Checklist on official site updated

May 12, 2009
Posted by: tovmas


The checklist on the official site has been updated, with more items being crossed off.


* Get the final Prototype case
* Build a test device and check if everything is okay
* Create the keymat mould (takes 20 – 25 days)
* Design the final keyboard layout (needs to be finished when the mould is ready)
* Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits, takes 30 – 35 days)
* CE / FCC testing (can be done once the prototype case is here)
* Mass Production testrun for the final boards
* Stability testing (this will be fun)
* Wait for the last remaining pieces for mass production (LATEST deadline is second week of March)
* Mass Production
* Test the boards

Also, dates have been added to the official blog posts!

Looking forward to more updates in the coming week.



  1. Well spotted 🙂

    I take it that “Build a test device and check if everything is okay” isn’t crossed out because it needs to be redone with the new translucent case?

  2. I’m concerned that point 5 still isn’t complete. I hope it’s at least started.

  3. Point 5 (create case moulds) can’t be done until MWeston gives the transparent prototype the OK. He should have it by now. That’s really the one thing standing in our way now… touch wood.

    Great to hear they’ve done a run of boards though. Craig said we’d be seeing some good stuff this week. An actual keymat being used in one of the white CNC cases would be cool.

  4. at least they could cross out the CE part of CE/FCC testing?

  5. Great to see progress. Patience is key to getting things done right, even if it is going to be a month of waiting while the final case mold gets made- more if changes are made and then retested with.

  6. Great progress so far guys! We’re getting closer… hang on! We’ll get our dream toys soon ;).

  7. f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5

  8. well we are talking roughly 2 months when mweston gives the all clear, so mid july at the earliest at the minute, hopefully it gets rolling in the next couple of weeks so we can have it by end of July.

  9. I think it may be sooner than the end of july as CraigX hinted that some of the final units (keymats/cases/boards) would be ready sooner – implying initial production rollout starting sooner – expecting mid june to early july for mass production to start.

  10. this is the comment CraigX made

    “Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:11 pm
    There isn’t a lot being posted recently because we are just waiting on mass production tests to be completed.
    Next week you will see the final board, the final case and the final keypad.

    That’s because the first mass production boards are finally happening”


  11. I guess dates are pretty meaningless at this point.
    “It’ll be done when it’s done” is what I’m thinking 😛 Like big-ass downloads on dial-up.

  12. I like the last craig comment 🙂

  13. How can we see a ‘final’ case this week if the mould isn’t done?

  14. AFAIK, the mould is what is used for mass production. A tested and working prototype case is what comes first.

  15. There was quite a bit of concern expressed on the forum reference the letter placement on the keymat. There was a lot of heated discussion in reference to cntl, alt and game keys. I am OK either way on that discussion but would like to see some acknowledgement from Fatih or whoever is responsible that they will get the letters aligned on the keys before going final. A lot of speculation that it can be done with minimal impact, but yet to see a dev say they will address it. Not a deal breaker, but I think it makes a really well done device look less professional. I appreciate the devs updating the website.

  16. Who is the girl in the maroon silk shirt holding the to-do list? That’s the one important question that no one has asked yet!

  17. hum, end of July then.
    Hopefully before the end of the summer we will have it.

  18. @wirez007

    That’s ED’s girlfriend, or wife.

  19. sosilly : There are ALWAYS heated debates about keyboard layout.

    They won’t be changing it now.

  20. @AndyL – not what he was talking about
    @sosilly – changing the print on the keymat won’t affect the mould, which is what takes the time, so yes they will can fix it, without causing delay.

  21. Okay,
    after all these experience with delays i think 1 month per item is realistic.

  22. Will make a GREAT christmas present 🙂

  23. ED already said the alignment issue with the keys would be fixed. It was just a matter of adjusting an image file or something.

  24. There is new photo of battery and case on http://www.openpandora.org

  25. Soo… about two months from now?

  26. […] Checklist on official site updated Posted by: tovmas […]

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