GP32X is back!

May 15, 2009

Posted by: PlopperZ

After 2 long weeks GP32X.com is back with a bunch of fancy new features. It’s lightning fast at the moment, but might not stay that way as more people begin to come back.



  1. Yeah finally! Was waiting for this!

  2. Craptastic

  3. There’s no place like home! =D

  4. Great! It was, and still is, my favorite place to hang out regarding Pandora/GP2X talk.

    Thank you GP32X crew. I knew you could do it! 🙂

  5. So what now, I wonder? Will they be merged and openhandhelds taken offline?

  6. Openhandhelds will probably stay in place as the “backup” forum. Even though GP32X is less likely than ever to go down again.

    Hopefully they can add a few things to GP32X that openhandhelds has though, like a Dingoo section and individual project forums.

  7. I don’t agree about having two forums, as it splits the community and the information. This is even more weird, as the three pages are now on the same server.

    Owners of the sites: Please consider a merge, it will benefit the community a lot.

  8. Considering both forums are now on the same server. Openhandhelds purpose as a backup site has become a bit redundant as unless a problem which is directly related to the forums software.

    As if it is a problem with the server both of the forums will go down.

  9. Agreed — It would be nice to only have to check one forum. As pointed out, if both forums are on the same server, openhandhelds serves little use as a backup.

    Glad GP32X is back up, though! 🙂

  10. +1 for the merge.

  11. i prefer the openhandhelds forum…less whingers on there!

  12. There will probably be a lot of crossover in the next week as everyone realises that GP32X is back. If anyone’s concerned about trying to keep up with two forums, my advice is to stick with GP32X. If anything happens at OH you’ll hear about it here anyway. 😉

  13. Great! That’s some of the better news i’ve had recently!

  14. +1 for merge! Then close the Pandora part of openhandhelds and open it back up if GP32X has any more problems.

  15. Great… now if only the favicon was right.


  17. Wow… were those only two weeks? Seemed like an eternity :P!

    Great job guys, the improved forum looks and works like a charm ;).

  18. I think it needs some kind of situational update to give it an adrenaline boost. Seems kind of muted after it’s absence.

  19. I think the momentum has been lost a bit. After two weeks people got used to visit this blog and OpenHandhelds forums, so GP32X feels now a bit forgiven.

    Merging both sites into one, showing more news in main site about Wiz/Pandora/Dingoo could make things a lot more interesting for the people.

  20. I don’t like the new “feature” of not being able to view more than one page of someone’s recent posts

  21. Me too, it’s annoying…

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