Keymat + Quake 3 Video

May 14, 2009
Posted by: Butterman

Fresh from twitter, I bring you the keymat in HD glory.

Giggity giggity goo.



  1. Awesome!!!111shift :P. Wowowowo. I’m excited! Looks great…

  2. I haven’t watched this video yet – but this was something i was hoping for now when I just came back from seeing Star Trek at the cinema! YIPPIE! πŸ˜€

  3. thats not the transparent case, its the old, white one to show stress spots. At least it doesn’t look like transparent post and more like previous icontrolpad which was said to be white plastic for finding stress points.

  4. Cheers Jay.

  5. yeh np – actually I wanted to do a longer comment but I accidently hit return which explains my weird word order in the previous comment πŸ˜›
    I wish there was an edit function.

  6. I posted a comment on the other post. Is there another video? Craig mentioned it was easy to do “Special Moves” but I only see the Quake 3 video.

  7. I thought the same, so I scanned his channel for any other Pandora videos and found nothing. He’s got a really cool comparison of the Wiz and Dingoo tho, the latter looks very good for the price.

  8. and by quake 3, you actually mean quake 1 right?

  9. No, this video clearly shows Quake 3 being directed with the D-pad (Wish it was the analog sticks…)

    Who is Dave? Does he have a youtube page? Craig mentions he sent a keymat to Dave for approval. Is Dave the guy who is in charge of the molds for the d-pad or something?

    I just want to see how ‘well’ it controls. Just want to see someone using the d-pad in situations that can clearly show precise input.

  10. Dave is a long time gp32x forum member and is a big critique on controls. Kinda of a perfectionist if you will. He knows his controls and the Pandora team have consulted him from the beginning about the choice of controls to how the d-pad is shaped. Basically if he approves of how it feels, we’ll know is pretty f’in good.

  11. Yeah, DaveC definitely knows his stuff when it comes to controls and screen resolutions. His seal of approval means a lot to me.

    Keymat and controls look damn good. I will add my vote for requests to show the twin sticks in use though πŸ™‚

  12. Looks great, but something does come to mind… Normally with FPS games that use a mouse you have to look up and down as well. I don’t see how you can control walking, looking around in different directions and firing a weapon while jumping with those controls. While you have all the buttons you need, they’re not naturally accessible since you only have the two thumbs. I don’t think it’s practical for FPS use without having to attach a usb mouse…. Unless I am missing something…

  13. @shifty – shoulder buttons are viable for shooting/jumping, leaving your thumbs for dual analogue

  14. Awesome! I’ll also add a vote for some dual-analog action. πŸ™‚

    Shifty: You can have the left and right nubs for looking and movement, triggers for primary and secondary firing, and the abxy buttons for reloading, jumping, etc… It’ll be just like on a console. πŸ˜€ Moving your right thumb momentarily to press jump or reload isn’t much of an issue (or at least it’s never been for me on consoles).

  15. YEAH!

    “I just want to see how β€˜well’ it controls. Just want to see someone using the d-pad in situations that can clearly show precise input.”

    Yes, I want to see in action Super Street Fighter II (Megadrive/Genesis),please,please,please πŸ™‚

  16. @Anon2:

    “Just want to see someone using the d-pad in situations that can clearly show precise input.


  17. I totally just creamed my pants

  18. Just an extra note on DaveC – not only is he the controls guru, he was instrumental in the case design, doing the bulk of the CAD modelling and making it all fit together. We don’t hear from him much, but he’ll be the main guy to thank for making the whole package comfortable to hold and to use.

  19. I wonder if you could press down one of the firebuttons with your thumb’s joint while the tip is controling the right nub….

  20. DaveC also designed/made the great d-pad mod on the GP2X, he really does know his shit regarding controls.

  21. That was great to see. However, why did he make a video of the completed keypad and proceed to gush about, and demo, the prototype control pad?
    At least show something that actually required use of the keypad… like typing!

    Eitherway, really interesting stuff.

  22. “We don’t hear from him [davec] much.”
    Odd thing to think of these days. He was a former super-poster. I think he said a LONG time ago he plans on starting to become active again after launch.

  23. He did – he typed ‘hello’ at the beginning of the video πŸ™‚ The d-pad is also part of the keypad, and demonstrating it shows how responsive it is.

  24. One thing to note: It doesn’t look like he has the joint piece (the one with tension for the right side). Notice how it is all the way open resting on the laptop, then again all the way open with the unit tilted back when playing (tilted, so as not to swing forward)?

  25. I figured he was holding it awkwardly so that the viewer could see both the control pad and the screen clearly.

  26. Awesome video πŸ˜€

    On a slightly different note, I’ve seen a lot of those Macbooks chip in the exact same place as Craig’s. Of course the Pandora will hold up better. : )

  27. seriously… whats up with these videos? all talk and no fun.

    why no actual typing? why doesnt he use dual nubs in quake?

    “he hasnt mapped the controlls yet!” you may say.

    “map it, then!” i say.

  28. He typed Hello at the start. Not much, but it was difficult to thumb-type and hold the camera as well. (Let’s hear it for tripods). I’m not sure why the nubs aren’t being used right now – I do remember they were having their firmware tweaked recently, maybe that’s still in progress.

    As for seeing more action, Craig said he is “Going to try to do a video of all the recent ports, descent, quake, tux, picodrive, PSX etc. over the next two days.” Yay.

    I like the talk though. The excitement is infectious. πŸ˜€

  29. Sure, i see you Gruso.

    But, well, im just getting tired of these videos never showing what i really want. and them always blaming on stuff like “its hard to hold the camera!”, “the keys arent mapped!” and “the firmware isnt ready!”. its kinda… not too profesional, to say the least.

    is a gaming console? well, stop gaming like your my 85 years old grandma in the vids, then.

    could be just me. flame not intended. good to see anything at all, offcourse.

  30. Come on Craig, I want to see that typing!

  31. Knute-Knut: These are little home videos made for us. How many other manufacturers post updates on Youtube when their prototypes arrive? It’s the whole charm of the project IMO. πŸ™‚

  32. I’m working on a better video showing the keyboard use.

    The reason I used the dpad in quake3 was because it was the keymat that I was showing off and the dpad is part of the keypad.

    The nubs are not yet supported in Q3 (the game needs to be altered to use them).

    It’s very difficult to film the pandora from nice angles and be able to accurately use it with a huge HD camera right in front of it. I’m getting better at it though!

  33. Craig, how are the colors displayed on the pandora, good?
    My gf walked by and asked if they colors where changed in q3, so I said that its probably because of the angle you filmed in and the viewing-angle of the screen.

  34. The colours will be more to do with the setup on the Pandora, currently we are using whatever the defaults are, and other facts like the camera setup will make a difference.

    I played thought sonic today, seemed to look the same.

  35. “It’s very difficult to film the pandora from nice angles and be able to accurately use it with a huge HD camera right in front of it. I’m getting better at it though!”

    I’d recommend a cheap tripod, with the camera pointing over you shoulder while you sit on the floor…

  36. Stop playing or make vids when playing !


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