type:

cd ..
cd media
cd mmcblk0p1
cd pico128

And various variations without looking.

Source – GP32x Forums



  1. What happened to the glow in the dark keys?

  2. ^they decided against that, i believe. unfortunately, i don’t remember where it was said.

  3. Too bad, glowing was quite interesting.

    I hope mountpoints are easier to type, a mix of numbers and letters no. Will this be fixed in the final firmware?…

  4. No glow in the dark keys? Bummer. I wonder why.

  5. You can always bind the “Tab” key somewhere for autocompleting directories…

  6. I got concerned when I read “I’ll shoot craig” without finishing the sentence.

    Shame about the glow in the dark keys though. If there’s another keymat in the future with them on (like a replacement part) i’ll be the first in line.

  7. I’m making a video right now.

  8. Great ! A new video tonight 🙂

  9. Can’t wait craig.

  10. Yep – I’ll definitely buy a glow-in-the-dark keymat if they ever become an option. I wonder what sort of minimum batch size would be needed before this is feasible?

  11. I wouldn’t want glow in the dark keys when I’m watching a movie in the dark (say on the bus at night)

  12. I just played with the Pandora in one of my dreams! Honest!

    I’m guessing it’s all the progress lately. Oh well.

  13. glow in the dark keys would be annoying. i dont miss them. those analog wells, however…

  14. Nice update, indeed. Can’t wait for the video!

  15. @timofonic: There are 2 solutions:

    – Mapping the tab key as mentioned above
    – Creating simbolic links to frequently used devices (i.e. /dev/sd)

    And of course, using hal/dbus/udev or using any script or GUI to automate such things.

  16. He’s just posted the Iphone game vid on his youtube account, so hopefully he’s about to upload the pandora one too.

  17. I’ll upload the new one today, had problems getting Descent running.

  18. I’m waiting it !

  19. Glow-in-the-Dark keys wouldn’t be that big of a deal in most situations.

    Since it’d be the kind of GITD that needs to “Charge” in the light, they would be dead anytime the thing sat for more than five/ten minutes with the clamshell closed.

    I’m sure there are situations where you’d be moving from light to dark, but it seems like it’d be limited.

  20. AWESOME! Can’t wait to see Descent running on it! 😀

  21. It’s a good thing they dropped the idea of glowing keys. I hate the glowing buttons on my remotes (TV, DVD…). The color is awful and the don’t glow enough to see what’s printed on them.
    With the Pandora you obviously have enough light coming from the screen to illuminate the buttons.

    So far everything looks really great. Can’t wait for the Pandora to be shipped.

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