Twitterix: Ten keymats

May 14, 2009
Posted by: gruso

Brevity is the soul of Twitter, and so very Craig. He tells us this:

10 mass production keymats just arrived!

Obviously we’ve already seen a pile of production keymats, so there are two possibilities here. Either they’re new ones with corrected character alignment, or they’re the ones we’ve already seen pictured, and they’ve been shipped from Fatih in Turkey. The latter is most likely. Why is this cool? Because Craig is now geared up to put his new HD video camera to work, on a transparent Pandora that you can actually type on. You like this.

le tweet



  1. Nice. πŸ˜€

    Btw, first post! ^^

  2. I KNEW I should check this site just ONE more time today. πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the video!

  3. grow up…. second πŸ˜€

  4. Looking forward to that high-res vid.

    I hope it runs a newer version of the operating system too, so we can see how far along that is πŸ˜€

  5. i always enjoy a video.
    maybe something amazing like wifi or bluetooth use to dazzle us??

  6. From Craigix on Twitter

    # I’m sitting with a glass of rum playing thought quake1 on the Pandora. It’s glorious.

    24 minutes ago from web

    I want to play!!!

  7. And another tweet!

    “These controls are a revolution. For the first time I can play the quake games on a handheld as they were meant to be played.”


  8. Agreed.. c’mon Craig, stop with the teasing already. Unless your looking to start a riot of course πŸ˜‰

  9. I would much rather he didn’t tell us at all, and then surprise us with a video (only kidding — any status updates are appreciated). I’m horrible at waiting for stuff like this. 😦

  10. I want vids! This sounds exciting!


  12. lmao, he would be up at 3 in the morning playing with his creation. enjoy the drink craig, you deserve it! =]

  13. I think they will hold out on the videos until Hando sorts the GP32X forums out.

    You kind of get the impression that craig will make some high quality vids, and then show them on youtube once Hando sorts the forums out – rather than just post them – they need the forums up so anyone interested in getting a Pandora can see what we all know – the pandora rocks!! and has a big userbase behind it

  14. hmm. I wish people would all just migrate to the new forums. They’re more under control of the Pandora devs, they’re more aligned with the Pandora (hmm, where should I look for a forum on the new Pandora handheld! Oh, I know, gp32x.com! yeah, that makes a lot of sense!) and they look better, load faster, and don’t have weird bugs.

    Not that I don’t appreciate Hando’s work and all.

  15. rabidpoobear, the problem is that many Pandora owners are also GP32/GP2X owners, and it was judged that splitting the community would do more harm than good (and for what it’s worth, I agree: the communities are not only joined by the many common members, but the Pandora is the spiritual successor to those consoles).

  16. The new improved GP32X will look better, load faster, be free of those old bugs, and will offer things we haven’t had before like user blogs. It really is the home of this community. But let’s not have the debate here. πŸ˜‰

  17. 17th Post.

  18. The “forum news” from http://www.gp32x.com/ could probably be put as a news on this unofficial blog, doesn’t it?

  19. β€œThese controls are a revolution. For the first time I can play the quake games on a handheld as they were meant to be played.”

    So… external USB keyboard and mouse are working then?

  20. I don’t think craig has the transparant cases, I think he is playing with the old prototypes but with the new keymat

  21. Gruso, I’m holding my breath. I do hope that the new forum is fixed. That quote bug is really bizarre and it’s strange it hasn’t been fixed already. I hope that it does come back better than before, because it had some definite problems. If it comes back worse for the wear, I’ll try not to complain too much.
    Thanks for the awesome blog, by the way! Now that it’s summer I’ll trawl the forums some more, but while I was in school it was really nice to just pop in and get a little taste of the Pandora community without getting sucked into the forums. Just had to avoid that “source” button pretty religiously πŸ™‚ Are y’all going to keep the blog going when the Pandora comes out officially?

  22. @Bosbeetle
    While Craig has not said that he has the clear case specifically, he did say that there would be new HD videos very soon of a fully assembled pandora with the clear case, taken with the new HD video camera. He is the one with the camera (isn’t he?). So, I would say that it’s not a very big jump to say that he probably does have, or will have soon, a clear case.

  23. @rabidpoobear: I’m totally keen to keep it going, I’m sure the other guys will be too. We’re going to have hands-on reviews, software releases, hacking/modding projects, and who knows what else to cover in the coming year. At the risk of sounding corny, it’ll be an exciting new era for Unofficial central. πŸ˜€

  24. Still don’t get the hype behind Twitter. It’s just a web based chat!?

    This site owns and please finish the pandora soon

  25. @r00tW00t: Essentially it’s a way to keep connected to people with minimal burden. Rather than asking all your friends “what’s up!??!?!!” every couple hours, you all just subscribe to each other’s twitter feeds, update it when you’re free, and you can check it to see what your friends are up to. It’s nice because, like e-mail, it moves interactions between people to a passive medium. In other words, it’s easier to ignore, and appropriate time more efficiently to interacting with the service. If you’ve ever had a chat with a friend online who took a long time to reply, but was just fast enough that you couldn’t get your mind back into what you were doing before, then you should see the appeal of it.

    Anyway, that’s my interpretation. I don’t personally use it (although I have an account) but I may start, along with some of my friends, so we don’t have to constantly be asking each other what we’re doing.

    It’s definitely a niche application, but anything that speeds communication is something that I’m willing to use.

  26. I wish I would’ve wrote Twitter. That would’ve been the most productive 15 minutes I ever spent writing code. πŸ™‚

  27. @Frogboy: Just my thought πŸ˜›

  28. Ok I have to do it…
    NEW VID!

    [edit: Video can now be found here: https://openpandora.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/transparent-case-video/

    Thanks for the tip gmhuntr7 – Gruso]

  29. Cheers 4 the update craig, wanting my Pandora to arrive quicker than ever now πŸ™‚

  30. In the video Craig mentioned the d-pad was easy to use, even for pulling off special moves.

    Is there another video because I only see the Quake 3 vid.

  31. Does the Pandora need a notebook PC as an accessory to support the screen, as in the video?

  32. Those who don’t really dig Twitter yet, need to try Tweetdeck. It makes sense of the whole mess. Set it to follow a few people and/or hashtags (eg. #openpandora) that interest you, and you’ll find yourself addicted to the flow of information in no time. πŸ˜‰

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